Well, it’s true, I don’t live in Kansas,
but Missouri is her next door neighbor,
and we do get our fair share of Tornado Warnings from time to time!
Like…… several days this week, don’t- cha-know! I was feeling a little like Dorothy (minus the cute’n’sparkly red shoes) these past few days, with all of the rambunctious weather we’ve been having here in the Midwest lately. When the lightening strikes and the thunder begins to roll, computers are turned off and the radio is turned on to hear the latest Weather reports. Tracking Twister touchdowns is just something that you have to do when you live in Tornado Alley. Fortunately, here in Branson, we are somewhat protected by all the hills and valleys, it’s the flat-lands that are more susceptible to Tornadoes….thankfully, just in case, we have a Storm Shelter in the basement.

But my goodness! What’s a California gal to do

when massive clouds in the midday sky
churn into the color of a seasoned iron skillet…..
…..and drenching rain spills down in buckets…..
….and the fierce wind begins to howl?
Why……….. bake a pie, of course! The first thing you need to do is make sure your kitchen is spic’n’span, scrubbed clean and tidy! Yes indeedy, it’s much too distracting to try to prepare food in a cluttered, messy kitchen! Dear, don’t even think about it!
Now then Hon, tie on a cute-as-button apron (cooking is so much more festive when you get yourself in that motherly, delightful, June Cleaver-mood!). I usually wear a half-apron and I tuck a white cotton flour sack-towel into the waistband. That way, the towel is handy when I need to wipe my hands….which is several times during the pie making process!
Pour yourself a tall glass of Sweet Tea, and turn on your favorite tunes. Depending on my mood, my ipod collection can get me twirling in my apron with the sassy sounds of the 1940’s, Fiddlin’ Bluegrass, good ol’ Southern Gospel or a velvety Classical piece, like Vivaldi. Now that your toes are tappin’, gather all of your ingredients, leaving the butter for last, you want it to stay as cold as possible until you need it.
Let’s Bake some Lovin’ in the oven!
Auntie Em’s Blackberry Sugar Pie
Summertime is just around the corner,
but in the meantime frozen Blackberries will do just fine!
One of the easiest and yet the most scrumptious-party-in-your-mouth kind of pies to make is Auntie Em’s Blackberry Sugar Pie. You start with a Butter Pie Crust:
2 sticks cold butter
2 cups unbleached flour
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 teas. salt
1/4 cup ice water
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees, but be prepared to turn it down to 350 when you put the pie in. Don’t forget this!

Cut butter up into small pieces.

You want to work quickly so the butter does not get soft.

I use my Kitchen Aid mixer with the paddle attachment. If you don’t have one of these, put it on your Birthday or Christmas list. It will make your cooking so much more enjoyable. I mix meatloaf, meatballs, mashed potatoes, cake batter, whipped cream, cookie dough and a million other goodies!
Mix dry ingredients until it looks like cornmeal with some little chunks of butter. The chunks of butter will melt as the pastry bakes and form little air pockets, which is what makes the pie crust flaky.

I fill a large measuring cup or bowl with ice water, then I dip my 1/4 measuring cup in and add it slowly to the dry mixture as the mixer is turning.Within about 30 seconds the dough will form a ball around the paddle, that’s when you know it is done.

Form a hamburger shape and cut in half.

Wrap one half in plastic wrap and store in refrigerator

until you need to add it to the top of the pie.

Sprinkle Minute Tapioca on the bottom of pie shell to keep it from getting soggy. Check out my new canisters for my flour and sugar with the adorable Ruby-Red lids! I found these at Target. Amazon sells them too! ( Anchor Hocking) I love it when I find things to match my lipstick! So FAB!

Blackberry Filling:

6 cups frozen Blackberries ( 2 1/2 frozen packages)

2 cups sugar

2 Tbls. corn starch

2 Tbls. Minute Tapioca (this is in addition to layering it on the bottom of crust)

Mix ingredients together with the berries in a bowl.
Pour into pie crust, dot with butter
(2 Tbs. cold butter cut into small pieces–lay on top of berry mixture.)

Roll out the dough you have cooling in the refrigerator, and cut into strips to form a lattice. You don’t have to weave it, it’s just as pretty either way.Baste the top with a little milk and sprinkle with a kisses of sugar.

Cover pie edge with foil to prevent too much browning. I have tried the commercial Pie Shields, but they weigh down the edge, where the foil is feather light. Place on baking sheet to catch any drippings. Turn the oven down to 350 and bake for 1 hour. The key is to look for thick bubbling juices. If the bubbles are watery, keep the pie in the oven a little longer. At one hour, if the top is not brown enough, you can turn the oven back up to 400 for about 6 minutes, it should be done by then.

Cool for two hours before eating, so the juices have a chance to firm up. When you are ready to slice and serve, you can warm your slice up in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Don’t forget a dollop of Vanilla Ice-Cream!
Now see, wasn’t that easy! It’s…….well…..easy as pie!

God Bless you gals,

as you bless your family

in all of your many wonderful little ways.

Nurturing our families

is one way we worship and honor God.

And He is pleased.

A Special Thank You to

Miss Emma from Australia From It’s a Mum’s Life

and Miss Kathleen from Kates Kountry Kottage

for these delightful Awards!

Yaw Hooo!

Thank you too for all of your heartwarming comments. I wish I could respond to each and every one. I also wish I could post more often, I so love this blog-thing! But I have a very full plate, many things to tend to, projects on the burner, as well as taking care of my home and family. Please know that all of you are in my prayers. As I read a comment I say a prayer for you. I pray the Lord Jesus would bless you and keep you and your family close to His heart. He knows your needs. I pray that He would meet them. He is ready and willing to help you. He is our rescuer. Praise Him!

Thank you cuties for stopping by for PIE!



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