My oh my Sugar Pies! I have had a whirlwind of a summer! I’ve been on the go almost every day! I sure hope you had a happy summer season! I’ve so missed you! It’s hard to believe summertime is almost over isn’t it? Well, I want to share with you what I’ve been up to! IMG_3821

We spent the end of June down Texas way…I always love a road trip especially to Texas!



Summer Rose brought her friend Sadie Rose… ( I love that they share the same middle name!) they’ve been buddies since the 2nd grade…now they’re starting 10th grade! My how time flies!

summer blog 1

The 4th of July was full of food and fun! We had lot’s of family over to celebrate! My son Dusty and daughter Summer made a Hillbilly water slide in the backyard.  Everyone loved it! Then we had our own fireworks show in the front yard and sparklers for the kids.

summer blog 2Shortly after the 4th we had lot’s of family fly in from the East and West coast!  We spent time on Table Rock lake here in Branson…it was so gorgeous on the lake and everyone had a blast tubing. The big riverboat in the lower left hand corner is The Branson Belle Dinner Show boat…one of my favorite shows! If you ever come to Branson, this is a must-do!

summer blog3

We had a grand old time at the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield, Missouri! Our favorite attraction were the Pig Races! So adorable! Now I want a pig! The cute gal calling the race is known as The Pig Lady…she’s in the lower left corner wearing her farmgirl overall dress, braids and a straw hat. Kimmy and I enjoyed our snow-cones on this scorcher of a day!

summer blog 5

My grandson Kade and daughter Summer enjoyed the petting zoo.  Summer was a little intimidated at first by the Llama with the fancy hairdo! But Miss Lilly the Llama was very friendly.


summer collage8

 Poor little Kade DID NOT want to ride the little train, so the conductor had to stop and let him off. Maybe next year!

dusty fam

Both Kade and Zealand share July birthdays! Kade turned three and Zealand turned one!


zealand and kade

Best Buds!

dusty and fam

It’s so amazing to see how my first born (Dusty) has grown up and now has two sons of his own!

Both Dusty and Kimmy are amazing parents! What a blessing to this Mama’s heart!

IMG_4965  And then there’s my Polly June…my adorable grand-daughter who always has a constant smile on her face!


polly junejohnny holden

And Johnny! My handsome blue-eyed and dimpled grandson!

johnny #2

That Johnny is getting to be a big boy! He just started back to pre-school. Johnny and Polly’s mama and papa are mighty proud of these two little ones and I’m mighty proud of the great job they are doing parenting my grand-littles!


My daughter, Summer Rose also celebrated a birthday! Sweet 16! She’s growing up too fast!  What a joy and a blessing she is! She’s so helpful, kind, caring, funny, straight A student (she didn’t get that from me!! Ha Ha!)  she makes us laugh every day and best of all she loves the Lord with all her heart!


For her birthday she went Zip-lining with her friends…she’s one brave girl, that one!

photo (12) I also made some summer fruit pies! Fresh peach is my favorite!

Rural Missouri mag

I was so blessed and honored to be featured in Rural Missouri Magazine in the July issue! Heather Berry, one of the writers for the magazine, came out to my home to interview me. We had a fun time gabbing like girls do! She wrote a beautiful article and captured the essence of my passion to encourage women to create a home their family feels loved in. I sent some peach pie home with her to share with her hubby. That same week I got a call from Country Woman Magazine and they are going to feature my kitchen in their Fall issue!! (eeeeeeek!!) I’m over the moon excited and so grateful! Keep a lookie out for it in the Grocery Stores!

summer blog 6Well, guess what time it is? Time to harvest my little pumpkins! Y’all know what that means don’t cha?


I can’t believe I’m writing this…but Fall is just around the corner! What??? Can I get a YEE HAW? I’ve already started my fall decorating because I’m working on my Fall Video and of course my Fall Home Tour here on my blog!



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Well, darlin’ I think you’ll agree that this has been a very busy but happy summer for me! A lot of my days were also spent with my daughter Summer. She helped me stock my little shop at Spring Creek Antique Mall in Ozark, Missouri, and we did a lot shopping/junkin’ together. We also sung to the top of our lungs to some twangy country music with the windows rolled down. Woo hooooo! Since she only has three more years left at home before she starts college (BOO HOO!) I need to grab all the time with her that I can!

Are ya ready for fall y’all? What kinds of “fall wonderfulness” are you most looking forward to? Do you know that looking forward to something that delights our hearts brings us instant joy! So get some joy and share with me one (or two) things you’re excited about doing this fall! Or just say howdy…I’ve missed you!!

Thank you so much for stopping by for one last slice of summertime pie!

Hugs and blessings to you darlin’!

Aunt Ruthie

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