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Howdy Sugar Pies! I found some beautiful and simple Thanksgiving Table centerpieces on Pinterest and thought I’d share them with you! Trust me when I say, as a mama of many kids, I know what it’s like to be so frazzled by the time a holiday arrives that decorating the table is sometimes at the end of my priority list. Between the normal household and mama duties, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, picking up kids at school, handling squabbles and spills, illnesses, doctor appointments, obligations and responsibilities (including, perhaps, working outside the home) and then add all the preparations for Thanksgiving (Calgon Take me Away!) it’s perfectly understandable that table decorations would be at the bottom of the list. But no worries!! Here are 14 quick and simple ideas that will make your table beautiful and festive!


Credit: Julie Blanner

In the photo above how lovely to grace your table

with apples, candles and tree trimmings from the yard! Gorgeous!


I love this idea of using a cozy plaid blanket as a runner! Add some apples, pumpkins, greenery, candles and you’re done!


Credit: Holly Mathis

Another cozy blanket tablecloth idea!

I love the look of layering plaid throws!

thanks 9

Credit: Country Living

How about getting a board and placing it in the middle of your table then layering candles, gourds and grapes! You can use any kind of greenery from the produce section at the grocery store.


Candles and tangerines! Encourage your guests to eat the centerpiece if they want to! Hee!Hee!


Pomegranates are so beautiful for Thanksgiving! Add some greens and you’re good to go! Use any kind of platter or bowl to set them in. Use what you have!

thanks 6

Credit: Midwest Living

More candles, tangerines and greens!

So elegant and easy peasy!!

thanks 7

Little pumpkins and candles! To improvise this look, just get a board from the hardware store to place in the center of your table and mimic this look alternating pumpkins and candles!
thanks 11

Credit: Home is Where the Boat Is

Pumpkins, leaves candles and nuts! Love it!


How about filling some jars with popcorn kernels then tucking a tealight inside? Mason jars would be darling!

I love the idea of topping a cake stand with cheery fruit!


More greens and pomegranates!


More tangerines, tree trimmings and candles!


Love this simple pumpkin centerpiece! So easy! A large pumpkin in the center and smaller ones surrounding it.


All of these photos came from Pinterest. I posted credit links to all the ones that I could find. If you recognise a photo not credited please let me know and I’ll be happy to add the link!

Well, there you have it dear ones!

I hope this brings you some needed inspiration!

Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!!

Aunt Ruthie


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