Well, Howdy Sugar Pie! It’s officially Spring, even though depending on where you live, it may not seem like it when you look out of your window. Lol! Thankfully warmer weather is around the corner! Yay! The temperature here in the Ozarks has risen into the 50’s and 60’s which makes me very happy especially when the sun is shining! Oh, I love a sunny day! It seems like I have so much more energy with a pep-in-my-step when the sun is shining…do you feel the same?

Already, I’m seeing signs of spring with all of the beautiful, bright yellow daffodils blooming along the country roads here in Branson. So between the sunshine and daffodils, I’m getting inspired to start my spring cleaning, organizing, and decorating.

Every week I stock my “Farmhouse Country Store” with farmhouse goodness and this week I found some wonderful bins, baskets, cubbies, and jars to help with getting organized but in a cute way!  I also added some sweet farmhouse goodies to cozy-up a corner or two like the darling farmy dishes pictured above. But you know, sometimes all you need are some fresh teatowels to hang on the oven door…I’ve listed a few of my favorites in my shop here.

farmhouse radio

For fun, turn on the kitchen “Farmhouse Radio”  to add a little nostalgia for your browsing pleasure! Click Here, it will take you to Youtube and automatically turn on the sounds of the 1940’s, then come right on back!


I feel like spring is the perfect time to feather our nest and to bring the beauty of the outdoors in.


This week I bought a mint plant from Walmart and I keep it right next to my kitchen sink. I pinch off a leaf or two and add it to my ice-water which makes it so refreshing! Soon I’ll be adding a basil plant right next to it. I found an herb kit that you can grow indoors that looks so fun.

My sweet friend Melissa K. Norris authored a wonderful book called The Made From Scratch Life. Melissa has an absolutely delightful Podcast, which is one of my most favorites, called Pioneering Today where she shares her knowledge about homesteading, canning, cooking from scratch, and gardening. She inspires your faith and your pioneer roots with a vintage flair.  You can find Melissa’s delightful and inspiring blog here!


Fresh as a daisy is how I want my home to look and feel. When you want to get started with your spring cleaning start with one room. Finish that room then move onto the next.  If you don’t have a lot of time just start small, clean one drawer or one cupboard. Take everything out, wipe it clean and then put back only the things you need and use. Donate anything that’s leftover.  Continue this method day by day until you get it done. I have to laugh at myself because when I clean a closet or cupboard I keep going back to look at it because it looks so fresh and tidy which makes me feel so good! Lol!

fresh and tidy

I love my glass containers with the snap-on lids for storing food in. They’re perfect to store fresh cut veggies for snacks which makes it easy to reach for something healthy to eat instead of chips or something. I recently got some clear refrigerator bins to sort and organize the food in my fridge.


I love this old advertisement for the FOODARAMA fridge! It’s so dreamy how all the food is perfectly organized. Lol! My in-laws had one of these in their mountain home and it was so fascinating to look at!  It had a compartment for everything!  I wish they still made them like that today! Fortunately, with all the bins, storage containers and cubbies that are available, we can organize it just as dreamy as the Kelvinator FOODARAMA! LOL!


So darlin’s,  tie on a cute apron, put on some 1940’s music, light a candle and start sprucing up your cozy home for springtime!


Once the weather is warm enough to enjoy the outdoors you’ll be so glad you got a head start on clearing the clutter and making your home fresh, clean and tidy!


Come on over to check out some of my favorite things over at my Farmhouse Country Store here! (This is an affiliate link)

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Bless your family…make home sweet!

Aunt Ruthie

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