A few of the things I love about living in southern Missouri are the beauty of the hills and the heritage of the mountain folk, also known as the Hillbillies. Down-home folks who learned to live off the land, care for their families, created home remedies, made their own soap, sewed quilts, lived by the Good Book, filled the air with sounds of fiddle music and the spicy fragrance of fried apple pies. They are friendly, helpful and caring people. Why, you could be driving down a road and pass by a couple of folks just enjoying an afternoon walk and they would wave and smile like they knew you and were happy you passed by.

One of my favorite places to go is Silver Dollar City, an 1800’s theme park, where time has stood still. There are authentic cabins furnished as they were back in the day, and folks dressed in period costumes. They cook and spin wool, tell stories, play bluegrass music, and demonstrate a variety of homespun crafts. There are dozens of live music shows, down-home food to eat, of course rides for all ages and lots of fun shopping! It’s a breathtaking day of beauty and fun. Free Branson Coupons!

My home is farmhouse-lodge. It is built on an old cattle farm that we bought from the original owner. This land was in his family since the Civil War. So I decided to celebrate this rich heritage in the way I decorated some of the rooms of my home. Hence, my Hillbilly bathroom!

I love this vintage photo my sister Sherry (Prairie Home) gave me! What stories they all could tell!

I found this old washtub and washboard at a local antique store. My trim carpenter built the washstand to fit it. The faucet I found online at Lowes.
I also found this print of Andy, Barney and Opie years ago. I framed it in black, then took a white paint marker and wrote all the names of Mayberry’s Characters. This always makes me smile!
Proverbs 22:17 says
“A Merry heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.”
Our homes should be a happy, safe place for our families and ourselves. That includes spiritually, emotionally and physically. I like to add a bit of whimsy and merriment to my rooms because they give me a lift, a breath of fresh joy and inspiration. Life is serious enough with plenty of difficulties, our homes should refresh and comfort our hearts as we face each new day. It’s good for our health! The Good Book says so!
In fact on Oprah this week Dr. Oz said that the greatest contributor to aging fast is stress! So girls, let’s find ways to reduce our stress so we will live longer and healthier! We can start by de-cluttering our lives and homes, so we can bring beauty inside. Beauty inspires! A cluttered messy home breeds chaos and irritable attitudes and stress! Think about this, the BEAUTY of a sparkling crystal vase filled with fresh-cut fragrant roses would get lost on a table layered with papers, empty soda cans, and a pile of laundry. Don’t miss out on the beauty.
So start one room at a time and clear the clutter. I like to start at the front door, on the porch! Then I walk inside and try to look at each room as if I were a guest. What looks out of place? Put it away. Is there a bunch of stuff in the corner, on the tables, on the floor? Look at each item and ask yourself “do I love this thing so much I want to marry it?” If the answer is “NO”, then give it or throw it away! (unless it’s your toothpaste…you may not want to marry it, but you just might want to hang on to it! That reminds me…one time one of my kids groaned “do I have to brush all my teeth???? I replied ” No, just the ones you want to keep.) If the answer is “yes”, put it away in it’s proper place.
Girls, we were born to nest. We have that God-given instinct. We all need a nest without thorns, as do our loved ones. So when our homes get out of control, (and we have all been there, done that, got the T-shirt!) we feel the stress in a big way. So let’s honor our homes and bless our families by removing the mess and bring in comfort and beauty. We will also become healthier and happier in the process!
Whatever I do I try to create a happy (cleaning, baking, etc.) atmosphere. I light a yummy candle, put on cheerful music, tie on an adorable apron, pour myself some sweet tea and get busy. It helps to get me in the mood!
I hope these ideas give you ideas!
From my home to yours! Thanks for stopping by for pie!



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