My oh my, Sugar Pies! It’s that time again! Time to stoke the fires in our hearts for “home sweet home”. Time to nestle in and get cozy before the chilling North Winds frost our windowpanes.

“Come, ye thankful people come, Raise the song of Harvest Home: All is safely gathered in, Ere the winter storms begin.”

It’s time to gather God’s bountiful goodness of this autumn season to deck the halls and festoon our mantles and tables! When we brighten the corner where we are, we light up the hearts of those we love. A heart that is lit with love is a heart that is warmed. Our goal as homemakers should be to create a place where our family feels safe, loved, comforted and joyful.


Ya know what Darlin’ ? Even in the midst of hardships (clearly, so many have been affected, either financially, by natural disasters, or heartbreaking personal challenges) with faith we must look and find our comfort in God, in His Word and in the goodness that He has blessed us with.

Joy is harvested when we are grateful to the Lord for His blessings. Our hearts are revived when we become intentionally thankful. It reminds us that God loves us and will take care of us. Today I read in Psalm 27:13 “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”

Sugar, God’s goodness is all around us. Take joy in this glorious season. The beauty of Fall is a gift from the Lord. Thank Him for it. Celebrate it. Delight in that big ol’ Harvest Moon as it shines through your window… light a Fall scented candle… gather some  fallen leaves bursting in colors of butterscotch, cinnamon and apple red…set a happy pumpkin on your table… simmer some soup…eat a sweet crisp apple dipped in warm caramel sauce…get cozy in a chair and read Psalm 103 to find out how much you are loved. Do those simple and lovely things… it will nurture your family and comfort your heart. Let this be the season of gratitude, comfort and joy. Thankful be, Sugar, thankful be.

So, dear Sugar Pie Darlin’, I hope my words gave your heart the hug that it needed! And now I’d like to invite you into my Ozark home to share some of my Fall decorating ideas with you…there’s nothin’ fancy about it…just down-home and simple…just the way I like it. I hope it brings you comfort and joy. Now make yourself comfy…grab a hot-cuppa-somethin’ yummy and settle in for an armchair visit with me!


Come on in out of the cold Sugar…make yourself at home!

img_47641If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then it’s no surprise to you that I love decorating for the seasons. I always have, ever since I was a new bride …we talkin’ 33 years now! It just makes home-life so much more fun and exciting. It adds such warmth and sparkle to each room. It sweeps away the mundane and brings a home to life!  It revives and awakens our hearts to the glory of God’s creation and His faithfulness. It makes kids happy too!  My kids always looked forward to seeing their mama transform our home with festive seasonal decorations.


This is my living room. I used to have a love seat sofa in front of the fireplace but moved it to another room. The round table and chairs  now sit in the center. It’s a nice spot to have tea, do my Bible study ,chat with loved ones, or to enjoy a slice of pie by the fire! Wish you were here to join me!


img_47541On the mantle, I took natural preserved leaves and set them in ceramic urns (that I got at Micheal’s Craft store at 50% off a few years ago). I stacked some old books, with the page side showing instead of the binding  for a more neutral palette, and topped them with white pumpkins. I also tucked in some family photos. ( Tip: Can’t find cute white pumpkins? No problem! Just paint them! Real ones or fake ones!)

img_47511“Every leaf speaks bliss to me…fluttering from the Autumn tree.” ~ Emily Bronte


These old paperback books, with the covers removed, are tied with cotton string

and embellished with a chandelier crystal. The edges are sanded for a more “worn” look. I purchased it last year at an antique store.

I think it would be a fun and easy craft project!



dsc069821A few year back I picked up these branches that had fallen in an ice storm and secured them in a bucket of Plaster of Paris (a kind of cement found at the craft store),
then put the bucket in this bronze colored urn.
It comes in handy every year.
I’ve hung photos from these branches, icicles, and ornaments.
This year I kept it simple by tucking some baby pumpkins in some golden straw at the base.




An old wooden  tray and part of a Turn-of-the-Century baby buggy makes for a fun display piece.


Comforting thoughts of “home sweet home” are like honey-colored falling leaves…

they come swirling in the Autumn breeze. ~Aunt Ruthie

img_4689 For a few years I’ve thought about painting this wardrobe-turned-bookshelf  the color white,

but the planks of wood on the interior remind me of the inside of a barn…and I love barns!

So I don’t think I’ll paint it …for now! ;D
img_4692I can’t think of anything more simple or farm-y

than a frosted pumpkin sitting on a bed of straw in an old white enamel dishpan.

I told you my decoratin’ was nothin’ fancy!



The rusty old shovel with the handmade Hickory stick handle and the orchard ladder

were relics from the old Ozark homestead where my house sits. To me they are treasures found!

They hold a lot of history and could tell a lot of stories…and I love that!


A pair of vintage fluted gelatin molds make the perfect nest for my white pumpkins.

I got them for only $3 each. I just placed them on top of two wooden candled stick holders. Easy peasy!



I recently purchased this cream colored galvanized metal Bread and Cake cabinet.  Oh! The stories it could tell!


