Joybells are ringing!

Because we are baking up some sweet memories….

Happiness is like jam;

you can’t spread even a little without

getting some on yourself.

~Vern McLellan

We filled a jar full of sparkly Stars
to bring to some folks who just moved in
down the road.
They were so appreciative
and told us they had “hit hard times”.
Their courage and perseverance blessed our hearts.

The cookie of my heart.
Oh Honey!

Now that the cookie baking is done

I have just a few more things to do…

1. Sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus…..

2. Watch one of my most favorite Christmas movies

in the whole wide world…Prancer!

3. Stoke the fire,

sit back and look at old family photos and home videos

and count my blessings…..

Oh honey!

Oh honey!

Oh Honeys!

Oh honey!!!

My house is freshly sugared from the heavens…

My heart is merry and bright…. I got up early this morning,

while everyone slept in heavenly peace….
the Christmas tree glimmered
against a backdrop of winter white,
I got my candle glowing,
and set my music player
to the worshipful sounds of Hillsong.

I wanted to spend time with my wonderful Jesus
and honor Him with praise and thanksgiving.
I wanted to focus on just Him,
sit in His presence
and ponder His magnificence and amazing love.

To think that He left the glory of Heaven, the throne where He sat as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, to come to this earth as a baby, born in a lowly manger, for the SOUL purpose of sacrificing His life for you and me, which was the only way to rescue us from darkness and eternal separation from Him. To go through what He went through (for us!) is unfathomable to me.

There is no greater love
than this.

This is what Christmas is all about.

I encourage you to take 10 minutes time-out to reflect God’s incredible love for you. You may be going through a time of hardship and sorrow right now, while the world parties, your heart is breaking. I don’t know anyone who has not been affected by our Nation’s financial crisis. But know that Jesus came to bring you good news…He came to heal and comfort the brokenhearted…to set the captives free…to grant consolation and joy to those who mourn…to give you a garland of beauty instead of ashes and the oil of joy instead of mourning…the garment of praise instead of a heavy, burdened and failing spirit (Isaiah 61).

Sweetie-pie, go light a yummy candle and read Isaiah 61….remind yourself that God sent His son Jesus to be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Rejoice, because His news is good,
and He has a plan to bring you goodness and joy!
Have a blessed Christmas,
see y’all after the New Year!

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