Drum Roll please………..
the winner of my Southern give-away contest is…
(as I am pulling the name out of my favorite mixing bowl )
…the adorable Miss Katie from Georgia (Jaw-juh)!!!!!

Yes Ma’am, the Darlin‘ Miss Katie wins 2 fabulous cookbooks, Dolly Parton’s Dixie Fixin’s and Sweetie Pies! Don’t you think she’s as “cute-as-Christmas?” (that was one of the saying’s she shared, and I think it fits her perfectly!)

I want to thank all of you gals for filling me in on all of your favorite Southern-isms and memories of living in the South. I loved, loved, loved, reading all of your comments, along with my

Sweet Tea of course!

Such gracious, warm, and loving people you Southerners are!

That’s why I’m a Southern Belle wanna-be! Your comments were a delicious taste of Down South and will be so very helpful in my writing project.

As Miss Katie would say…

Bless your little pea-pickin‘ hearts!

Well gals, I want to introduce you to a dear friend of mine, her name is Catiena and she is one sassy girl. She’s got spunk, a love for all things vintage, she adores her husband and two lovable daughters! She is a queen homemaker and my kind of girl because she loves pearls and lipstick….. and to top it all off and loves the Lord with her whole heart!
Catiena and her husband also have a passion for vintage cars, take a look at one of them, with sassy Lucy Ricardo on the back! How fabulous is that!
Here’s the scoop! Miss Catiena has just started her own blog! The Vintage Housewife, so please stop by for a visit and give her some blog-love and encouragement, won’t you! She is actually having her first give-away too! A sweet-bit-of-pink-confection, vintage apron that some cute 1950’s homemaker tied on, to bake her Coconut Cream Pies.

I would love for her to come home from picking her girls up from school and click on her blog, only to see a bunch of delightful and welcoming comments to read! Thanks gals!

Well poor-little-ol-me has got some kind of bug. Yup, I’m a little under the weather this week. Boo! Hoo! too, because I have some fun stuff I want to share with you! I did some new things in my kitchen to freshen it up for spring.

But I need to wait until I am bright eyed and bushy-tailed! A little rest, some hot tea with lemon and honey….. and many episodes of Cooking with Paula Deen ought to do the trick!

Thanks for stopping by for pie….ya’ll come back now ya hear?!

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