I would love to know about the sweet farm wife

that used this little cupboard to keep safe and fresh her homemade goodies for her family!

I wonder how many cakes, pies, cookies and loaves of bread she stored in this little cubby.

The label reads:

Home Comfort

Bread and Cake




Take a peek inside! A loaf of golden brown bread, jars of homemade jam, and a pumpkin pie…oh my!

This is how I pictured it might have looked back in the day!

Sitting on top of the cake stand, are little cellophane bags of Candy Corn.

It’s Fall! We gotta have some Candy Corn!

Some bags are plain and some have salted peanuts mixed in (my goodness what a delicious combo, ya gotta try it!)…

…either way they are a delicious treat for folks who stop by.


I rescued this “yard-bird” from a local flea market, she’s covered in moss and is quite weathered, but I love that little gal! I’ve named her Bertha Pearl. Until I have chickens of my own, she will have to do!


“While the earth remains, seed-time and harvest, cold and heat,

summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” Genesis 8:22


A vintage “Driving Miss Daisy” hat…a peaceful reminder of sweet days gone by.


The same place that I found my “Home Comfort” Cake and Bread cabinet, (The Feathered Nest in Ozark, Missouri—a FABULOUS place to shop!) I also found this Christmas tree in an oatmeal color. I couldn’t wait for Christmas to decorate with it so I decided to stick it in a bucket and try to fit it in for Fall.


I had a bunch vintage silver forks that I purchased for about $4 and didn’t know what I was gonna do with them…

Hey! I thought…why not hang them on the tree with pumpkin colored seam binding ribbon?

Yeah! That’s what I’ll do! Yes, it’s a little silly…a bit whimsical, but fiddle-dee-dee so am I!


I decided to tie the whole “fork” theme together with this little sign that I typed up.

I bet the gal who used to own these forks

never thought in a million years they would be hangin’ on a Christmas tree in the Fall!!

hee hee!


I wonder how many bites of pumpkin pie were eaten with this old fork.


“Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!”



Hey! Come on into my kitchen!



There’s nothin’ fancy about old coffee pots with a pumpkin sittin’ on top! But they sure are my cup of tea…or coffee! I inverted the lid on two of the pots to hold the pumpkins. I don’t know what it is, but I am so drawn to white enamelware!! Coffee pots, buckets, and dishpans! They were the essentials of every farmwife back in the day. They just say “down-home” to me!


See what I mean? More dishpans and buckets! Their good for scrubbin’ dishes, clothes and babies and for holdin’ a batch of fresh picked green beans waiting to be snapped out on the front porch.


My theme for life. Thankful be.

(Written with my fave Chalkboard Markers!)

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever Psalm 118:1


As a side note…while I’m taking pictures… I thought I’d share this tip:

I got these glass containers at Walmart and use them to keep handy my salt and pepper when cooking.

It’s easy access if I need a pinch or a spoonful. I like handy.



My vintage toy cow greets me each mornin’!

He reminds me to COW-NT  my blessing’s everyday!

What do you call a cow in an earthquake? A milk shake!

Why did the cow jump over the moon? Because the farmer had cold hands.

There were 2 cows in a field, One cow looks at the other cow and says “moo.”

The other cow looks back and says ” Hay! I was just going to say that!”

(okay I’ll stop now! lol!!)

It’s the simple little silly things that make my heart happy ;D


You know me…how I love chalkboards so much I wanna marry ’em!

Here’s one I got recently at a fun Barn sale! It’s just an old cake pan!

Yes, a rusty old cake pan that some creative gal painted the inside with chalkboard paint!

What a grand idea! DeLiGhtFuL!

dsc068891My baking center and window-pass-through to my pantry.

Gettin’ it all gussied up for some serious apple and pumpkin pie makin’!



Talk about simple! A white pitcher, a nest of raffia and a pumpkin.


On the side of my baking center hangs one of my most favorite calendars every year…

The AdOrAbLe Susan Branch Calendar!

It is so endearing!

Packed full of darling illustrations, recipes, quotes and homey goodness!

They get me in a happy mood for each season!

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here,

With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.”
– Helen Hunt Jackson



For lots of inspiration the Gooseberry Patch Quick & Easy Autumn is jam-packed with yummy goodness! I love my copy and will keep it out and refer to it throughout the season. Don’t you just want to climb into that darlin’ front cover?


The place we sit for family suppers!




“Bright red apples and purple grapes, orange pumpkins and golden corn,

these are what the harvest brings in the land where I was born.

Frosty mornings and cracking leaves, Barns all filled with their winter grain:

When the harvest work is done, listen to the rain.”

~ Eleanor Graham, 2 nd grade songbook.

Once again simple and farm-y…plump little pumpkins sitting in a row!

“There, there dear, everything’s going to be alright, we have pie.” ~Aunt Ruthie
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Well Sugar, Thank you for stopping by! I hope you’ve enjoyed your time with me and perhaps found an idea or two.  May your home be blessed this glorious Autumn Season!
God Bless your darlin’ hearts!
Aunt Ruthie

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