Well, Sugar Pies Christmas time’s a comin’ in just a few days! I’m finishing up the last of my gift wrapping and baking, then it will be time to relax and enjoy the splendor of the most wonderful time of year! It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks, as it always is. Even though I start early with my Christmas planning, it still seems to take the whole month to get everything ready! I did get some time away from my holiday preparations though by taking a short road trip with my hubby and youngest daughter Summer Rose up north to the charming town of St. Charles Missouri, just outside of St, Louis. I shared my time there last year during the summertime, but this was the first time to see it all dressed up for Christmas, and what a charming place to be this time of year! Established in 1769, St. Charles sits on the banks of the Missouri River, the very spot where Lewis and Clark launched their legendary adventure to the West! Daniel Boone’s homestead is not too far from here also. I took lots of pictures so you can enjoy this beautiful little town from the comforts of your own home…come see!



Quaint cobblestone streets…


The homes and shops were adorned with fresh evergreens and red velvet bows…



The shop windows glowed with sparkle and the warmth…





There were friendly folks, dressed in colonial period costumes, greeting everyone with Christmas cheer. This jolly fellow was Santa, Daniel Boone Style!


St. Lucia from Sweden was there…


Christmas carolers on every corner filling the air with joy…


More carolers…  ;)


We arrived in the late afternoon…the air was crisp and sweet…the light was golden.img_3450





Ahhhh! A  nice fire to warm the pink nose and toes!



A peek at the Missouri River!




Chestnuts roasting by an open fire!img_3429

Adorable shops!




My favorite photo of the trip…the light just shimmered on this church cross…reminding us why Jesus came!


Back home…Summer Rose and her friend Sadie Rose ( yes, two Rose-y girls!) worked on a school project together…Christmas traditions in Sweden.


The girls baked sugared gingerbread cookies for their classmates.


On another day…Summer, Madeline, Sadie and Raleigh enjoyed a Christmas get-together, filled with games, a Christmas movie, a gift exchange and making Graham Cracker Gingerbread houses.


Since we live in Branson, (the entertainment meca of the U.S.) we have a hundred delightful live Christmas shows to choose from. This year we went to The Osmond’s…


Donny and Marie’s older brothers….it was great!


We also went to Dolly Parton’s Dixie Family Christmas Show…take a peek here! It was a blast!


Had lunch at the Spring Creek Tea Room in Ozark Missouri with one of my buddies, Miss Marla Jean. The food is always amazing there… Strawberry soup and Chicken Salad Sandwich is always my choice and exquisite cake for dessert! The food was delicious but the company was sweeter!


My son J.J. and his fiance’  Tiffany came out from California…it’s so fun to have all of my kids together! We went to an old time-y photo place for this years family picture. Look at my Johnny boy with his little bare feet showin’!


Making Italian Pizzelle cookies is one of  our family traditions. They’re like a thin crispy sugar cookie that you make in a waffle-type iron. They look like happy little snowflakes to me. Pizzelles  don’t last long at my house. In fact I’m getting ready to whip up another batch!


Sugar Pies, in the hustle and bustle of this season take good care of yourself by going to a quite place,  take a deep breath and  reflect on the greatest gift ever given…

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

God is always watching over you…He loves you so much He just can’t take His eyes off of you!

Because of Jesus, everything’s gonna be alright.

Sugars, I’m so thankful that you take the time to leave me encouraging comments. They mean so much to  me! Really, you have no idea! I read everyone and pray for you by name. May you have a blessed Christmas my “Oh honeys” (as some of you know, I say OH! Honey! whenever I see something soooooo adorable…that’s how I feel about all of my Sugar Pie Sisters!)

If the good Lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be back sometime after the New year!

May the Good Lord Bless you and keep you real good!

Aunt Ruthie!

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