The sun was knocking on my door this morning and invited me out to play! Well, that’s what it seemed like after all of the rain we have been having! The lakes here in the Ozarks have crested to the highest point in history! Unfortunately, many homes on the banks of the Taneycomo lake (which is more like a river) flooded. No one was hurt, thank the Lord. And, thank the Lord for the warm sunshine to dry up all of this water! The hills here are filled with bountiful blossoms….Dogwood, Red Bud, Daffodils, and Tulips. The trees are budding new green leaves for which I shout HOORAY! Spring is a grand time indeed!

It was too gorgeous to stay inside, and besides, I heard a few darling Antique stores singing my name! So I grabbed my hat and gloves (actually my favorite T-shirt designed by my sister Sherry from Prairie Home, blue jeans, lipstick and pearls!)left my worries on the doorstep, and headed for the little town of Ozark, Missouri.

Leola’s was first on my list. What was once named The Seedbox, is now run by three sisters and a niece….Jan, Judy, Linda and Kelli. They named the shop Leola’s after their mother….how dear is that! Oh honey! The former owners, Meloney and Brian, still have a space to showcase vintage goodies from their travels across the prairies and farmlands of this great country of ours. Around every corner is wonderland of nostalgia, just waiting to hug your heart with the warmth and wholesomeness of the Good Ole’ Days.

Little Miss Buttercup stands guard over her garden of vintage home accessories….

An apron and a sun hat is the perfect attire to wear out in the garden to plant those cherry tomato seeds…with the hope of a bountiful and juicy summer harvest.

I love the whimsy and charm of it all!

Come browse with me…..See what I mean! So adorable!
Here is sweet Jan, she let me in on a secret…

…a tea-room is going in next door!

I hear they make fabulous cakes!

Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Fun shopping and dessert! Imagine that!
If you are ever in Ozark, look up Leola’s!

5219 N. 17th Street
(behind Lambert’s, home of the throwed rolls!)
Ozark MO, 65721


Tell Jan I sent you!

One remedy for feeling kind of droopy is to get out of the house and change your scenery! Especially if it is a lovely day. Pick a place you love to go and get refreshed…a place that feeds your creativity…a place that delights your heart…a place where you can gather sparkling ideas….a place that will put the twinkle back in your eyes. It will do wonders for your disposition, you’ll come back home feeling tickled pink and fancy free with new motivation for sprucing up your home and life!

A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22

Balance is what we need! A little work, a little fun, a delightful song in our heart ( I sing Jingle Bells a lot, no matter the season, it just makes me feel lighthearted and fills me with such glee!) throw in some giggles and thankful thoughts and we’ll be on our way to a happier day!

Even something as simple as gathering a few of your favorite magazines and reading them at the park, even in your backyard, or sitting on the front porch rocking chair, can lift your mood. The idea is to breathe in some fresh air! And my dears, don’t forget a bottle of water to drink, many times we are feeling down because our body needs to be hydrated! (Oh yes, a slice of pie also fixes things!)

When I am shopping I like to look for things for my home

that celebrate the season.

Like a candle for instance

with the fragrance of spring or summer…

Juicy Peach…Jasmine…Honeysuckle…

Melon…Strawberry Rhubarb.

Just that one candle alone is enough for me to go home, light it, fling open the

windows and get excited about tidying up my house!

It’s also fun to spice up your life by rearranging your furniture! Change the accessories on your fireplace mantle ( I did that yesterday, I’ll show pictures in the next post)…..put some fresh place mats on the table, and set it for dinner while you’re at it! Buy some daisies at the grocery store and fill a canning jar with them…so homey…so simple!

Take care of your sweet self! Do what you love to do to get yourself motivated to be a happy homemaker. Your family depends on it and you need it just as much as they do.
“Designing a home with comfortable furnishings is essential to creating an enjoyable space, but when we seek to create a blessed home–a sanctuary, complete with comfort and joy–our primary focus should be on creating a positive and hopeful atmosphere. We should strive to design an environment where our loved ones and we can feel secure, strengthened, and content. Never underestimate the importance of a positive atmosphere because within it God can produce miraculous results.”
~Pamela J. Bailey, from her fabulous book Sanctuary

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word comfort as “strengthening greatly” or “to give hope to”. That’s why it is so important to stay motivated to bless our homes….to make it comforting. It brings hope and strength to our family. And that my sweet cupcake friend, is our high calling from the good Lord above! Can I get an Amen sista?

Thanks for stopping by for some “Take good care of yourself” pie. You are needed and loved. God is crazy about you! He is always watching over you…He loves you so much He just can’t take His eyes off of you! He is waiting to hear from you.

Blog-friends…from around the world…You are in my prayers….God knows your name….He sees your heartbreak. May He bless you with comfort and hope today.

I love your comments! Stop in and say howdy!



P.S. On my last post I signed off as a “Gracious Southern Belle wannabe”, and adorable Miss Betty (a pastor’s wife) from Georgia (she said “you can’t get any more Southern than that!”)

….She inducted me into the Southern Belle Society! I accept! Thank you sweet Betty! Love those pearls…and darlin’ you’re as cute as Christmas!

I am now officially Southern y’all!

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