Before we take down our treasure box of Fall decorations and scatter autumn leaves around plump pumpkins while the spiced cider begins to simmer, we need to get our homes in order, eliminate some clutter, and clean it spic and span……..we can’t bless our nest with Autumn’s glory if it’s a mess!

I would like to share a few tips on tidying up your home to make it warm and welcoming for you, your family and all who step across your cordial threshold. These are just a few ideas that I do in my home and I hope they will help get you excited about getting your own home in order, filling it with an air of anticipation for the beauty of this golden season. For a more extensive information in taming the chaos in your home I recommend any book by Sandra Felton or Don Aslett.

Now let’s begin, shall we?:

1. I always like to start any task with a prayer based on Proverbs 16:3 “Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.” Our goal as homemakers is to create a nurturing and loving environment for our family, and so, it’s a good idea to pray for God’s help and strength, it also sets the tone for our attitude. Keep in mind the significance of tending to your home. Providing a place of beauty, comfort and joy for our family is absolutely indispensable!

2. Put your apron on and create a happy cleaning atmosphere. Light a fall scented candle, pour yourself an icy glass of water ( we need to stay hydrated!) fill the air with the sounds of Vivaldi: Four Seasons, or the soundtrack for Little Women (my favorites for this time of year)….sometimes I just go ahead and put on Bing Crosby Christmas! And for goodness sake, why not? Good ole Bing pretty much guarantees an instant festive mood if you are needing a jump-start. Keep the T.V turned off, it will become a distraction and a temptation to take too many breaks….I speak from experience….we need to stay focused girls!

3. The night before a big day of cleaning and organizing, make sure to do a quick pick up around the house….get a timer and set it for 15 minutes and get the kids to help, make it a game to beat the clock! Make sure the kitchen is always clean before you go to bed. Always!

4. In the morning, first thing, put a load of laundry in ( we don’t want to get behind and end up with a mountain of dirty clothes to have to deal with) and empty the dishwasher. That way any new dirty dishes can go immediately into the dishwasher rather than piling them up in the sink.
5. I like to clean one room at a time and complete it. That way, if for some reason I am interrupted and called away, I at least have one or two finished rooms. It also provides a sense of accomplishment. Trying to do the whole house in stages can become overwhelming.
6. I start at the front door, (outside), sweeping the porch, removing cobwebs and wiping down the door. Then stepping inside, I begin cleaning the entry hall and living room. I want the room my family and guests walk into first to be clean and ready to welcome them home.
7. I keep an empty laundry basket with me to put in anything that does not belong in that room and deliver those items later to the appropriate places. I have the vacuum handy, a trash bag and a bucket with cleaners and rags. If your kids tend to clutter the rooms with their stuff, you may want to consider a Saturday Box.…everything they leave out goes into that box and they don’t get the items back until Saturday!
8. If you are needing to de-clutter and eliminate items, one great question to ask yourself is “Does owning this thing bless, inspire and enhance the quality of my life?” (question by Don Aslett in his book Weekend Makeover). Or in my words… do I love it so much I want to marry it? If not, I give it away and bless someone else with it. Salvation Army will come right to your home and pick up your stuff, how easy is that!
9. While cleaning each room, pray for God’s blessings on each member of your family, asking the Lord to fill their heart with joy and a sense of belonging.

“It’s time to put the “Sweet” back in Home Sweet Home. ”
~ Susan Branch

10. It is so very important to stay emotionally healthy and available for our family. We all know that if “mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Our attitudes tend to match our environment. As women, we have a natural nesting instinct, and if our nest is out of control, we become cranky and our kids do the same. We need beauty and order to feel that sparkle of wonderfulness that speaks to our heart…. that all is well with the world. Our children need that too!

“If you were to ask what is most important in a home, I would say happy memories.” ~Lilian Gish

May the memories we are making for our children (and grandchildren) be delightful ones!

If you want your home to feel cozy, warm and inviting, then you (sweet little homemaker) need to make it that way…’s up to you and me!

Next week I will add to my list of “House Warming…Blessing Your Nest For Fall” (part two). In the mean time, come inside my home and take a peak at Autumn’s arrival …….


…. After

Thank you for stopping by for some “Housewarming Pie”!

I so love to read your comments…..thank you so much to all of you who leave them for me, they really do encourage me to keep doing this blog thing! It takes me about two days to gather all of the pictures, download them and then think about and write what I want to say. I pray that this blog gives you even a glimmer of inspiration to become the nurturing and creative homemaker you were created to be, the mother or grandmother your children so desperately need, the wife of your husbands dreams. God Bless you dear sweet makers of home.



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