Greetings gals, I just flew back from sunny California and was greeted by lacy snowflakes (Heaven’s kisses!) as we arrived in Springfield, Missouri. The rooftops on the way home looked as if they were sprinkled with powdered sugar. Ribbons of smoke from red-brick chimneys curled into the flannel-gray sky…. evidence of a cozy fire crackling inside. Winter is in the air. I am thankful for God’s little blessings….and big ones too…

This Thanksgiving brought even more reasons to be grateful than before. My little “pumpkin pie” Summer Rose decided to try out Grandpa’s treadmill and my poor baby slipped and was scraped all over. The treadmill was backed into a corner, so when she fell, her legs were pushed up the wall and her chin and neck were stuck on the sandpaper-like fast moving tread. Fortunately, my brother in law Damon (sister Sherry’s husband) was able to run, grab her and pull her off. We rushed her to the E.R. , where she had her wounds cleansed and dressed. I am so thankful that Damon was in the game room when this happened, or her injuries would have been a lot worse. I am thankful for the Doctors working on Thanksgiving and for their tender care toward my daughter.

My “pumpkin pie” Summer Rose and sweet sister Ashley
The hardest thing about being a mama is seeing my kids hurt. There is nothing more heartbreaking for me. I do not know how people handle these things without the Lord. Truly, I cannot fathom it. I am so thankful the Lord hears our prayers, calms our fears and is in control.
“He who trusts in the Lord, mercy shall surround him.” Psalm 32:10
It’s very calming to know God’s mercy surrounds me and my loved ones.
Summer is doing better, she has been to the doctor 2 more times to follow up on her healing wounds and to make sure infection does not set in. I would so apprieciate your prayers for a speedy recovery for her! Poor baby. These are times where, as a mama, I get to pamper, coddle, and comfort my little one with gentleness and understanding….and lots of hugs and ice-cream.

As soon as I get settled, (just a few days) I will be back into the Christmas swing and share all that twinkles, sparkles and shimmers in my home!

Blessings to you all!

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