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HELLO dear ones! I hope and pray that you are well and safe during these unprecedented and challenging times! I’ve thought about y’all so much and have prayed for safety and comfort for you and your families. We are staying home for the most part with the exception of picking up groceries curb-side, walking by the lake and visiting a few family members in their front yard. Thankfully we are all well!
Well hunny’s, it’s been too long since I’ve blogged! Eeeeek! The main reason is my website has not been working properly due to the fact that the behind-the-scenes techy stuff is old, outdated and on the verge of crashing.  So I had to make the decision to pay for someone to transfer over 10 years worth of blog posts to a new server. Obviously, this isn’t the best time to spend that kind of money but it was either that or possibly lose years worth of content that is so very close to my heart.


So, my website is being worked on as I write this. A website expert has successfully transferred all of my content safely (whew!) but is still tweaking things before it goes live. I’m writing this post on my old website and hoping it works!
Here’s the thing… because of the cost of renewing my website, along with yearly fees I have to pay to have it maintained, I’m going to need ads on my website to help pay for it so I can continue to bring you delightful down-home ideas from my home to yours! I truly hope that won’t deter you from coming by for some encouragement pie! I know some folks don’t like ads on blogs but in many cases it’s needed to pay for ongoing expenses.
I have some very exciting things I’m working on that I know will make you want to tie on an apron, light a candle, play some happy music and make your home as sweet and comforting as peach pie!


I’m excited about getting back on my blogging soapbox to share about the joys and importance of creating a home of comfort and delight for you and your family!


I’m excited about preserving the old timey ways through recipes, vintage decorating ideas and thoughts on how we can incorporate old-fashioned goodness into our everyday lives!

IMG_7476 (1)

I’m excited about sharing how to create a home your family loves to be…a place that nudges your loved ones to happily sigh, “Ahhh…it’s so good to be home!”… a place where everyone feels loved, safe and nurtured.


I’m excited about sharing the importance of enjoying the simple things in life, looking for everyday blessings in the little things, being thankful and content with what you have and how it will give you a sense of well being, peace and joy.

making plum jam2

I’m excited to share ways to keep our pantries stocked for easy meals and for emergencies. Planning ahead and being prepared to provide for our family, as we know, is so important.


I’m excited about sharing encouraging tips for keeping our homes clean, tidy and cozy! As we all know, especially these days, that “home” is our safe place…at least for those of us who understand the meaning and importance of creating a home, sweet, home.


If we ever needed to turn our hearts toward home it is now! This is a topsy-turvy world we live in and we’ve got to keep the homefires burning. Keep our eyes on The Lord. Keep happy-memory-making traditions alive. Keep our homes stocked with necessary items to provide for our loved ones. Keep nurturing our homes and families with old fashioned goodness.

If ever we needed to circle the wagons to preserve the virtues of home and family, it’s now!  We need to come together to maintain the goodness of the good old days before it fades away like a neglected heirloom photo gathering dust up in the attic! I’m not just talking about nostalgia, although that does warm my heart (teehee!), but about keeping family values and our way of life as  our top priorities.

Our culture seems to have spun out of control in regards to morals and values by neglecting the things that are most important like honoring God, keeping Him first, maintaining high moral standards and taking the best care of  home and family.

Up until this pandemic hit I feel like so many people were rushing through life with so many activities, so many obligations, so much time spent on Social Media, so over-committed, and so overwhelmed. It’s easy to do in this day and age. No judging here.  But now folks are home with time to think about their life and how they are living it. It’s a good time for a reset. I’m thankful that God’s  Word says “God’s mercies are new every morning!”.

“I remember the days of old. I ponder all your great works and think about what you have done.” Psalm 143:5

Gals, I just know there are so many of you out there that feel the same way. That’s why I think we are so drawn to vintage things and the whole farmgirl-at-heart way of life. It reminds us of a simpler time. It’s about learning to be resourceful. It helps us to look for the sweet and simple blessings each day. It causes us to reflect on God’s faithfulness. It’s comforting and it encourages us to comfort others like bringing a plate of cookies to a neighbor as an act of kindness. The farm-girl-at-heart kind of life is filled with simple joys, a deep down contentment, thankfulness to the Lord and of course good old fashioned goodness that I love so much I wanna marry it! Lol!
My new updated website will be the same, only refreshed a bit, with the exception of the Girl Talk Forum which is going to be discontinued because it couldn’t be transferred to the new website. We now have our private Sugar Pie Sisterhood on Facebook! So if you are looking for like-minded old fashioned gals to chat with come on over! I do want to encourage you, if you were a member of the Girl Talk Forum,  to copy and paste any content that you want to keep. Now is the time to do so!
pie party
Well sisters, are ya gonna stick with me?
Pretty please with a cherry on top?
Well, God bless your darlin’ heart!
Do comment below to say “Howdy-do!”…
just so I know y’all are still popping over!
Stay safe dear ones!
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