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Pie, oh my! Just the mention of the word “Pie” opens the door to warm and comforting memories. Nothing says “Home, Sweet, Home” more than homemade pie. To me,  pie made from scratch is the essence of sweet domesticity. Such a nurturing gift of love! It’s so June Cleaver! It’s so Aunt Bee! Which you know I adore!


Beloved pie takes you back home. It’s an endearing, golden memory of a cozy kitchen where the air is thick as pudding with buttery aromas of pastry, sugar and spices. Breathing deep this pie-perfume is like getting a big Ol’ hug around your heart. It’s a soothing feeling of love that is both happy and delicious!  Maybe it was Mama, Grandma, or Auntie who stood at the kitchen table wearing a sun-faded apron, rosy cheeks and a smile. Kneeling on a chair, arms folded on the table, your eyes followed the rhythmic motion of the rolling pin as it pushed the dough back and forth.  Soft hands, dusted white with flour, gently lift the round pastry into the pan.

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Warm sunlight streams through the window and shimmers on the juicy, berry pie-filling, it sparkles like rubies. You get to lick the spoon, sweet and gooey. Gentle conversation, mixed with giggles stir a deep sense of belonging and thankfulness in your soul. A glowing memory is made…one that will forever bring a twinkle to your eyes and comforting warmth to your heart.

 Even if you didn’t grow up with a memory like this, you can imagine it! You can create it! You can learn to make pie. You can make yummy pie-memories for your loved ones. But how?  Well, let me introduce you to the “cutest pie maker in the whole wide world”! She’s got the heart, the know-how and the recipes for the most amazing pies!

linda hundt

Her name is Linda Ruth Hundt. She is adorable! A little bit June Cleaver, Doris Day and Donna Reed all wrapped up in pearls and a darling pink bow! She’s perky and  bubbles joyfully like sweet, fizzy, soda pop! Her love for pie started with her Easy Bake Oven when she was a wee little Miss. He motto is “Eat Pie, Love Life”!

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I’m blessed to call her my “Pie Sistah”! Linda Ruth wished that her name was Lindie when she was growing up so I nick-named her Lindie Ruthie and she calls me Ruthie Annie! Ha! She loves everything vintage like I do, so when we’re chatting on the phone, the minutes turn into about an hour and a half! She is so fun!! I kinda want to be her when I grow up!


Linda (or Lindie Ruthie! Ha!) had another wish…to have her own pie shop one day! She began by making pies at home with all of the fruit from her trees that ripened sweet in the summer sun. She began selling pies at the local Farmer’s Market. Soon her business grew and grew…and so did her dream. Finally, after a lot of hard but happy work, her dream came true! She opened Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe’ in DeWitt, Michigan.


And just recently, she opened another  Sweetie-licious Pie Shop at the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

Both shops are truly a slice of Americana!


Linda’s homemade pies are a sensation! Folks, with mouths watering, happily wait in lines that wrap around the corner!


Linda is also a 16-time National Pie-baking Champion! Including the 2011 Crisco 100-Year-Anniversary Innovation Best of Show winner and Food Network Amazing pie Challenge. This girl knows her pies!!!

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 She also got to feed Willard Scott a slice of pie on the Today Show!


Linda’s been featured in dozens and dozens of magazines,

linda hundt2

and during the Presidential Campaign, Mitt and Ann Romney stopped by on their Michigan tour to bake pie with Linda!

gty_mitt_romney_pie_shop_nt_120619_wmainlinda and Romneys


 At Sweetie-licious pie shops each pie crust is hand-rolled and crimped by her and her amazing group of happy pie makers.


 Linda pours her love into each pie she bakes. She believes that loving people and making delicious pies is her mission in life.


And now I’m so excited to tell you that my pie sistah just had her first pie cookbook published! SWEETIE-LICIOUS PIES. It’s jam-packed with all of her award winning recipes! So now we all can make the yummiest pies! It’s truly an All American pie treasure-book! Wanna see a peek inside?


Sweetie-licious Pies Cookbook is full color throughout with THE MOST ADORABLE PHOTOS!

Here she’s making pie with her twin sister and sweet mama!


I just think this is the cutest photo of her hubby of over 28 years and two darling daughters!

They live on a “farmette” in a turn-of-the-century farmhouse in Michigan.


This is Linda’s dreamy vintage stove in her farmhouse kitchen!

Oh how fun it would be if ovens could talk!!


Okay! How cute is this?!! A vintage table with a vintage tablecloth set with YUMMY pies next to an ADORBS vintage red barn!!



The cherry on top is that each recipe comes with the sweetest, most endearing story! That is my FAVORITE kind of cookbook! The kind that you want to curl up in a cozy spot with a hot cup of tea and read all about the wholesome goodness of sweet down-home folks who shared their love from the heart of the home…the kitchen. And then getting to savor the very recipe that became a treasured treat! Those kinds of stories inspire me with ideas on how I can show my love in fun ways to my family and friends.

In this pie-treasury, there are 220 pages of pure all-American, small-town, down-home, adorable-ness AND over 50 recipes for the most scrumptious pies EV-AH!  Here are just a few:

* Laura’s Sticky Toffee Pudding Caramel Apple Pie

* The Little Miracle Fresh Rhubarb Custard Pie

* Ellie’s Cherry Blackberry Peach Pie

* Mom McComb’s Mocha Hot Chocolate Pie

* Betsie’s Cool Key Lime Pie

* Aunt Ruby’s Beautiful Butterscotch Praline Pie




Just a few days ago I made her award winning

Tom’s Cheery, Cherry, Cherry Berry Pie.


This was a PAR-TAY in my mouth! So DeLiCiOuS!!

Yes!! The recipe is in the book!


If you love to bake or know someone who does, this would make the best Christmas or birthday gift! You can order Linda’s Cookbook here  or on her Website here.


“Sweetie-licious Pies transports you to Small Town America,

where pies cool on the windowsill, there’s a watering can in the garden,

and everyone gathers for family dinner.

Linda Hundt is truly changing the world, one pie at a time.

Make mine a slice of The Farmette’s Blueberry Basil Cream Pie!”   

 Judith Fertig, BBQ Queen and author of Heartland: The Cookbook 

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recipes, decorating ideas and down-home goodness coming your way.


In celebration of Linda Hundt’s,  new cookbook, Sweetie-licious Pies, I’m giving one away, along with, this sweet vintage reversible apron, pictured above, from my very own collection! Just tell me your favorite kind of pie in the comment section below by December 17th. I will announce the winner right here on this Sweetie-licious blog post. The winner will be chosen at random.  After December 17, come back to this photo and look for the word “UPDATE” to see who the winner is!







Pie + hugs = love.

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God Bless  your  darlin’ heart!

Aunt Ruthie

*all the photos  are courtesy of Linda Hundt.

(except the wooden spoon with berry pie filling,

Tom’s Berry pie I made, and the give away cookbook and apron)

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