Hey there! Are you seeing any signs of spring in your neck of the woods yet? Here in the Ozarks, the grass is bright green and the leaves on the trees are just starting to sprout. In my excitement for spring…the warmer weather…opening up the windows…gazing at my blue hydrangeas…growing tomatoes…and hearing the birds chirping I am in the mood to spruce up my home! My house is about 12 years old and I haven’t really done much in the way of redecorating (except of course seasonal decorating)…so it’s time! My budget does not allow for everything I would like to do but a few projects here and there will add the freshness that I’m looking for!


I decided to start with my farmhouse sink by painting the legs white and to change up the little curtain under the sink.


Over time the wood-stained legs have gotten scuffed and faded, and the under the sink curtain was looking a bit drab.


I shared the videos of my progress on Instagram stories (@sugarpiefarmhouse) and how when I first started painting I thought I would paint the whole front white, but later regretted that decision because in doing so it did not show off the pretty curve of the legs. Eeeek!


Fortunately, I was using chalk paint and found that if I wet the painted area I wanted to remove with wet paper towels the paint could be scraped off. It took some doing and elbow grease but it worked!


And here is my finished farmhouse sink! I added a new gray and white gingham check curtain too!

IMG_4333I really think it adds that fresh farmhouse charm I was looking for! What do you think?

Hope Y’all are getting as excited for spring and summer as I am!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I always look forward to hearing from you…it lets me know if anyone is reading this! Lol!

By the way,I got my gray and white check curtain in my Farmhouse Country Store here!


Take care dear ones…I’ll be back soon!

Bless your family…make home sweet!

Aunt Ruthie

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