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Howdy Sugar Pie! Well, as promised, I’m sharing my pantry update with you today! In a previous post, I shared that I was spring cleaning and decluttering my pantry…and boy did it need it! It’s crazy how things can accumulate and get out of control! I didn’t even think to take a before picture but trust me it was overloaded…there was just too much STUFF! I use my pantry not only for food but my extra bowls, platters, small appliances, jars, and such so it was time to get purging! Every time I went in there I cringed a little and I would have this recurring thought ‘I’ve got to get in here to clean!‘ but as it is with life, other more pressing things always got in the way until I finally decided, ok that’s it ( I said to myself with my hands on my hips), I’m getting this pantry organized for crying out loud! Lol!

I got started thinking that I could breeze right through my cleaning in a couple days but right in the middle of it, I needed to stop and help my daughter move her things out of her dorm room for College break. Then some other things came up and so, unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish until a week and a half later! Eeeeek! I have no doubt that our environment affects our sense of well being because this mama was not happy about stepping over things to get ingredients to cook for dinner. Goodness!

Finally, I got back to it and got it done! Yay!



So after I cleaned, purged, and organized I decided I didn’t like looking at all of my extra things on the lower shelves. They were things I needed and wanted to keep but I still felt like it looked cluttered so I ordered some crisp white cafe curtains and some tension rods  to hang on the lower half of the shelves to make my pantry look simpler and prettier.


See what I mean? It still looked a little cluttered.IMG_6232


Finally, my cafe curtains order came in and in just a few minutes, using tension rods, I was able to hang them so easily!


I love how simple, clean and fresh my pantry looks now! What do you think?

IMG_6239 (1)

I left the four white baskets exposed because we use them every day for snacks and drinking containers and I didn’t want to have to fuss with moving the curtains each time. The other things that are behind the curtains are things we use occasionally, so it’s no big deal.



My granny aprons, freshly washed, hung all in a row and ready to go!


On the very top shelves, I added some vintage goodness…a nod to the turn-of-the-century and old-fashioned ways. Take a look at the coffee pot with the wooden spool knob. The original knob must have broken off so most likely the farmer or the farmer’s wife cleverly attached the old thread spool to the lid. Back then you made do with what you had!

The very old tomato cans (they are empty) are from the area where I live. The label says Heart of the Ozarks. I love having a little bit of history from my home town.


I purchased my potato and onion bins on eBay but I recently saw them at Hobby Lobby if you’re interested. Onions and potatoes need to be kept separate otherwise they spoil quicker.

IMG_6303 (1)The glass percolator coffee pot belonged to my grandparents. I love thinking about them sitting down at the kitchen table for a cup of hot coffee to have with Grandma’s homemade Biscotti’s. My grandparents were from Sicily, Italy and came to America back in the early 1900’s. They were the cutest couple! I loved being in their kitchen. I can still see the spaghetti sauce bubbling on the stove and freshly baked bread on the table. Grandma’s kitchen was one of my favorite smells!

IMG_4648I just had to throw this photo in of my Italian grandparents sitting on a paper moon in New York City on their honeymoon! Oh honey!


This is the baking-center side of my pantry. When I designed my baking center and pantry I was inspired by the turn-of-the-century houses on Main Street USA at Disneyland. I imagined what the kitchens might have looked like inside those charming homes with the cute front porches. I’d like to think that Walt Disney might have given me a wink if he could’ve taken a peek at how my pantry turned out! Heehee!


This view is looking into the pantry from the pass-through window.


This is the view looking into the kitchen from inside the pantry.


My grandkids love to play in the pantry…and that makes me happy!


I love the detailing of this old farmhouse screen door…the best part is that it squeaks!


Well, I hope you enjoyed my pantry tour!

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