Yoo Hoo! Sugar Pie Darlin’s! Have you heard the exciting news? It’s all the BUZZ in blog-land!
* If you love all things vintage…you’re gonna love it!
* If you love finding out about fabulous antique stores, flea markets, yard sales and auctions…you’re gonna love it!
* If you want to know about up-coming vintage fairs, antique and craft shows …you’re gonna love it!
* If you have a shop or barn sale or craft event that you want to promote…you’re gonna love it!
* If you are planning a trip somewhere and want to know where the best vintage shopping is…you’re gonna love it!
* If you love just browsing and taking a peek at fun vintage stuff that others have discovered and read their story…you’re gonna love it!
What am I talking about??



My Favorite Find is the genius idea of my darlin’ sweet-as-pie friend Serena Thompson of the fabulous Farm Chicks! Every year Serena heads up the Famous Farm Chicks Show in Spokane, Washington and she is a contributing Editor of Country Living Magazine and an author of two of my all-time favorite books The Farm Chicks In The Kitchen and The Farm Chicks Christmas. Her blog is so creative, inspiring and delights my heart every time I read it! She’s also an apron-wearin’, happy home -makin’  mama of four boys.
Recently I got to interview Serena about her new venture My Favorite Find to find out all about it!
Aunt Ruthie: Hello Serena!

Serena: Hi there, cutie pie! It’s nice to get a chance to visit with you.  It’s been a while!
Aunt Ruthie: Well I have to say Serena you never cease to amaze me with your talents, inspiration and gumption! Even though I don’t know much about your new venture My Favorite Find, I’m excited to learn all about it! I’d love to jump on the bandwagon in spreading the word by featuring an interview with you on my blog, Sugar Pie Farmhouse. I just know my wonderful, vintage lovin’ gals, who stop by Sugar Pie Farmhouse for some “blog pie”, are gonna be just as excited about My Favorite Find as I am! So are ya ready to answer a few questions darlin’? Here we go!



Aunt Ruthie:  So tell me Serena, what is My Favorite Find and how will it work?

Serena: My Favorite Find is like a virtual show-and-tell. You can search for shoppes and great events like antiques shows, crafts markets, yard sales, and more, anywhere in the world, and then show-and-tell your finds.

Aunt Ruthie: Who would you say it will appeal to?
Serena: If you love shopping, antiques, vintage or beautiful things, it will appeal to you.
Aunt Ruthie: Serena, tell me what inspired you to think of this idea? Did you have a light-bulb moment? Do tell!

Serena: I was getting a lot of mail from readers all over the world who were seeking great shoppes or events in their area and wanted to know how to find them and also from shoppe owners and show hosts wanting ideas on how to promote their shoppes and events.  I couldn’t believe nothing like this existed, so I decided to create it myself.


Aunt Ruthie: Will My Favorite Find be just about sharing goodies that we have found on our Junkin’ adventures, (like a show and tell) or will there be an opportunity for buying and selling?

Serena: At this point, I don’t foresee a buying and selling component, but I’ve learned to never rule anything out.


Aunt Ruthie: I think it would be fun to see before and after photos on how someone has re-purposed their “Favorite Find” and show how they are using it in their decor or in their daily life, do you see that as part of your vision?

Serena: The great thing is that whenever you share a “find” on the site, you can post several pictures as well as the option to tell the story about what you find and what you’ve done with it.  I’m sure we’ll see a lot of before and afters!


Aunt Ruthie: How would you say My Favorite Find will benefit the users?

Serena: Imagine you’re taking a trip to Boston and want to know what great shoppes you should visit or maybe you’d like to find some antiques shows that are going on. You can search for all of it, select the places you want to visit, then create an itinerary, complete with directions to each one.  You’re benefiting by finding great shopping opportunities and the shoppe owners and show hosts are benefiting by getting shoppers.
Aunt Ruthie: Will My Favorite Find be for people who love antiques and vintage goods? Or do you see it branching out into several areas such as recipes, fashion,  fun shops, sale events etc.?

Serena: It’s really broad – basically anything that can fill your home – antiques, vintage, thrift finds, home decor, art, etc.


Sweet Magnolia’s Farm



Aunt Ruthie:  Ya know Serena, when I’m out junkin’ I seem to always be drawn to vintage kitchen things like farm tables, white enamelware, galvanized buckets, white-washed shabby gates, farmhouse screen doors…well, actually anything farm-y! What will be some of your “favorite finds” that you’ll be sharing? When you’re out junkin’ what are you always drawn to?

Serena: My searches are ever changing.  Right now I’m looking for a lot of beautiful old mirrors, oil paintings, and unique farm finds.



Aunt Ruthie:  When you sit back and dream about people all over the world enjoying this exciting “New Frontier” that you’ve created, how do you imagine it will impact their lives?

Serena: I love that it will bring everyone together in one place and be a way of building each other up and celebrating the finds we love.


Aunt Ruthie: And finally, when, oh when do we get to experience My Favorite Find?

Serena: Monday, March 19th!
(Hey! That’s today!!)


Aunt Ruthie:  Serena I can only imagine how fun it will be to see the fun stuff people will be sharing! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions about the fabulous My Favorite Find! God bless you in this exciting new endeavor!

Serena: Thank you so much! I always love getting to chat with you!


Isn’t this exciting!! My Favorite Find is NOW OPEN for your discovery! CLICK HERE to head on over for and arm-chair adventure into this new world of happy-vintage-wonderfulness! Be sure to tell all your friends about it! Have fun y’all!
As always I LOVE hearing from you! Tell me what you think of this grand idea!
God Bless your darlin’ hearts!
Aunt Ruthie
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