Howdy darlin’ I’m so thrilled that you stopped by Sugar Pie Farmhouse!! It’s just warms my heart to know that you value the home and family as much as I do! Just the fact that you’re here tells me that you want to keep your happy-home fires burnin’!


Our job as homemakers is so very important, so it’s imperative that we take good care of ourselves! The Bible says that “A cheerful disposition (joy) is good for your health, doom and gloom leave you bone tired.” (Prov.17:22). It’s hard to feel joyful if we don’t get a good night sleep, so let’s create a place for sweet dreams…a comfy cocoon to sink into at the end of a long busy day. When joy-bells are ringing in our heart we feel so much better and can accomplish so much more! A happy mama makes a happier home! I have compiled a simple list of ideas to help you ring in some joy and make your bedroom a peaceful place of sweet dreams. But first I want to show you how I recently freshened-up my bedroom for sweeter dreams…


For a while now I’ve wanted to change things up a bit in my bedroom but it wasn’t in my budget at the moment to spend a lot of money doing so. So I decided to use what I had and go with the old sayin’ that some cute Mama thought up …”Make do darlin’, make do!”  The photo above is what I came up with.


This is what my bedroom used to look like. When I first moved into my home I was going with more of a cabin-y feel, now I’m going  with more of a fresh light and airy look.


A couple Christmas’s ago I used the DREAM garland in my living room above my mantle…As I was trying to think about what to put above my bed once I took the red flowers down, I remembered I had this.


Since the color of my walls was similar to the color of the glittered letters I decided to get some large art paper from Michaels and cut a flag shape to put behind the letters to make them pop.  (My wall color is Burnt Almond / Behr Paint/ Home Depot–it’s sort of the color of a brown paper bag). You can buy large letters from the craft store and glitter them yourself! I think the letters GOOD NITE would be cute!


With my glue gun I attached the letters to the paper. I also had some paper flowers and ribbons to adorn the ends of the banner.


With the warm days of Summer coming I didn’t want a heavy quilt on the bed along with my down comforter so I just took a flat white sheet, folded it, tied a knot on the corner and let it drape over half of the bed. It adds that pop of fresh white that I love and breaks up all of the wheat colors that I have going on. I also changed my lamps to white ones that I already had. The shades are new, I got them at Target or Tar-jey if you want to be fancy!


An easy knot in the corner of the white sheet adds a little country detail.


I grabbed this vintage Feed Sack pillow from my family room to add to my farmhouse-y look.  A great and cheap tip for giving a room a new look is to go shopping in the rooms of your own home! Think about what you already have and how you can use it in a different way.


This vintage mirror used to be black so I gave it a fresh coat of milk-white (I always have a can of white paint on hand…I just never know when I may need to paint more things white!).  I tied a knot bow around the galvanized buckets with a torn strip of muslin and in between the Topiaries sit three creamy plates that I found in my kitchen.




With the exception of two new lamp shades, I used what I had to give my bedroom a fresh new look.


Now as promised darlin’ here are a few ideas to encourage “sweet dreams” when it’s time to go night-night!

1. Clear out any clutter that is piling up in your bedroom: ..laundry…magazines (I’m talking to myself here! I just gave away a huge box of my favorite magazines!)..books…papers…mail…kid’s toys…shoes…ironing board…etc. Clutter drains our joy and steals our peace of mind, but a room that’s clean and fresh-as-a-daisy will bring that joy right back! Dust and polish the newly cleared surfaces, then vacuum the floors!

2. Don’t you just love getting into bed when you’ve just changed the sheets? Change your sheets today, tonight you will be so glad you did!

3. You can add sweetness to your bed linens by ever-so-lightly rubbing a scented dryer sheet or slightly misting some cologne between the sheets.

4. If you have white lampshades try pink light bulbs for a romantic rosy glow! They’re getting harder to find, click here to see them.


5. I keep some yummy smelling lotion in a drawer on my beside table and I smooth some on my neck and hands when I get into bed. I love smelling good for my hubby and my daughter when I tuck her into bed. When my older kids were little I had some vanilla hand cream that I would put on at night and my kids loved it, they said I smelled like sugar cookies…I love that they have that memory now.

6. In the early evening hours, turn down your bed to get it ready to sink in to (like they do at hotels) and put a glass of ice-water on your night stand.

