Hooray! I am finally home! Dear Dorothy couldn’t have said it any better…
There is no place like home!
Ahhh…my rocking chairs have been waiting for me
to sit for a while and breathe in the last sweet days of summer….
…to watch fluffy-tailed squirrels scamper about,
gathering acorns like little homemakers,
getting their little woodland homes
all cozy-ed up in preparation for winter.

The view from my front porch

always prompts me to thank the Lord for His blessings…

I always say to myself…”Yay! I get to live here!”

I am happy to be home…happy to begin scurrying about (like mama squirrel) in preparation for Fall and all of the beauty and goodness that comes with it. But first I have some wonderful and amusing memories to share with you! Starting with the Blog-Party at the La Maison Rustique Barn Sale! Here is Joy from The Vintage Rabbit. She lives up to her name! She is a joy!

For weeks I had been planning to attend this grand event with my friend Catiena from The Vintage Housewife. We would gab over the phone about what we were going to wear (the invitation encouraged the bloggers to come dressed vintage.)

So we chit-chatted, like girls do, about our outfits….the color..the style…the shoes! And we talked about how fun it was going to be to meet, in person, some of the gals we had conversed with in blogland.
So the Blog-Party day finally arrived….and so did we, all powdered and perfumed and dressed 1950’s style. With our roaring-red lipstick on, we stepped out of Catiena’s car and began walking down the long driveway toward the Barn. Heads began to turn…..and from our perspective, all eyes were on us…….it seemed everything got quiet…..we quickly noticed…..ummm…. it looked liked were the only ones dressed vintage! (Awkward!!) We looked at each other wide-eyed…we both agreed..”oh…my goodness… this is a little embarrassing! I am soooo glad we are in this together!!” You know that dream where you’re invited to a costume party and when you show up, you are the only one wearing a costume! Yeah well, that dream came true. I felt like we were in an I Love Lucy episode, acting out one of Lucy and Ethel’s comical predicaments!

Catiena looked darling in her true vintage black sundress, but I was wearing a polka-dot, very foofy, ruffled apron! Don’t get me wrong, I love aprons so much I want to marry them, and this one is a 1950’s homemaker’s dream, but I don’t wear them out on the town (usually!) Well, we giggled and decided right then and there to have fun with it anyway! As it turned out, some of the gals (Sherry and Linda) did add a few vintage accents to their outfits…a slip…a pin…some pearls. But Cat and I were full-on vintage. A lot of the people there were folks who drove by and saw the Barn Sale sign and didn’t know anything about a Blog-Party. So I am sure they were thinking…what in the world?!

Later that day when I explained to my hubby my you-are-not-going-to-believe-what-happened story, he got the biggest kick out of it and said “Oh! I would have paid to have seen that!” (he is the one that said to me just as I was leaving for the barn…”are you sure you want to wear that?” And I reassured him “Of course! Everyone is dressing vintage!) We laughed about it…(it was pretty amusing I have to admit)….. and as he has done so many times in our 30 years of marriage, he took me in his arms and said “you are Lucy aren’t you!” (Oh, Ricky!).

Here we are, Lucy and Ethel,

standing in front of Catiena’s vintage trailer!

She brought her 1953 “Lucy” car and trailer the night before,

per the request of Linda the Party Hostess.

Aren’t they just adorable! The very foofy, polka-dot apron …. compliments of Heavenly Hostess apron company, guaranteed to make you want to whirl-and-twirl as you do your housework!
Take a peek inside this doll-house of a trailer!

Cute as a cupcake! And for your browsing enjoyment….
….may I present La Maison Rustique!

My sister Sherry from Prairie Home, Catiena, and me (Lucy!)

Here are the adorable Pink Funny Farm gals, Tammy and Anita!

Oh my goodness, their goodies are so fabulous!

I bought two gorgeous necklaces and bracelets to match.

They have an online store…it will make your heart go pitter-pat!
Sherry, and the sweet, adorable Miss Debbie Kay from My Vintage Dreams!
It was so great to meet all of you blog-girls! I enjoyed our delightful chats! Here I am with the amazing Miss Linda the Queen of La Maison Rustique!
She did an amazing job putting this grand event together!

Earlier that week I went with Catiena to Old Town Temecula (CA.)
and stopped in at my friend’s fabulous shop! And I mean FABULOUS!

Here is my friend Pat, the owner of The Farmer’s Wife. She is an incredible woman. She’s hilarious to be around and yet she is filled with so much Godly wisdom! I could sit for hours listening to her! Seriously, she needs to write a book and share the wealth of God’s goodness stored up in her heart. Just look at how she expresses her creativity. Her shop is warm and welcoming and her farmhouse style is just dripping with old-fashioned charm! (I want to live there, but she won’t let me.)

If you are ever passing through Temecula

The Farmer’s Wife is a must see!

Here is the address and phone number:

28459 Old Town Front Street, #125

Temecula, California 92590


It’s right next door to the Starbucks!!

Tell Pat I sent ya!
Had a great time spending the day with daughters Summer and Ashley,

strolling along the beach picking up shells….. My three loveable Redheads!
It came time to say goodbye

to my delightful summer vacation in sunny California…

And now it’s time to bid a contented farewell

to sweet-as-peaches Summertime….

and Hello to the wonders of Autumn! This week my little Summer Rose started school.
Fourth Grade! Her first day of school was unusually cool and drizzly wet….
….I could smell fall in the air! (yay!)

She got the sweetest Teacher ever!! Mrs. Snowden!

I had milk and cookies ready for her when she got home.
( I always keep Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie dough in the fridge
and just slice up a few at a moments notice…
….a super easy way to say welcome home!)

This week I plan to get my home spic-n-span clean and uncluttered to make room for my cute’n’plump pumpkins! I love fall…the smell of woodsmoke in the air….hot apple cider simmering….caramel apple pie…..a warm crackling fire…autumn leaves twirling as you drive down the street….candlelight…sweater weather….harvest craft fairs…hot’n’hearty soup…….hey,…. this girl’s got to get busy! See you next week!

Thanks for stopping by for some “Lucy” Pie!



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