Howdy Sugar Pies! You know, even though I start getting ready for Christmas super early it seems like the closer we get to Christmas day I feel like I need just one more week! Lol! I have a big family and extended relatives so come Christmas day my house will be bursting at the seams. So, because we’ll have a full house everyone brings a dish & dessert and I always serve buffet style.  I found some wonderful and creative ideas for making everything look and taste festive and yummy! Ideas that are easy and quick! I found all of this inspiration on Pinterest and I share the link to the post, to give credit where credit is due, just below each photo. I hope you enjoy these easy, last minute nuggets of inspiration!

Christmas radio

For fun, turn on the farmhouse radio to hear some dear old Christmas sounds from the good old days for your browsing pleasure! This link will take you to Youtube and the music will automatically start to play…then come right back! Click here!

tree fruit cheese

Source: Stone Gable

Is this not so beautiful? It such a simple idea but what a way to make cheese and fruit look festive! Take note of the fresh thyme and rosemary that really add the perfect Christmas-tree touch! I’m so happy I found this photo because it led me to the Stone Gable blog which is breathtaking! If you aren’t following Yvonne from Stone Gable yet I know you will love her gorgeous ideas and photos! Click here to see her beautiful blog!


Source: Pinterest

Here’s another version of a veggie Christmas tree! Just add some ranch dressing or my favorite recipe for Dilly Dip here!

bowl with ornaments

Source: Stone Gable

Here’s another idea from Yvonne at Stone Gable blog…just fill a bowl with greens, ornaments and a fat candle. That would take you 5 minutes! So simple, but so beautiful!

Christmas platter fruit and nuts

Source: French Country Cottage

Need a quick table decoration? How about a platter (a vintage one if you’ve got it) and fill it with pomegranates, whole nuts and some tree trimmings or greens! Easy and so charming!

buffet2Source: Pinterest

Here’s a cute idea for your silverware on the buffet table…stand them up in glass goblets. I also like how they look on the tarnished silver tray with ornaments nestled around.


Source: Pinterest

I love the simplicity of this serving tray or plank (you can use a wood cutting board too!) with the array of deli meats, pickles, olives, fruit and dip. It’s always nice to have something to nibble on before dinner is served. This makes me hungry! Lol!

buffet 2

Source: Pinterest

Here’s another way to serve forks, maybe for dessert! I love the cute little “EAT” note tucked in!

buffet 3

Source: Pinterest

Here’s a super easy buffet table centerpiece…tree trimmings, or greens from the yard, in a large bottle, mason jar or vase with ornaments hung on the branches! Simply beautiful!

buffet 4

Source: Pinterest

For a little more fancy buffet or dessert table centerpiece,  these three stacked cake stands adorned with random ornaments. The silver wreath is beautiful but you can just use greens from the yard. I love that the ornaments are in similar soft color tones.

slow cooker cocoa

Source: No. 2 Pencil

And lastly, I love this idea of Slow Cooker Hot Cocoa! What a great no-fuss idea to have something hot to drink when the kids come in from playing outside in the cold or when you’re ready to sit and relax by the fire. You can click the link above to get the recipe. I think I’m going to try this!

Well, Sugar I hope these ideas inspire you

or at the very least bring a smile

to your beautiful face!

Which idea did you like the best?

As always…

Bless your family…keep home sweet!

Aunt Ruthie

 Click here for my easy, delicious, made from scratch Veggie dip!

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