Family Fun At Sugar Pie Farmhouse!

Well hello Sugar Pie-Biscuit Dumplin’! I’m finally coming up for air since the Holidays! I believe I mentioned in one of my recent blog posts that my son JJ, daughter in-love Tiffany, and baby grand-girls, Ivy and Olive were flying in from California to Missouri to be with us for a week to ring in the Happy […]


Baker’s Edge Better Muffin Pan

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes and my new favorite Baker’s Edge Better Muffin Pan!

old school snickerdoodles2

Old School Snickerdoodles and Memories of Home Economics Class!

Snickerdoodles!! They bring back such happy and yummy memories of Jr. High School Home Economics class. We learned how to set a proper table, sew a skirt, cook and bake the basics.  Snickerdoodles were one of the first things we learned how to bake way back in the day. They were crisp on the edge and […]