Spring Fresh Farmhouse Goodness!

Well, Howdy Sugar Pie! It’s officially Spring, even though depending on where you live, it may not seem like it when you look out of your window. Lol! Thankfully warmer weather is around the corner! Yay! The temperature here in the Ozarks has risen into the 50’s and 60’s which makes me very happy especially when the […]


Baker’s Edge Better Muffin Pan

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes and my new favorite Baker’s Edge Better Muffin Pan!

new recipe round up

Aunt Ruthie’s Recipe Roundup! #1

Well, Howdy Sugar Pies! I’m starting a new series called Aunt Ruthie’s Recipe Roundup! I recently spent hours looking for some new healthy vegetable recipes on the internet and found some that look super yummy and easy! After I “Rounded Up” these recipes I thought “Hey! I should share them with my Sugar Pies to save them some […]