Thanksgiving greetings Sugar Pie Sistas! In just a few days families and friends all across America will gather ’round the dinner table to celebrate the founding of our country…the wonderful United States Of America…by the Pilgrims over 380 years ago.  The aromas of  each family’s hand-me-down recipes of roasted turkey, dressing or stuffing,  sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie will be swirling through the air drawing everyone into the warmth of the kitchen for a peek of what will soon delight their taste buds. It’ll be  a time to catch up with loved ones, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, cheer for a football team and snuggle by the fire to watch  Hallmark and home movies. And hopefully, amidst the flurry and joy of the festivities, each one will remember to thank the Giver of all good gifts, our wonderful Lord.


I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner here at the farmhouse. We are blessed to have 23 people sitting around our table this year! Fortunately we are doing our meal pot-luck style, so I’ll have a lot of help! I’ve already set up extra tables and folding chairs in our great room. I like to do this a few days in advance so that I have time to play around with the centerpiece. It feels good to get as much done as I can ahead of time, so I’m not running around at the last minute like an old wet hen!  On Tuesday I’ll be doing the prep work for some of the dishes I’m making, as well as, rolling out pie crusts for 4 pies  ( two pumpkin, one blackberry and one lemon). I’ll refrigerate the crusts until the next day, Wednesday, when I’ll fill and bake them. I can’t decide what I love better…the stuffing ( my mom’s recipe), cranberry jello salad with cream cheese topping, sweet potato casserole with brown sugar, melted butter and pecans  or homemade pumpkin pie with a dollup of fresh whipped cream…I guess I don’t have to decide, I love them all!


Old School Place Cards: I saw this idea in a magazine and thought I’d give it a try! I just cut cardstock into rectangles then rounded the corners to resemble flash cards. Using alphabet stamps I hand stamped the names of my guests, punched a couple of holes in the corner and tied on a ribbon ( seam binding  from etsy…so much cheaper than traditional ribbon).


The cards were given an aged look by taking a cotton ball and rubbing  caramel colored scrapbook chalk around the edges. The ones pictured, that say ” Ma” and “Pa” were my testers. I had just watched Little House on the Prairie! Love that Ma and Pa Ingalls! LOL! Come to think of it, my mom called her parents “Ma” and “Pa”, they are such endearing names!

I was in need of some new glasses and I found these clear polka-dot ones at Walmart. They were only $8 for a set of twelve! That’s a rootin’ tootin’ deal if you ask me! My table settings are very down-home.  My flatware is mismatched as are my dinner plates. I just don’t have two dozen of the same patterns, but somehow it works and looks homey and comfortable.  It really doesn’t matter anyway, the real beauty of the table will be all of the smiling faces around it.



Sprinkling the table with scriptures of Thanksgivng is one way to keep the focus on why we are gathered together.


In years past we’ve always gone around the table, giving each person a turn to share what they were most thankful for, this year I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit by sharing our thanks using the letters  of  the Alphabet: I am thankful for my Adorable family…I’m thankful for the Beach….I’m thankful for Cute cowboy boots…etc. I just know someone’s gonna get silly (my hubby) and I’m sure we’ll burst out in laughter along the way. Memories will be made!


I heard someone say recently… “Thanksgiving is a way of life”, I wholeheartedly agree!  Being thankful is a mindset. Being thankful is a choice. When we are thankful to God for His blessings we honor Him.  My friend Marla Jean and I were chatting over coffee a little over a week ago and she said something that really perked up my ears and spoke to my heart!  We were talking about the difference between being joyful verses being down-in-the-dumps when we are going through hard times. She said when you are disappointed, hurt, frustrated, sad, depressed, worried, and fearful (insert any negative emotion here)…”Don’t park there.” That’s it. “Don’t park there.” In other words, don’t dwell on your problems. When you are “parked”  at the curb of your problems you’re stuck, the scenery doesn’t change. You are not going anywhere.  Negative thinking drains the battery. Read the Word to get re-charged and  to remind yourself how much you are loved by your creator! (Read Psalm 139) Move on. Get busy doing positive things.  Pull yourself up by your cute cowgirl bootstraps. Giddy-up. Cowgirl-up!  Count your blessings! Remember “This too shall pass”.  Whatever you feed on (think about) will grow bigger. So think joyful, thankful thoughts if you want big joy. We can’t change our lives until we change our thoughts. I know this is hard sometimes but the great news is we have help!


Look up! Help is on the way!

“ARISE [from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you–rise to a new life]! Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” Isaiah 60:1

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

No matter what difficulties we may be experiencing we always have something to be thankful for. Here’s just a few blessings that are on my list…


A warm cozy bed to sleep in…


Food on the table…


Eyes to see the beauty of God’s glorious creation…


Angels all around me … (For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Psalm 91:11)

The Lavish love of God…

Jesus loves me, this I Know…

God’s Mercies are new every morning…

The sweet baby boy born in Bethlehem…

The Wonderful Cross…

God’s faithfulness…

God’s Word to light my path…


My family…


Good friends…


The Cutest boy  in the whole wide world named Johnny!



OH HoNeY!!



Oh the joys of grammyhood! I am thankful!


Make Thanksgiving a way of life!

Thanksgiving Day Song

Thanksgivng day has come, Light the fire, gold and cheery,

Let’s be glad of heart and merry, Thanking God for home.

It’s chill November weather, But the fire-light’s on the wall,

Home, dear home, is best of all, Let’s thank God together.

(From an old School Song Book 1945)

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day Sugar Pies…I’ll see you right back here soon for my Christmas Home Tour! Here’s a teeny peek!





Sugar Pies, I am so very grateful for all of the encouraging comments you leave me! I read them all and pray for you by name. It truly blesses me that you take the time to send me sweet words of goodness…that’s why you’re my Sugar Pies!

May the Good Lord bless you and keep you real good!

Happy Thanksgiving, Enjoy the pie!


Aunt Ruthie


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