Well HOWDY-DO! Sugar Pie Darlin’! On my last post I talked about hoedowns and handpies…such a wonderful and delightful combination! Don’t you think we need a come-back of those old-timey, wholesome ways for families to have fun?!  The boys in their farmer overalls and the gals in flower-printed country dresses a-whirlin’-and-a-twirlin’ on the old barn floor! Yee Haw! Yup, back in the day, Hoedown’s and Hand-pies were a weekly tradition, during the warm months of the year, on my hubby’s grandparents farm, in Bennington, Oklahoma. I just love thinking about it!

img_9977I love it when my mama-in-law Ruth tells me her back-in-the-day stories about her life on the farm in southern Oklahoma. This photo shows part of her family (there were a total of nine kids) from left to right is; Hazel-Marie, little Frances-Virdeen, Papa Maynard Cox, Little Neoma-Ruth (my mama-in-law), Mama Jennie Mae Archer Cox and big brother Roy-Ray. Frances and Ruth are wearing homemade dresses made from flour sacks. Ruth remembers mama taking her and her sisters to Jake Brown’s Mercantile to look at the variety of patterned cotton sacks of flour to pick out the color that they liked best.  Then after emptying the flour into a bin, Mama would wash, starch and sew the flour sack fabric into sweet and simple farmgirl dresses.


As I said in my last post Mama Jennie Mae was very resourceful. Mama Ruth told me that whenever anyone became ill or had sprained a  muscle, she would go into the woods to gather herbs and certain plants to make her own home remedies. How in the world did she know if the plant would help the person or make them sicker?? Perhaps the fact that her papa was 1/2 Cherokee Indian that she learned early on, living off the land, which ones had healing properties and which ones to stay away from.


She would bring the gathered leaves or twigs into her kitchen and add them to simmering water on the wood stove to make a broth, tea or ointment depending on the ailment. Back then folks had to rely on home remedies to get well or wait a week or two until the doctor came to town. Today we have the blessing of medical care ’round the clock! Even though the world has certainly advanced immensely in the field of medicine since the 1930’s I would rather take something natural, if possible, to help heal or prevent an ailment. That’s why I was so happy to have made a recent discovery for what some are calling “the miracle food”!


Have you ever discovered something or found a product that you are so thrilled with that you get a little giddy over it ...then you tell your friends about it only to hear their reply “Oh yeah, I’ve been using that for a few years now”. What?? A few years? Where have I been? And how come nobody told me about it?? Well, just in case you haven’t heard (but you probably have!), my new favorite natural product is EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL! Have you heard about it? Just say “no” to appease me!  Hee-Hee! Well, I really do love this stuff so much….yeah, I kinda wanna marry it.


There are so many benefits to Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! According to Dr. Oz and other medical doctors it has been shown that:

~It increases good HDL Cholesterol

~Strengthens immune system

~Helps stabilize blood sugar

~ It’s Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal–can use like Neosporin

~Aids in healing diaper rash

~Increases metabolism to loose weight

~Can help with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

~Can increase mental alertness and brain function

~Helps fade wrinkles

~It can heal blemishes

~Makes your hair silky soft

~It gives you energy

~Improves heart health


eb0704d1477dd3a6d6213229d2c62435The experts say that Coconut Oil is the healthiest oil to cook with, even more so than Olive Oil.

Look for this yummy veggie recipe using Coconut Oil here on Pinterest.


You can stir a tablespoon into oatmeal, coffee or tea…


Spread it on toast with jam…


Bake it into your muffins…(the same amount that you would use for the shortening or oil in the recipe)


Or you can eat it from a spoon! Okay so here’s the thing…I gag very easily…I’m a big, fat gag-baby if you wanna know… but I can actually eat it with something sweet on top…my husband and daughter, not so much…they cringe at this idea! (Now who’s the baby!) There is a slight coconut taste, and it is oil in a solid form but turns to liquid immediately in your mouth or on your hands. Just a spoonful of sugar (or Fruit Loops) makes the medicine (Coconut Oil) go down! Heehee!


You could get creative and top it with chocolate chips and an almond for a healthy version of Almond Joy!

But my favorite way to use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is to use it as a moisturizer on my face at night before I go to bed.



I cannot even believe how smooth my skin feels in the morning!!


You just need a tiny bit…about the size of a Cheerio, pretty much…then rub it in your hands, it will liquefy immediately… smooth it on your face, lips, arms, hands & feet. I purchased little travel containers at Walmart to keep some with me in my purse in place of lotion on my hands or as a lip balm.


And! You can use it to condition all your wooden spoons and cutting board!  Love that!!

img_0004Well darlin’ don’t just take my word for it, do a little search on Google or Youtube and find out the facts for yourself (type “Health Benefits of Coconut Oil”. Watch this Youtube video! I just shared the tip-o-the-iceberg regarding all that it’s good for. If you want to try it make sure you get Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and not the refined version. I went to my local Walmart to get some but they only had the refined version. So I ordered mine on Amazon click here. You can also try finding it at a health food store. Coconuts are not something that Mama Jennie Mae could have grown on her Oklahoma farm, but I think she would have loved it just the same.

So tell me what is your favorite use for Coconut Oil? And/or what other natural products do you benefit from? Do tell!! (I need to find out if there’s something else I’m missing out on! Heehee!)

God bless your darlin’ heart!

Aunt Ruthie

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