Howdy Sugar Pies! Over here in my neck of the woods (Branson, Missouri)I have tried to squeeze out all of the goodness of Fall to the very last drop! It’s been sweeter than homemade sorghum on Lambert’s Throwed Rolls. Now if you haven’t been to Lambert’s, they have the yummiest pillow-y yeast rolls fresh ‘n’ hot out of the oven that they throw to you across the room. Then a cute country gal comes by with sweet and gooey sorghum syrup to drizzle on top….mmm…mmm, now that’s what I call good eats! (Sorghum is a sweet light molasses syrup…my mother-in-law puts 1/2 cup in her chocolate chip cookie dough to make her cookies extra chewy!)  Anyhoo, autumn is breathtaking here so I’m gonna take y’all on a whirlwind arm-chair tour of  fall splendor in my hometown.  This is Bluegrass country and it’s smack dab in  the middle of the Bible Belt….and that’s the way I like it! Yee Hawwwwwww! Enjoy!


Here is my view from the front porch…



The tree in front of my house….



The road in front of  “The Farmhouse”….


My backyard….


Fall is such a glorious time to get out and enjoy one of my favorite things to do …. junkin’ with my sister-in-law Linda ( I’m married to her cute brother). Recently we took a couple days to visit a couple of our neighboring towns…starting with the darling town of Ozark…..img_11822


Ozark has an adorable town square with the Court House in the middle….I always think of the movie Back To The Future!img_1172

It is also home to one of our most favorite places to shop for vintage goods and have the  yummiest  lunch EV-AH!….Spring Creek Tea Room….img_1161

This charming Autumn vignette greeted us at the front door…



Here is the menu for their scrumptious assortment of the most amazing desserts!

The hardest part is choosing!



Take a peek!


 We had oh-so-yummy Chicken Salad Sandwiches and heavenly Cold Strawberry soup… img_1165

 For dessert we decided to go for the Better-Than-Anything Chocolate Cake and Hawaiian Sunset Cake…Oh me, Oh my! I think I heard Angels singing with the first bite! We like to get two different desserts and share them….you see, we  have a need to know which one is better! It’s a hard job but somebody’s got to do it! (Both flavors were delish! We couldn’t decide…I’ll think we’ll have to come back and try again.  Oh well! LoL)


I really try to limit myself to one dessert a week…this cake was worth the wait!



Next door is another quaint little shop called The Avant-Garde’n (417- 485- 4857) It’s  filled with all kinds of  delightful goodies….img_1174

 That story-book red dooris actually a bookcase! It’s about 14 inches deep and has shelves all the way down when you open the door. Very farmhouse-y, LOvE iT!


Here’s another one with a sweet farmhouse screen door. I think I heard it calling my name. LOL


On another day we headed up toward Lebanon Missouri and stopped at one of the best antique shops west of the Mississippi…The Route 66 Antique Mall….come on in and have a look around…am2

Every booth is a showcase! If you like primitive vintage this is the place to go!am5



I wonder what stories this rolling pin could tell? I bet it rolled out a mess of buttermilk biscuits and pie dough in it’s day!

 I’ve just gotta tell ya,  the comfy green plaid flannel jumper that I am wearing with blue-jeans, was actually a dress from J. C. Penny. I got it on sale for $13 , had it hemmed a little shorter so it now looks like a top rather than a dress. I love longer tops that go to the thigh and I love me some good deals!





 We tried a new restaurant called Gary’s Dowd’s  Catfish (yes that’s the name!). The name reminded me of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (amazing restaurant by the way)…A lady named Ruth bought the Chris Steakhouse and since she was the new owner she just put her name in front of Chris. Looks like Gary did the same…. makes sense I think (I’m scratching my head). Anyhoo, it was a delightful place for a quick pit-stop!


Last week my hubby and I took Summer Rose to our local pumpkin patch for some good old fashioned fall fun….


 It’s a homestead complete with a log cabin and a corn field in the front yard.


They provide bumpy hayrides down into the woods….img_1239

 All Aboard!


My blue scarf that looks like a checkered tablecloth….compliments of Target! For some reason I feel like eating fried chicken when I wear it.img_1261

The view looking up….



