“You must not ever stop being whimsical” ~Oliver

Every home tells a story ….what story does your home tell?

Does it smell delicious? Is there beauty brightening the rooms? Are the sounds sweet and joyful? Is it safe and warm, physically and emotionally? Most of all…is there love? That’s what really matters. You can have the most beautiful house filled with lovely treasures, but if love doesn’t live there…what good is it? My grandparents ( Italian immigrants) lived in a tiny two bedroom house, it was very simple, but it was filled to overflowing with love so rich and cookies so sweet (not to mention lots of pasta, meat-a-balls, coffee and conversation…. ’round a lace covered table).
I just love little houses, cabins, and cottages. I have them throughout my home. I love the stories they tell. I like to imagine happy little families inside…baking pies…sipping soup…singing songs…laughing….hugging …rocking babies…kissing their warm cheeks…
…humming lullabies … watching “It’s A Wonderful Life”…playing games in front of the fire….stringing pop-corn…saying grace.

Over the river and through the woods,

to Grandmother’s house we go,

the horse knows the way,

to carry the sleigh,

through the white and drifted snow,

over the river and through the woods

now grandmother’s cap I spy…

hooray for the fun,

is the turkey done?

Hooray for the Pumpkin Pie!!!
(love that pie!)
My home tells a story about…

a starry night so long ago…

One star shone extra bright …

It pointed the way to something divine.

Something so wonderful!

So glorious!
Something the world
so desperately needed!

That “something” was
a someone.
Our rescuer!
The lover of our souls!

The stars in the bright sky,

looked down where He lay,

The Little Lord

Asleep on the hay.

“Consider the wonderful truth of the prophets’ words,

then the light will dawn in your souls
and Christ the Morning Star will shine in your hearts.”
2 Peter 1:19It’s a story of incredible love
such Amazing Grace.

That’s God’s story…
and I’m sticking to it.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Be Blessed.
Stay safe!
Thanks for stopping by for pie!

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