And the winner is…Elizabeth from Loagan Ranch! Wooo Hooo! Blessings to you my Sugar Pie Sista! May you wear your aprons and “Sister’s” broach with joy and find lots of yummy things to cook out of Miss Paula Deen’s new cookbook! Thank you for being a part of making the Girl-Talk Forum such a success!

I am so thrilled that so many of you joined right in, made yourself at home and welcomed each other with such grace, care, creativity and joy! If you haven’t yet checked out the Girl-Talk Forum please do! You will be amazed at all of the women who have a passion for home and family just like you and I!

I noticed that some of my Sugar Pie Sistas thought that the comments at the end of the blog post was “the Girl Talk forum“…and you contributed such wonderful ideas too my sugars! Thank you! But that wasn’t the forum my dearies! I am sharing this only because I don’t want you to miss out on the real Girl Talk forum!

Oh my goodness, you will not believe the abundance of information, advice, and friendship that is happening there!! Why, joybells are ringing all over the place! You gotta go see! Here is what to do to get to the Forum:  Just click on the button on the top of this page that says Girl-Talk Forums and that will take you to the right place, then you can register if you want to join in and contribute your thoughts or if you just want to read what others are saying, you can just click on the phrase (on the left side) that says Girl-Talk-A Forum For Sugar Pie Sistas. That will take you to a list of topics (lots of topics!!). Click on a topic that appeals to you and read what all the gals are chatting about!


What is exciting is that every day (or I should say every minute!) there is something new here at Sugar Pie Farmhouse…at the Girl-Talk Forum! There are so many wise, comforting, creative Sugar Pie homemakers that so generously share their experiences, recipes, and ideas with all of us!  So while I’m working on the next blog post or product review and the other features that I will be adding to the Farmhouse, you can still be blessed by all of your Sugar Pie Sistas! 

Speaking of blessings, let me tell you that…


Spring Blessings are in abundance here at the Farmhouse!

The  weather has warmed up, the bees are buzzing, the birds are singing…there is a freshness in the air! New life…new beginnings…new joys! Take a peek at the Spring delights happening down here in the Ozark Mountains of  Southern Missouri…


 I have been waiting so patiently for this…..the greening of spring!


Just a few weeks ago the view across from my home was bare and brown…but just  look at that lush foilage now!  And very soon those delightfully enchanting fireflies will be sparkling in the night! 


The first fireflies I ever sawwere on the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland! The boat slowly glides along the riverbank where the water gently laps along the edge…the air is sultry…crickets are chirping… and fireflies (although not real) flicker and slow-dance among the reeds…

pirates20bayou20porch1…an old man sits on his front porch rocker whistling a hillbilly tune. I love that part of the ride! 

When we came to Missouri one summer on vacation (before we moved here from California) we were walking along a riverbank…much like the one at Disneyland…the sun had just sunk behind the trees leaving a golden glow upon the water…and there they were…the most dazzling real life fireflies!! I was mesmerized! Actually I squealed! It was like a breathtaking scene from a romantic movie!  I love how God places gifts of delight along our path of life!


Speaking of Gifts of delight…

The Dogwoods are blooming…

img_0235My peach trees are soaring skyward…


My apple tree blossoms are bursting with apple pie promises!


“You have to look for the joy. Look for the light of God that is hitting your life, and you will find sparkles you didn’t know were there.”
~Barbara Johnson


My Olallieberry vines (like blackberries) growing strong…I’m hoping for a good harvest this year!


And something else so very delightful…A week ago, right next to our front porch in this Fir tree something amazing was taking place!


A mama robin had built a cozy nest tucked among sturdy branches. One day we peeked inside and there was one sweet blue egg!


The next day there were two, and then the next day, three!


Look at that color! I have never seen eggs this bright! They don’t look real!

“A home decorated with love
will forever be beautiful”



Now there are four eggs! Robins lay one egg a day until there are four (sometimes five). She will now keep them warm and protected until they hatch. She’ll also turn and rotate the eggs several times daily with her beak. Turning the eggs helps to keep them all at the same temperature and prevents the baby robins from sticking to the insides of the eggshells. The daddy bird says close by to protect mama and babies. Isn’t God amazing! Such complex intelligent design…something that could only happen because  our wonderful Creator designed it that way. (The Big Bang Theory…I don’t think so.)

“Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done.”
1 Chronicles 16:8


That sweet little robin’s nest is so inspiring to me! That little mama fashioned a safe and comforting home for her loved ones, and each day she does what she needs to do to nurture her little family. It’s amazing that God gave us women that same nesting instinct. We have that instinct deep inside of us…it’s a gift from the Lord. Sometimes we may get in a slump and we don’t feel motivated, but I find that when we make the decision to do what is best for our family (even when we don’t feel like it),  once we jump in and start doing things, the joyful feelings will follow , especially when you see what is being accomplished.


I love the feeling after I’ve cleaned out a closet that has been out of control with clutter! I go back and look at  it several times and each time I get so thrilled at how organised everything is! It’s such a good feeling!  I ask myself why I waited so long to get to it! If only it would stay that way!


I learned the hard way, after many years, that we don’t have to try to be perfect little homemakers. Our job should not be about perfection, it should be about creating  a warm, loving, fun home for our loved ones and ourselves. Do the best you can in the season that you are in. When I had three kids ages five and under, I had to learn to go with the flow. If your baby is sick and needs to be held in your arms and rocked, then rock that sweet baby!  Don’t fret about the laundry, it will wait. Our families need to be nurtured physically, emotionally and spiritually. Balance is the key. I do know for sure that life is a lot less stressful on us when our home is clean and tidy. A cluttered and messy house can steal our joy.

Here are a few housekeeping tips that might help as we begin our spring cleaning:

  • One thing that helped me to get a handle on things was to clean as I go. While you’re cooking a meal, throw any waste in the trash can (don’t leave it  on the counter). Fill the sink with hot soapy water, put the dirty dishes in the water to soak, or rinse and put directly into dishwasher etc. Keep a basket at the bottom of the stairs to collect the items that belong up there. Next time you go upstairs take the basket and put the things away. Simple things like that. Don’t wait until the house looks like an earthquake happened (It becomes too overwhelming, and it makes everyone cranky when things are so terribly out of order).
  • Try to do your housekeeping in small segments, one room at a time.
  • Start by creating a Happy Home Atmosphere…light some scented candles, or simmer cinnamon, cloves and orange peels, or whatever else you do  to get your house smelling sweet. Turn the T.V. off and the music on! (you cannot get serious work done with the T.V. on, it’s too tempting to sit down and watch it…and there goes the day!). It’s also important to limit your time on the computer…I have to, otherwise it would take up my whole day!
  • Choose to be a blessing to your family. Your family is worth it. Let go of negative attitudes so you can make room for a more joyous, graceful attitude! This is so important.  Happy mamas = happy children and Happy wife =Happy Husband. It’s a decision not a feeling. The happy feelings will follow!
  • If you have small children, take some time for kisses and hugs and play…they grow up too fast!


Once you get going…you will love what you see…including that smile on your face and sense of relief that things are finally starting to sparkle and you can find the scissors again!


Try re-arranging the room and your accessories for a fresh new look. Paint something! It will give you a lift, making something old look new again!


Before you know it, maybe by the end of the week, your home will be a cozy place , a blessing, a refuge, fun-loving, and a comfort for you and your family!


“Contrary to the ‘taking it easy’ notion that most people relate to the concept of comfort,the true meaning of the word comfort has deeply spiritual connotation. Meriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines comfort as “strengthening greatly” or “to give hope to.” designing a home with comfortable furnishings is essential to creating an enjoyable space, but when we seek to create a blessed home–a sanctuary, complete with comfort and joy–our primary focus should be on creating a positive and hopeful atmosphere.

We should strive to design an environment where our loved ones and we can feel secure, strengthened, and content. Never underestimate the importance of a positive atmosphere because within it God can produce miraculous results.”
– From the book Sanctuary by Pamela J. Bailey

Be a blessing to your family and the blessings will come back to you!

Thanks for stopping by for some Sugar Pie Blessings!


Aunt Ruthie

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