7. Take a warm bath or hot shower before bed to unwind and relax your muscles. This is a great time for some aroma-therapy…I really enjoy Philosophy’s Vanilla Birthday Cake Shower Gel/ Bubble Bath!

8. Set out your daily planner notebook, spiral pad, calendar or cell phone planner on your night table so that once you’re in bed you can make a list of the things you have to do the next day. Your mind will sleep better if everything is written down and you’ll have a head start on what to do the next day…or else you might wake up in the middle of the night with a sinking feeling that you’re forgetting an important appointment or event. (been there!)


Image from The Graphics Fairy

9.  Fresh flowers in a tiny vase or teacup on your bedside table is also a happy and endearing touch…especially if they were picked by someone you love.

10.  If there is a chill in the air, I tuck a heating pad between the sheets to warm up my spot. I’m telling ya, it is so soothing!

11. Some nights I make a cup of hot milk with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar (no caffeine at bedtime!)…my Italian Grandma used to make if for me. It’s very comforting. The experts say that milk has tryptophan, an amino acid that your body converts to melatonin and serotonin–both of which are thought to induce sleep. (Of course if you are allergic to milk…try a hot cup of decaf tea!)


12. Pray. Cast all of your cares upon the Lord. Leave your worries in His mighty hands. Remind yourself that He is in control.

13. Never go to bed angry…forgive, say you’re sorry, hug and kiss.

14. Read a passage from the Psalms (I love Psalm 139 and Psalm 103) Think good thoughts before you turn the lights off.

15. Go to sleep counting your blessings and thanking the Lord.

I sure hope these ideas help ya take care of sweet adorable YOU!

Every night I like to read a little to fill my mind with happy thoughts before going to sleep. Would you like to know what books are on my bedside table this week?

1. The Bible…The Amplified Version, I love this version because it spells out the meaning (original Greek and Hebrew meaning) of the scripture in parenthesis, making it easier to understand. I have several of my favorite scriptures highlighted so I can find them easy!  Here is a sample from Proverbs 24:3 & 4 —“Through skillful and godly Wisdom is a house (a life, a home, a family) built, and by understanding it is established (on a sound and good foundation) and by knowledge shall its chambers (of every area) be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. “ (Notice the meaningful words in the parenthesis to help us gain insight into what the scripture means–)


2. The Whistle Stop Cafe Cookbook This is a delightful gathering of true Southern Recipes! But what makes this book even more special are the darlin’ hometown cafe notes throughout the book from Fannie Flagg and excerpts from her book Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe! Here’s little sample: “Evelyn opened her purse and gave Mrs. Threadgoode one of the pimiento-cheese sandwiches she had wrapped in wax paper, and brought from home. Mrs. Threadgoode was delighted. ‘Oh, thank you! I love a good pimiento-cheese sandwich. In fact, I love anything to eat that’s a pretty color. Don’t you think pimiento-cheese has a pretty color? It’s so cheery. I like a red pepper, too, and I used to love candied apples, but I can’t eat them anymore because of my teeth. Come to think of it, I like anything that’s red.’ “ Ain’t that so cute! I just love vintage conversations between ladies!


3. My Antonia by Willa Cather. This book is about a courageous and inspiring woman, Antonia, and her life on the Nebraska Prairie in 1800’s. I’m just getting started and I have to say it’s a perfect farm-girl read! Here’s a sample; “After supper Mrs. Steavens and I went upstairs to the old sitting room, while her grave, silent brother remained in the basement to read his farm papers. All the windows were open. The white summer moon was shining outside, the windmill was pumping lazily in the light breeze. My hostess put the lamp on a stand in the corner, and turned it low because of the heat. She sat down in her favorite rocking-chair and settled a little stool comfortably under her tired feet. “I’m troubled with calluses Jim; getting old,” she sighed cheerfully. She crossed her hands in her lap and sat as if she were at a meeting of some kind.  ‘Now, it’s about the dear Antonia you want to know? well, you’ve come to the right person. I’ve watched her like she’d been my own daughter…”


4. Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O’ Neill: This book is jam-packed with beautiful color photos of  Farmhouse decorating ideas! The images are comforting, homey, simple, and rustic. The pages are filled with “make-do with what you have” kind of ideas. LOVE!

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Well, darlin’ as always I LOVE hearing from you! Your sweet words encourage me so very much!

Please do leave a comment to say hello!

Sweet dreams!

God Bless your darlin’ heart!

Aunt Ruthie

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