The view looking down….yup those are my cowgirl boots! yEe HaW!



 The view behind us! It was so beautiful, the air was apple-crisp and sweet and the sun lit up the trees like fire.


Summer decided to do a little chicken chasing! Her friend has chickens that she enjoys catching and holding, but this little rascal was a little too quick for her….img_1233


Oh well maybe next time! There are other fun things to do…..img_12101

Like talking to the piggies….I’d say these were some happy pigs, stretched out  in the warm mud sleeping in the sunshine!


There were cows to pet….


And haybales to climb!img_1227

Summer climbed up by herself….


But needed Daddy’s help getting down….img_1225

She LoVes her daddy!


I tried to take a picture of her running through the corn maze but she ran as fast as that rascal chicken!img_1194

Time to find that perfect pumpkin….


Oh here it is! Oh honey!




There was a cute little farmstand filled with all kinds of goodies…







Well, I got my pumpkin but I think I would have rather had that cute old farm truck!



 My Hubby and I discovered this cute little cafe right here in Branson with the most amazing breakfast meals!  It was a chilly morning with  light rain…a romantic and cozy little spot to get warm and fed.  img_1128


The townsfolk and businesses really do a wonderful job decorating for harvest and the Holidays. How cute is this little vintage trike with the pumpkin sitting on top!


 Come on in!img_1127

 Billy Gail’s has all kinds of quirky signs everywhere…Ice N’ Pop…Foodstuffs…Dodads…Fancies.

They sell the vintage things that they decorate with.img_1125

Here’s one that took me a while to figure out! See if you can……

It says (in proper english) This must be the place.img_1122

If you want pancakes, you only need to order ONE! It’s bigger than the plate! I think that sweet little lady to the right of me might be thinking I wonder if she needs help eating that flying saucer of a pancake….the answer is YeS! I have to say it was one of the most delish pancakes I’ve ev-ah tasted! And the cheese and mushroom omlet was the best ev-ah too! This was a real treat, since I usually just have a bowl of cereal and fruit for breakfast!

 The last stop on my Enjoying the Goodness of Fall in the Ozarks Tour…..


Silver Dollar City….just 15 minutes from my house….and just 15 minutes to the most amazing aromas….cinnamon rolls baking! I love this little bakery nook, they sell all kinds of kitchen gadgets and cookie cutters….jams and jellies….cookbooks….img_1074

Pecan pie in a jar….Nut Crackers….Apple Pie Filling….



 Adorable mixing bowls and pottery pieces for the kitchen….

Amazon sells it too….click here for the butter dish and here for the mixing bowl.



Yummy dessert mixes….how adorable is Miss Elsie Grace! Her package says “My Heart Bakes For You”!


I had to take a picture of this cute sign: Mc Haffie’s Homestead presents The Milk Cow Gals. Too cute!img_1069

Summer and I love to visit these Authentic Cabins built in the 1800’s and furnished in that time period. It really helps you imagine what life must have been like back then…



Every morning they cook a breakfast meal on a real wood stove  for the folks who work there.


Notice the dishes are upside down…that’s a great idea for keeping dust and critters off of the clean plates. Those pioneer women were so creative!


This is how washing dishes was done before the dishwasher! To me it kind of looks like fun….maybe for a day or so!



The Smokehouse just outside the cabins…


“Meat Smoking: Prior to refrigeration, smoking meat preserved, as well as, added flavor to the family meat supply.”


It was Fall Festival time at Silver Dollar City. Craft booths were set up and folks would demonstrate their craft. This gal is making Sawdust dolls…..img_1072

Here they are!


 Summer and I had a grand old time!



 Well that’s it Sugar Pies! I have had  a super busy two weeks! Now it’s time to settle in at the Farmhouse and start making plans for Thanksgiving….the Kinfolk are gathering at my house this year! Then Christmas time’s a comin’!  I need to start decking the halls!  So much to do! I had better grab my apron and get busy!

Have a blessed week! All of you Sugar Pie Sistas of mine are in my prayers!

Hugs to you!

Thanks for stopping by for Pie.

Aunt Ruthie

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