Welcome to my baking center, (her name is Betty, after Betty Crocker of course!) where the flour flies, the sugar is sprinkled, and the cream is whipped.

Baking Center

The counter top is marble, perfect for rolling out dough, from pastry to cinnamon rolls to sugar cookies. Through the peek-a-boo window is my pantry. It’s actually a pass-through, to set ingredients out for dishes I am preparing.

Made From Scratch

It also houses my collection of cookbooks, which I love reading, especially the ones that have stories about the recipes. As you can see I have this pie theme going…

Baking Center Decor

I started making pies about 2 years ago after becoming inspired by a book I read. The book was American Pie: Slices of Life (and Pie) from America’s Back Roads, by Pascale Le Draoulec. It’s a true story about two women who go on a road trip across the great USA. Their quest was to find the best Pie in America. Their story of adventure also includes recipes.

I always wanted to learn how to make pies but I was intimidated by the crust. But after reading that book I decided to face my fear and just do it. It was easier than I thought. Oh, I had a few flops, but failures teach us what not to do and why. I finally found a pie crust recipe that seems to work every time. I will share that with you at another time. There is something so homey and womanly about the making of pie, and it fills the house with such a warm aroma of sweet goodness.

This is the entrance to my pantry, which is on the other side of “Betty”, my baking center.

Pantry Door

I found this old farmhouse screen door, hung an old-timey apron that I’m sure a sweet rosy-cheeked grandma probably wore. I also painted chalkboard paint inside the panels. It squeaks every time I open it. I love that! I can just imagine Mama, calling her youngin’s in for supper, “Supper’s ready! Y’all come in and wash up!” The menu…fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam, string beans, corn on the cob slathered with sweet butter, fried potatoes with onions, and ice cold Sweet Tea. Of course for dessert, fresh Georgia peach pie from Grandpa Jim-Ed’s orchard. And during the summertime, you can see the twinkle of fire-flies peeking through the screen, they know comfort food when they smell it.

Pantry Decor

My aprons are ready to do their womanly duty. A place to wipe hands and wipe tears and to look cute as can be. One of my favorite lines from a movie Glory Road is this one…

This pie is so good

I am such a Southern Belle wanna be! I love southern sayings and southern drawls. I also love “Don’t mess with Texas!” I am one weird California girl who now lives in Missouri!


Inside my pantry is like my own General Store. The metal signs…flour, sugar, eggs, coffee, tea, bread…I found at a store called Gordmans in Springfield, they were only $3.99 each. What a deal!


I love red and white and checkerboards. So I chose that as a back-splash for my range. You can see my cast iron pans, they make food taste so delicious. They are my favorite cooking utensils. I only started using them in the past of couple years, thanks to my favorite cooking show, and Grand Lady of the South, Cooking with Paula Deen. Love her!

Home Cooking

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by for pie, y’all come back now ya hear?

Blackberry Pie

Take care sweet bloggirls!

– Aunt Ruthie

PS. Once again thank you all for such wonderful comments! I wish I could sit down with you for some chick-chat, blackberry pie, and a cup-o-coffee!

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