Hooray! I am back with lots of delightful memories with friends so dear! I’ve been in California for a couple of weeks visiting family and friends, eating, playing, laughing, soaking up the sun and blowing my nose! Yup, the last week I was a sick puppy with the worst head cold! Oh good gravy! But, I made the best of it though…got a lot of rest and TLC from my fabulous hubby and I got to read! (I love reading, but with my days so busy, I can only do so by snatching moments here and there.) Fortunately, I did get some good shopping and girl-talk in with my sister Sherry (Prairie Home) and friend Catiena (Vintage Housewife).
Yes’m, old friends is always best,
‘less you can catch a new one
that’s fit to make an old one out of.”
~Sarah Orne Jewett
One of our favorite stops at the Orange Circle is Down Home Antiques. Charm dripped like sweet summer honey around every corner! Take a look-see at my adorable and sassy friend Catiena…she is wearing an authentic 1940’s vintage outfit including her lipstick-red Box Purse. Love it!! Sherry is showin‘ off her “Vintage Chick” T-shirt that she designs and sells on her blog.
We also found this amazing Apron shop called Heavenly Hostess!!
I’m talkinapron candy here!!

Can you believe these twirly-whirly, polka-dotted beauties are aprons!

Heavenly Hostess is a perfect name, don’t you agree!

I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing while we browsed!
Take a peek at our

Adorable-Apron Fashion Show….

I just know, that when you tie one of these sassy aprons on,

everything you whip up in the kitchen, will most definitely taste heavenly!
We met the owner and designer of Heavenly Hostess! Cynthia Wadell was an absolute delight! So fun and girlie! Us girls chatted, giggled and squealed! When we left, we hugged and felt like we had known each other forever!

Her shop is also filled with lots of other goodies,

from jewelry, darling dessert dishes, to cookbooks!

Then off to Temecula California

to visit a dear friend at a darling French Bistro…

We shared good conversation and a very yummy Cherry Tart…..

My friend Denise is a kindred spirit and she’s as sweet as a cupcake!

Well, y’all know what it’s like for us Mother Hens to get back home from a vacation, we feel blessed to be back in our nest and we’re motivated to freshen up the feathers, so to speak! There’s a lot to do! Summertime is here and it’s time for me to make some homemade plum jam, grow tomatoes, basil and parsley, plan some picnics and barbeque’s, sit out on the front porch with some good ol‘ southern Sweet Tea and a fresh slice of Lemon Icebox Pie and watch the fireflies dance….what could be better than that! What a blessing indeed!

“Do your part to make this world

a cuter place to live in.” ~Susan Branch

By the way, this is the apron I took home with me,

with matching potholders!

(I love it so much I want to marry it!)

Thanks for stopping by for some “That’s What I Did On My Vacation” pie!



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