Yoo Hoo, gals….I am so excited….I have received my first award! Cindy from So Inspired who is so very creative, presented me with the “You Make Me Smile” award! Woohoooooo! I was so surprised….how fun to think I made someone smile! Thank you Cindy! So now I am supposed to list 6 random habits/facts about myself, so here goes:

1. I want to grow up to be like Aunt Bee when I get older….sweet and lovable ( She was on the Andy Griffith show, for you youngin’s out there…you know Opie’s great aunt….Clara’s best friend…oh never-mind).

2. My favorite movies are Fried Green Tomatoes, Driving Miss Daisy, Prancer, and The Trip to Bountiful.

3. I start listening to Christmas music in August.

4. I keep a spiral notebook with me at all times in case I get a sudden surge of inspiration or if I hear a great quote or idea. I have one in my purse and one by my bed.

5. My favorite trip ever was on a Riverboat cruising the Mississippi—we stopped at several ports and toured the deep south—Antebellum mansions—ate amazing food—met such friendly people with the cutest southern drawls (I want one of those!)…..I am such a southern belle wanna-be. I want to go back and have another southern adventure!

6. My husband and I ran a live music theater a few years back and hosted “The Great American Wild Wild West Show.” We were not the performers, I ran the country gift shop and Gary managed the Theater and show.

Okay, I know that I’m only supposed to list 6 things, but hey, I’m on a roll here, and who’s gonna stop me?

7. My all time favorite meal is my mom’s mostaccioli (penne pasta) and meatballs, I could eat it everyday. Seriously. I am 100% Italian, both sets of my Grandparents were born in Italy. So as far as Italian food goes…bring it on!

8. I need to have lipstick on at all times…except when I go to bed. I love lipstick.

( I love all make-up for that matter!)

9. I have way too many cookbooks. I love reading them as if they were novels. I probably should say that I have too many books, period. I love books. I believe, you can’t do better, if you don’t know better. Reading good, wholesome, books helps me to know better. I want to be a better servant of God, a better wife, mother, friend etc. Good books teach, encourage and inspire.
10. I want to go eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah, Georgia….ya’ll.

Now I get to pass on the award to these wonderful gals….Dana at Cottage at Doe Hill she is so very creative….and Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage wow, does she have a darling home and her goodies she cooks up are yummy! Carol at Raised In Cotton …she has so many fabulous ideas and her shop is filled with stuff I need!…it’s in Kansas City, so it is on my list of places to go when spring rolls around! I absolutely love reading Brin’s blog at My Messy Thrilling Life she is a fascinating writer, is living a fascinating life and is cute to boot! I believe she is going to be a famous author one day. I also enjoy Counting Your Blessings such an inspirational blog filled with fun eye-candy. And who wouldn’t love Not Quite June Cleaver? it is such a fun read and filled to the brim with mouth-watering recipes along with step by step photo instructions! There are so many great blogs out there, such creative women, it was hard to choose just 6.
Now that all of the glitter, twinkling lights and pine branches are neatly tucked away for another year…here is a glimpse of my home ready for spring….

I love what Charles Keeler wrote in 1906:

“Homemaking is one of the sacred tasks of life, for the home is the family Temple, consecrated to the service of parents and offspring. As the strength of the State is founded upon family life, so is the strength of society based upon the home. The building up of the home should be an event of profound importance.”


Along the same line, I heard a pastor once say “If you unravel the family unit, you unravel the nation.”
That is why I am so passionate about preserving the home and family. Creating a place where love, goodness, creativity, ambition, purpose, understanding, laughter and acceptance can thrive.
As keepers of our household, we need to protect our homes from everything that would try to steal it’s joy. We need to sweep away the dirt and clutter (an on-going process unfortunately!) and guard what comes through the door (or airwaves)…unwholesome media, T.V., Internet, certain video games, bad attitudes, hurtful words, ungratefulness, bickering, complaining…all of that which causes chaos and discouragement.
Instead, lets bless our homes and family, on purpose! It starts with a thought, then a decision to be nurturing. Start with the little things….little things have a huge impact. Think of 1 nurturing thing you can to do today, that would tell your loved ones that you treasure them.

“Do not despise this small beginning, for the eyes of the Lord rejoice to see the work begin.”

~Zechariah 4:10

I would love to know what one thing you did today that blessed your home and family! Please comment! Your ideas will help us all do better!

I had a sweet gal comment on my last post, and she wanted to know if I would consider an “ask and answer session”. Sure! I”ll do my best to answer any questions on any subject, on my next post!

Thanks for stopping by for pie!

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