Oh my goodness Sugar Pies! I got a wonderful phone call a few days ago…..with news that I’ve waited a lifetime to hear….my daughter Ashley and her hubby Glen are expecting a baby!!!  Woo Hoo!! A luscious dreamy-creamy baby sent from Heaven to our family! Hooray! I am going to be a Grand-mama for the first time!


Here’s my little cuppy-cake grand-baby!!


It’s an amazing feeling that my baby is going to have a baby! Oh my goodness! I am in Dreamland!


Will it be a sugar and spice baby girl?


Or will it be a rough ‘n’ tumble little baby boy? Time will tell, either way I am ecstatic!


It seems like yesterday that our little “punkin” Ashley was just a baby herself….my oh my how time flies…..

When I reflect on her growing up years it reminds me of this old song by Harry Belafonte….

Where are you going
My little one, little one
Where are you going
My baby, my own…..


Turn around and you’re two
Turn around and you’re four
Turn around and you’re a young girl
Going out of the door



Turn around, turn around
Turn around and you’re a young girl
Going out of the door


ashley-on-the-phoneWhere are you going
My little one, little one

Little pigtails and petticoats

Where have you gone



Turn around and you’re tiny
Turn around and you’re grown


Turn around and you’re a young wife
With babes of your own
~Harry Belafonte


Okay, I just remembered I never liked that song! It makes me cry every time!! And furthermore I don’t remember giving my kids permission to grow up and “go out the door”! LOL!  (As my nest gets emptier I have to keep telling myself that this needs to happen if I am going to have grand-kids….and now it is a dream come true!)

Seriously it has been a privilege and an honor to be Ashley’s mama and have the blessing of watching her grow up to be such a beautiful, talented, amazing young woman inside and out, and now to pass on the flame from my torch of motherhood to hers…. well, I’m in awe and so thankful to the Lord for such a gift.


Ashley and Glen are going to be wonderful parents….they are so full of   of love and joy, and they are dedicated to raise their little ones in the ways of the Lord….what more could a mother ask for?

So I say let’s celebrate with a yummy, sweet-as-a-baby GIVE-AWAY!!  Here is the scoop…I need help with some cute “Grandma” names…I’m trying to decide what I want the cutest-baby-in-the-world to call me….So far I’ve heard the names “Mimi” ….”Nana”….”GLAM-ma”…”MeMaw”…”Granny” or should I just stick with Grandma? You can also share one thing your Grandma did for you or with you that made you feel special…I need to stock up some ideas! So leave your comment and  I will pick a name at random and announce it  on my Birthday  October 7th!! (Be sure to leave an email address if you don’t have a blog).

Here are five goodies a sweet Sugar Pie Sista is gonna win!……


1. )Camille Beckman French Vanilla Glycerine Hand Therapy Cream: When my kids were little, I would smooth  this dreamy cream  on just before tucking them into bed. I remember one night as I was kissing Ashley goodnight she exclaimed “mmmmm….mommy you smell just like Sugar Cookies!”. I love that.

“Always kiss your children goodnight–even if they are already asleep. “

~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.


2.)The fabulous cookbook titled:

Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey…’cuz sometimes babies are just that! And they are the sweetest,  yummiest things  in the world!

Grandma’s are moms with lots of frosting. ~author unknown

Take a peek…..


“Grandmas never run out of hugs and cookies. “ ~author unknown



3.) More Joy for the Journey a delightful devotional book…..I can’t think of anything more joyful than a newborn baby and a grand-baby at that! And I want to be the most sweet, joyful Grand-mama for my grand-babies so they will want to visit me  lots and lots!

“Grandmas are the people who take delight in hearing babies breathing into the telephone.”

~author unknown


4.) A Pearls-of-Wisdom necklace.  Most of all I want to gather as much wisdom from the Word of God that I can…and to be a prayer warrior for my kids and grand-babies. I want them to know that no matter what happens in life we can find  answers, comfort, strength  and joy in the Bible, through prayer and of course a personal relationship with Jesus. I can’t wait to teach my little one “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”!


5. Snowflake Cookie Cutters! Because babies are as breath-taking and exquisitely beautiful and one of a kind as a snowflake!


So be a sweet cuppy-cake girl and leave me a comment!



Please keep Ashley in your prayers during her pregnancy. Thank you Sugar Pies!


Aunt Ruthie

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