the-fam-2009Howdy Sugar Pies! Happy New Year!I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas! My Christmas was a happy one with all of my kids together…finally! My younger son J.J. lives in California while attending College and my daughter Ashley and her hubby Glen also live there….although not for long… they are moving back here to Branson in February!!! Woo Hooo!  My hubby and I are sooooo  excited that our new Grand-baby, and Ashley and Glen of course, will be near us! Ashley is due to deliver toward the end of May. I am so thankful!

Well, I just got back Friday night from a whirlwind trip to the West Coast spending time with my family for the Holidays. While we were there, we got to go with Ashley and Glen to see an ultrasound in 4D on a huge screen to find out the gender. It was amazing to say the least! What a miracle! I couldn’t wait to share the news……


Yay!!! All of a sudden I feel like I need to go buy some little trucks, building blocks…and oh yes, some baby cowboy boots! This Grand-mama’s farmhouse is going to have everything to make that little boy happy…most of all lots of love…and pie!


That baby boy already has his first Chargers Jersey! Go Chargers! ( A gift from Uncle J.J. and Aunt Tiffany)


We had so much fun with all of  the kids together…we enjoyed lunch at Cracker Barrel Restaurant and several meals around our family table…like old times! We played “Rock Band” and performed skits and sat by the fire sipping hot chocolate.  It’s so funny that when our kids are little life seems like it’s always going to stay that way….and somehow they grow up without us noticing…until one day they’re all grown up and we wonder where the time went.( For all of you young mama’s out there, cherish the moments you have with your little ones! ) I am thankful for memories and for photos that freeze those special moments in time. I am one thankful mama to have such wonderful kids.


Kimmy and Dusty (married four years) live here in Branson…just down the street from us. Dusty is the genius that designed my Web Site. Kimmy is the manager for the company she works for, she’s won several awards for being the top salesperson….she’s a real go-getter and perky ‘n’ cute to boot!


J.J. is in his third year of College studying Business and his adorable girlfriend Tiffany has just finished and is now going back to get her teaching credentials to become a math teacher.  We were so happy she was able to join J.J. in coming here to Branson for a few days. We couldn’t resist giving her an Ozark-y-hillbilly nick-name….T-Bone! My hubby Gary gave me one too….Ruby-dew! (oh brother! now don’t y’all start calling me that!)


Summer, Gary and I got home Friday night around midnight. It was a long day of traveling as we flew from Ontario to Phoenix to Tulsa, then drove 3 hours home.  Although tired on Saturday we decided to go get some groceries….we heard there was a winter storm on it’s way. So we stocked up enough food for several meals, plus the basics, milk, bread and eggs. It’s a good thing we didn’t wait until Sunday to shop because that evening the snow started falling and didn’t stop until we had several inches! Being snowed in is kinda fun (remember I’m a California girl!) It’s so beautiful too….it looks as if the angels sprinkled powdered sugar everywhere!


“Outside it was cold and snowy, but the little log cabin was snug and cozy. Pa, Ma Laura, Mary and baby Carrie were comfortable and happy in their little house in the Big Woods.”  Laura Ingalls Wilder

It’s so fun to know that  just one hour from where I live sits Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home in Mansfield Missouri. The place where she penned all of her heartwarming stories of life on the prairie. As I look out my window and see the wonder and beauty of the sugar-coated Ozark hills I think about Mrs. Wilder and how she must have also delighted in the cozyness of her glowing hearth with the same breathtaking snowy views.


Dad and Dusty loaded up the jeep from our stockpile of firewood to bring down to Dusty’s house…just down the street. It’s so hilarious that they wouldn’t want to be seen with those burly hats on in California….but here, with temps around 10 degrees, they are pretty much a necessity!


As suggested in the Farmhouse Christmas Cookbook from Gooseberry Patch that I did a video review on, I filled up a dishpan with fresh snow for Summer to enjoy. She’s getting over a cough and cold and was not able to go outside to play…so I brought a little of the outside in!

Here are a couple more pictures of  my Ozark Farmhouse in the snow….



While it’s a shivery cold wonderland outside, I’ll be busy as an “oh honey” bee putting away the “Wonderland”  inside….dsc05227

This week I have a lot to tend to! Because I was out of town during the holidays all of my Christmas decor is still up! I’m itching to take it all down but I wanted to get a post out to y’all, so as soon as I hit the “publish” button I have got to get my house in order! I actually enjoy taking down the decorations.  I just like how my house looks so fresh and clean….clearing away all of the jolly glitter to make way for the sweet things of spring,  which is just around the corner…ahhh, I can almost hear the birds chirping!

One of the verses that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is Proverbs 31:27 it says “She looks well to the ways of her household.”  In the Amplified version it says “She looks well to how things go in her household, and the bread of idleness (gossip, discontent, and self-pity) she will not eat.”

As we look forward to a new year, lets look well to the ways of our household by being thankful, joyful and contented. And lets do our best to create a home our family feels loved in! It’s all starts with a sweet and nurturing attitude!

The best is yet to come!

Bless you Sweet Sugar Pie Sistas!

Thank you for all of your encouraging comments they make my heart sparkle!

Hugs y’all’

Aunt Ruthie

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