DSC09330Hello and Happy Spring to you Sugar Pie! It’s been awhile since I checked in with you! Are you still here? I’ve been working hard building my YouTube Channel and sharing some bits and pieces of my vintage lovin’ life on Instagram and Facebook. I sure miss blogging though…if only there were 48 hours in a day! Lol!

goodness 2I want to encourage you to subscribe to my Youtube channel if you haven’t already, I have lots of new videos filled with Old Fashioned goodness coming up!

All Butter Pie Crust

In case you missed it, I shared a video of my All Butter Pie Crust Recipe here…


And my recent trip to Waco, Texas to see Chip and Joanna Gaines Magnolia Marketplace here!

biscuits and gravyI also have two brand new online shops over at Amazon…one for Farmhouse Decor here….


butter dish

and the other with goodies for your Country Kitchen, here! Take a look-see!


Well, the apple blossoms are blooming and the trees are just starting to turn green.God’s creation is so beautiful! I LOVE this time of year!! It brings fresh hope into our hearts! As the temperature warms up outside I love to open the windows and air out the house, put fresh flowers in a pickle jar and turn on my favorite 1940’s big band music while I begin my spring cleaning. Dear Sugar Pie may I encourage you to continue to nurture your home and family the way that I know that you are! It is so very important for the well being of our loved ones! If we don’t do it, who will?


Give your family that “Welcome Home” feeling! Greet them with a kiss, a hug and a smile. Little things mean a lot! Let them know you are glad they’re home.

*  Write ”I love my family” on a chalkboard for them to see.

*  Bring beauty into your home! A vase of fresh cut flowers from the grocery store. A bowl of fruit. A lit candle.

*  Make your house smell good! Open the windows or make a meal in your crockpot…supper cookin’ always makes a house smell homey!

*  Have the table set for supper early…it sends a sweet message to your dear ones that they are cared for…it tells them “Mama’s fixin’ to cook up a tummy-warmin’-lip-smackin’-mouth-watering-hearty dinner soon!

*  Eat together and make Suppertime enjoyable!

*  Bake a pie! Or a sweet treat every once in a while!
* Let your honey’s know that everything’s gonna be alright now that their home.

*  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…make your house a place your family wants to come home to. 

The atmosphere or the tone of our home is equally as important as the ambiance we’ve created. We could have a house that’s oh-so-charming and beautiful, but if the air is filled with tension, indifference and anger it won’t be cozy, no matter how cute it is. Our attitude, behavior and words set the dial on the thermostat to either warm and welcoming or cold and angry. Think of the kind of mama you would like to have if you were a little girl again and go be that kind of mama. Gentle, fun, understanding, nurturing, easy to talk to, helpful, delightful, cheerful, comforting…yeah, that kind of mama.

Just for fun, I’d love for you to say hello in the comment section here on this blog, that’s the only way I can know if anyone is reading…and if y’all are there, perhaps I can check in with you a little more often. Cuz I miss you!

God bless you’re darlin’ heart!


Aunt Ruthie

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