Ring-a-ling! Oh, howdy Sugar Pies! Have I got news for you! For several months now I have been busier than a queen bee in springtime working on a project that I’m going to launch sometime in June!  Yes-sir-ee! I am so excited to announce that I am writing a book that you will be able to  download instantly and  print it from your own computer. At some point in the future I hope to have it published and available on Amazon, but for now, my Sugar Pie Sistas will have first access to my book that is filled with ideas galore!


This book is all about the BeAuTiFuL, wArM and WoNdeRFuL, good old Summertime! It’s bursting at the seams with ideas, recipes, homemaking and decorating tips, quotes and fun memory making things to do with your family to have the best sun-shiny summer Ev-Ah!


My Summertime book is jam-packed with the kind of  delightful  images that you find here on my blog! It’s full of nostalgia and sweet simple pleasures  that I know will warm your heart.  Each page will take you on a stroll down memory lane where the watermelon is ice-cold, the fresh peach pie is cooling on the window sill and the fire-flies dance in the moonlight. It’s down-home goodness at best!  I gave my sister a sneak-peek and she said “It’s darling! The colors and design remind me of  a vintage kitchen tablecloth”. Hey, I like that!


Laura Ingalls Wilder said “It’s easy to have fun if you plan for it”  which is so true, the joys of summer can pass us by before we know it if we are not intentional about planning for them. Of course fun moments can happen anytime, but if we are too distracted or feeling discontented we can miss those golden blessings that come our way. We need to be deliberate about living life to the fullest! My book is all about planning for a bumper crop of  summer joy!


Guess what Sugars? There’s more good news! I am going  to have a contest and give my Sugar Pie Sistas an opportunity to contribute to my book! If you have a summertime idea, tip, memory, tradition, Quick recipe, things that you LoVe about summer, leave me a comment and I will select a few to add to my book with your name and blog link with it. This is a great way for you to get your name out there in print and it would be a wonderful addition to my book to have a few of my Sugar Pie sista’s featured! If your idea is selected then you will receive a FREE download of the book! I will announce the winners in an upcoming blog post.


Got farm memories? Perhaps you have a delightful memory of  going to grandma and grandpa’s farm when you were just a youngin’, or maybe you grew up on a farm and have a summer memory to share…I would love to read about it!


Got fun family traditions? Something silly, happy, or heartwarming?  Perhaps you have some great Family Reunion tips, or a funny short story about a beloved aunt, uncle or grandparent. Any memories of church picnics? Fun Activities for kids?


Got picnic or camping tips? Quick summer recipes? What brings you joy in the summertime? What are your favorite sights, smells, sounds and tastes of summer? Share your list of summertime favorites!

Oh my! I can’t wait to read your ideas!

To get y’all in the Summertime mood…here are a few of my favorite goodies that get me just giddy about celebrating summer…


The Driving Miss Daisy Sound Track! Of course I love the Movie too! There is something so southern and  summery about the music…makes me wanna go shoppin’ at the Piggly Wiggly!


Oh my goodness I want to eat this! It smells so delicious!! I recently discovered Apricots and Cream by Philosophy and it is amazing! It smells like an apricot or peach orchard at pickin’ time! Yummy!


Another favorite CD Down On The Farm! This C D is so fun because it has actual sounds from a farm! Little lambs, piggies, chickens and cows! It also has several Americana songs…Turkey In The Straw…Square Dance Hootenanny…Shenandoah…The Waltons….Andy Griffith Show…Chicken Reel…Old Mac Donald had a farm…Oh Suzanna….Old Dan Tucker…My Old Kentucky Home and lots more!!  Fill your house with joyful music and feel the joy! It’s the only way to happily clean your house!


My favorite, most comfortable flip-flops EV-AH! Seriously Yellow Box Flip-Flops are sooooo comfy and cushy and cute to boot! They come in all kinds of patterns and colors…I pretty much live in these all summer long!


Okay gals! Now that you’re in the summer mood….be sure to enter my contest and share any tips, memories, ideas, quick recipes, family fun traditions or even a random list of what you love most about SuMmeR!

Here are three things you need to do:

1. When you fill out the form to leave a comment, be sure to leave your email address (it will not be visable once you publish your comment). If your idea is selected, I will email you the free book once it is completed.

2. Make sure to include your full name in your comment so I can properly give you credit.

3. If you have a blog, be sure to leave your internet address and link for it too.


Hip Hip Hooray!! Summer is on it’s way!!

Can’t wait to hear from my Sugar Pie Sistas!

Blessings and Hugs!!

Aunt Ruthie

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