Hold onto your hats gals! The next time I post on my blog, Warm Pie Happy Home, you are going to see a Farm Fresh New Look! AND, I will be launching my brand spankin’ new Web Site! WOOOO! HOOOO! I am so excited!

I feel like kickin’ up my heels Barn Dance style…..this has been a work in progress for a very long time! I just happen to have an extremely talented and creative son (Dusty) that designs Web Sites for a living (I’m clapping and shouting YAY!!!!) and we have been working together to get the design just right.

Dusty has gone beyond my expectations creating my Web Site, he has captured my “Farm Girl at Heart” feel…. it’s so homey and filled with old fashioned goodness…and yes, I want to marry it! (I am one proud mama!)

My new web site is at the beginning stages…we will be adding new features every month…….new recipes……..video product reviews……Girl-Talk, encouragement for homemakers….and simple homespun ideas that I hope will get y’all excited about making your house a cozy home! I am excited to share my tried and true ideas to help you make your home a safe, warm, welcoming, nurturing place, filled with joy, laughter, guidance, and lots of Pie Love!

There’s even going to be a Sisterhood that you can join (for free) where you will be among the first to be notified about any new and exciting homemaking ideas happening down at my Ozark farmhouse! Girls, we can change the future of America if we all jump on the bandwagon together and make a commitment to keep our family at the top of our priorities! Our children (and grandchildren) are young for such a short time! (Trust me, I know!) We have a short window of time to instill, faith, integrity, honor, compassion, confidence, honesty, perseverance, responsibility, and wisdom into their sweet little hearts!

If you unravel the family unit, you unravel the nation.
I do not claim to be an expert, but I have been married for 30 years (yikes…how can that be…I thought I was 30!) I am a mama of four and although I am still learning stuff, I do have a little experience under my belt at keeping the home fires burning. Most importantly, what keeps me blogging and sharing my ideas with y’all is that I have a passion for the home and family.

I feel as women we have a divine responsibility to protect and cherish our family and be joyfully relentless about it! Being a homemaker is a huge responsibility. Our families need a nest without thorns. A place of safety, warmth and love. To feel treasured, understood and significant. All of these things help us to create homes of honor, and it’s homes of honor that will help build a stronger nation.

I am all for holding onto the old fashioned values and ideals that this country was founded upon. Let’s hold onto the American Dream! (Even if you are not from America, I know that you want to be the best mama (or grandma) and create a home of honor too, so let’s all stick together as sisters and just maybe we can bring hope to the world!)

This is what Warm Pie, Happy Home is all about…..it’s much more than about the “Pie”, it’s about the love behind the pie, or anything you do to show your tender loving care to your honeys.

Oh! and gals, I am going to have a give-away! So spread the news and tell all of your girlfriends about it!

Thank you gals for leaving me such sweet comments about the muffin tin/snack tray and Summer’s chore chart. Many of you requested a closer look at Summer’s chores, so here goes!

Clean Bedroom:
Make bed
Put away clothes
Put away toys
Tidy closet
Dirty clothes in laundry
Clean Bathroom:
Put towels in laundry
Wipe down sink
Do Homework
Read 20 minutes
Devotions and Prayer
Violin Practice
Set Table for Supper
Help cook Supper
Help clean Kitchen (after supper)
Put your things away (around the house- before bedtime)
Lay out clothes and backpack (for tomorrow)

Once your child gets in the habit of keeping things tidy, it shouldn’t take long to keep things up, it’s when things are neglected and begin to pile up that makes doing chores overwhelming. It also helps to reduce the stuff they are responsible for, put out a donation box and have your child choose some things to give away to the less fortunate. You can also rotate toys, put some away for a few months, then bring them back out and pack up the others. Keep in mind the age of your child when assigning chores, we want them to experience success. Don’t forget to be their cheerleader!

Well, I am heading out of town for a little over a week…..and when I get back I’ll just have a few last minute things to do to get ready for the grand opening of my new Web Site! So be patient…I hope it will be worth your wait! May God bless you all…and keep them home fires burnin’!

Hugs Y’all!

Ruth Ann

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