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Howdy Sugar Pies! How is your summer going so far? Here in the Ozarks we’ve had our share of summer storms roll through which I love! There’s something about hearing the deep rumble of thunder in the distance and seeing the dark billowy clouds forming in the sky that makes me want to sit out on my front porch to watch the show. But when the lightening starts to strike close by that’s when I head inside, turn off my computer and hunker down with my family. Just a few weeks ago the lightening struck near our well. It blew a fuse so we were without water for a bit. Fortunately, I had several gallons of water stored for a situation like this so everything was okay!

As with each summer I like to grow a few things, tomatoes, peppers, basil, parsley, sage, rosemary and rhubarb! I got a bumper crop this year! Thankfully, the critters in these here parts don’t care much for rhubarb like they did my pumpkins. Lol! So I’ve already harvested a bunch! I’ve washed, dried, and chopped the rhubarb in to small pieces and put in the freezer for when I have time to make something yummy with it. Here’s an earlier peek of my rhubarb garden:


IMG_5117 (1)

My first harvest of the summer! It was ready just in time to make a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie for a special someone that was coming to visit me. I shared on Instagram some short little videos of me making that very pie…enjoy!




I can’t say enough about this wonderful recipe! Super delicious! And I love how the slice stays together and isn’t runny but still juicy and perfectly sweet! You can find it in one of my most favorite cookbooks in the whole, wide world. It’s written by my dear friend and Pie Sistah, Linda Hundt…Sweetie-licious Pies! (This  affiliate link will take you right to it.)


One of the best tips Linda Hundt taught me was to make up your pie crusts in advance, roll it out, put it in a metal pie pan, flute it then pop it in the freezer so it’s ready to go. When it’s pie baking day half the work is already done and baking the frozen pie shell will help keep it’s shape too! Here is my all-butter pie crust recipe and video.

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