Howdy gals! Oh my goodness thank y’all so much for sharing your wonderful summertime memories and ideas! I’ve had so much fun reading them! Each one took me on a delightful armchair-vacation as I read about your adventures down on the farm, at the beach and at your picnics! The recipes look yummy and your tips were great! I haven’t picked the winners yet…but very soon!


Spring has sprung outside but I have been plugging away in my office working on the last few pages of my Summertime book Watermelon & Fireflies!  It has been so much fun putting this together!  If you love old-fashioned ways….vintage images…yummy comfort food…charming quotes…simple pleasures…family joys…farmgirl style…then you’re gonna hoot ‘n’ holler when you see it!  I still have a little ways to go before it’s ready. Like Goldilocks said, it needs to be “just right!”.


I have to say that I am so ready to get to my spring cleaning! But since my book is all about Summertime and the summer season is just around the corner I have to put my urges to feather my nest on the back burner for just a week or two until I finish it! Oooooo! that’s hard! Especially when the sun is shining, the weather is warm and I want to unclutter, lighten and brighten my rooms!


When my book is completed, I am going to start my spring cleaning by clearing out my cupboards and closets. Then I’ll move into each room to clear out the clutter! You know, in the wintertime I tend to hunker down and snuggle in because of the extreme cold. The fire is burning, soup is simmering, I do a little baking…all those things that bring warmth, comfort, and coziness to my home.


Well, things start to accumulate and then clutter happens….and clutter brings chaos. So come spring, I’m so motivated to fling open the windows and get busy making my home look, feel and smell sun-fresh and scrubbed clean! Springtime is so refreshing!


I want to paint things milk-white! I have a few pieces like this buffet that is begging to get that farm-fresh look. I do like the wood stain but I’m thinking it’s time for a change…what do you think?


I want to go to this cooking school! Last year Silver Dollar City (a very fun amusement park set in the 1800’s, in Branson MO.,  just 10 minutes from my home) built this darling farmhouse to hold cooking and craft classes. I went last summer to a class and loved it!



The cooking instructor is Debbie Dance Uhrig and she is such a fun happy lady!


If you get there early you can sit up close and watch her prepare yummy dishes! Afterward you get to sample them! silver-dollar-cooking-school

They have several classes available such as Springtime Country Cookin’, Ozark Mountain Dinner, Chuck Wagon Dinner, Dinner In A Bag, and the Taste of Home award-winning birthday cake recipe and demonstration. This year Silver Dollar City is turning 50 years old, so in celebration Taste of Home conducted a contest for the yummiest cake Ev-ah! I like cake, so that’s one class I need to go to. During the Fall and Christmas time, the classes are geared toward holiday cooking. So fun!


Of course while I’m at Silver Dollar City I’ll want to embrace the down-home charm of it all by staying the whole day!


Ashley age 5

But the biggest reason why I want to finish my book Watermelon & Fireflies ASAP….is to have my hands free to hold the baby of my baby! Ashley is due May 25 and I am soooooooooooooo excited!!! There’s a little boy named Johnny that’s gonna need a lot of kissing and holding!


So until then, I will keep myself busy adding the final touches to my Summertime book!


Before I say tootles…I want to invite y’all to leave me a question for an upcoming Question and Answer post.  Unfortunately, I’m not always able to answer your questions so here is your chance!

Grab my Summer Ebook here!

God Bless you Sugar Pie Sistas!

Aunt Ruthie


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