I am so excited, this is my very first blog ever in my entire life! I am Internet challenged, so this is a big girl step for me! That’s right, I got my big-girl-pants on and got-er-done! Thanks to my sister Sherry at prairiehome.typepad.com , I learned there was a whole world of creative gals sharing amazing decorating ideas, recipes, and all sorts of girlie homemaking stuff. What fun I have had reading all of your blogs, now I want to join in the joy! I still have yet to learn all the ropes, so please be patient with me! I also want to thank my son Dusty for creating my banner, it helps that he is a web-site designer and graphic artist (boy did I luck out!).

I am taking lessons with my 9 year old daughter. We know 6 songs…and we squeak sometimes, but we are having fun. This proves you can teach an old dawg new tricks!

Okay so, I totally love to decorate for the seasons! Fall is fabulous here in the Ozark mountains of Missouri!

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