Oh my goodness! Guess what I got? The most precious grandson EV-AH! He was born just a little more than a week ago. His name is John Holden Greenstone. We will lovingly call him Johnny! He’s my little Johnny Angel!

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After 21 hours of labor, Ashley delivered little Johnny by C-section. She’s a trooper! Mama and baby are doing wonderfully…and Daddy can’t stop grinning from ear to ear!


Is this an angel baby or what?! His daddy couldn’t wait to put the Chargers beanie on his dear little head.


Oh HOney! (I think he needs his Grandmama!)


Ashley is a wonderful mama!


Oh, such kissable lips!


Someday I will be holding these hands as Johnny and I go for a walk.


Someday Johnny is going to call for me…and I know my heart is going to melt!

“Grandmas are the people who take delight in hearing babies breathing into the telephone.” ~author unknown


“Sleep in heavenly peace.”


Look at those long lashes!


He’s got his daddy’s dimples!


Oh HoNeY! (we are saying that a lot these days!)


Becoming a Grandmama is such a blissful thing. I can’t seem to find the right words to express it! Well… how about…pure heaven! He is such a miracle and a precious gift from the Lord. God is so faithful…so merciful…and so gracious! Thinking back, when I was a young wife, there was nothing more that I wanted than to be a mommy. My hubby and I spent three years trying to concieve.  It was such a difficult time. All of my friends and cousins were having babies but it just was not happening for me. I would tear up watching Pampers commercials! I decided to write down God’s Promises in his Word. I prayed those promises. It built up my faith. Everytime I started to feel discouraged I read those promises.  I finally conceived, but sadly, I  miscarried. Thankfully, just a short time after that, I conceived again…and Dusty was born…then Ashley…then J.J….the Summer Rose! Praise the Lord! Now I’ve come full circle! I’m a grandmama!  The Lord gave me the desires of my heart…because I delighted in Him…trusted Him…most of all, because He is so gracious and good!


This taught me such a valuable lesson…to trust that the Lord has everything all planned out for us. He sees the big picture, we only see what is in front of us. So when things aren’t working out like we want them to, we need to  place our situation in His hands and remember that God is working behind the scenes….and in time our prayers will be answered…and God’s plan will be revealed. The Lord answered my prayers better than I could have imagined. Little did I know God was planning to bless me with Dusty, Kimmy, Ashley, Glen, J.J., Tiffany, Summer and now sweet Johnny! (and more to come I’m sure!) God is good!

I still haven’t decided on my name. I’m trying out Nana right now, but I also like Grammy and Grandmama. Maybe I’ll let Johnny decide!


Little Johnny is truly blessed to have such loving parents! Good job you two….keep ’em comin’!!




Thank you Sugar Pies for stopping by for some Johnny Angel Pie!

Aunt Ruthie

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