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Well, howdy Sugar Pies! I finally got my fall home tour on YouTube and here on my blog! It has taken hours and hours to get it done but I had so much fun! Hey, that rhymes! Heehee!

Anyhoo! Here in the Ozarks there’s been a chill in the air and has truly become sweater-weather!  Autumn has arrived with glowing candy-corn colors here at Sugar Pie Farmhouse! My nesting instinct has stirred my heart to tidy-up my home, fill it with golden light, yummy aromas, and the splendor of fall! This is such a blessed time of year!  The evening temps are in the 40’s…so crisp and smelling so sweet! Soon, the leaves will start to turn colors of butterscotch yellow and candy-apple red. Wild gusts of  wind will rattle the screens as heavy, grey, storm-clouds fill the sky and thunder rumbles in the distance. That’s what I’m waiting for! There’s nothing cozier than to be safe at home, with a pot of soup simmering and the fire crackling on a cold, blustery, fall day! What a privilege to be a homemaker! To make warm and cheerful the place that we call home! To bless our loved ones with an atmosphere of comfort and tender loving care.

Well, I’m mighty glad y’all came for a visit! Pour yourself somethin’ yummy to drink, relax, make yourself at home and enjoy celebrating Fall at Sugar Pie Farmhouse!


The theme for my entryway this year is Autumn skies and Apple Pies! I recently went apple picking with a few of my kids and grandkids and we had so much fun! When we lived in California we would take the kids up to the mountains of Julian to go apple and pumpkin picking. The town of Julian was so quaint, filled with adorable country stores and our favorite Mom’s Apple Pie Shop! We would stop and get a warm slice of fresh baked pie from local fresh picked apples! YUM!!


moms apple pie shop2


“Autumn means apples as crisp as an October morning.”

~ Celebrating HomeIMG_7041

I just had to add a vintage red-handled rolling pin since it goes with my Autumn Skies and Apple Pies theme!


Buckets filled with fresh hay and apples rest cheerfully on the rungs of my orchard ladder. This ladder was left on the property when we purchased it. I’m so happy to have a little piece of our land’s history! It was an old cattle farm that belonged to the Rosenbaum family since the Civil War. Mama Rosenbaum had a peach orchard and this could be the very ladder that she used to pick fresh peaches! I love it!


Vintage books stacked with plump pumpkins on top and milk cans filled with golden prairie grass.


My cute corn stalks are from Michaels…I got them for 40% off and I love them! They are so farmy! The best part is there are no bugs in them! Haha!


I recently found these adorable tea stained, ticking stripe pumpkins with wood stems at a local craft mall. They had to come home with me!

“During these golden days, we want nothing more than to be home again.”

~Celebrating Home


Oh, it sets my heart a-clickin’ like the tickin’ of a clock,

when the frost is on the pumpkin

and the fodder’s in the shock.

~ James Whitcomb Riley


More corn stalks in my vintage Borden’s milk can and my pie safe is lined with homemade plum jam and Cupboard Cookie mixes for easy baking.

“What Keats aptly called ‘the season of mellow fruitfulness’ is the season for simmering pots on the stove, pies in the oven, canning jars in the cupboard, and trusted family recipes on the kitchen counter.” ~Celebrating Home


I’ve shared the picture of my hubby’s grandma when she was a wee little girl, whom I came to love as my own. She was always sharing recipes with me…handwritten ones that I still cherish! Every year during the holidays I make her Ginger Snap cookies just like she did. I made a few jars filled with the ingredients for Ginger Snaps, except of course for the wet ingredients. If I know we’ve got company coming or I want to make a quick treat for friends it’s so easy to whip up a batch! I love decorating with pantry items…they look so homey!

“She looketh well to the ways of her household.” Proverbs 31:27IMG_6870



Here is one of Grandma’s vanilla-stained recipes clothes-pinned to the tea-towel. Her sweet handwriting makes my heart happy!


“The cheerful joyous season,

The Autumn time is come.

With song and shout we welcome

The Golden Harvest Home.”

~Author Unknown


thanksgiving book

Every season I feature a book on my baking center and this year I bought Sharing the Bread: An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Story. I found it at Cracker Barrel and I can’t even tell you how darling and charming the story and illustrations are!


The farmhouse kitchen in the book is DREAMY!! I plan to read this to my grandkids soon!


“When I was a little girl,

I always wanted to be in the kitchen

because it was warm,

and that’s where my mother was.

You never lose that feeling.”

~ Dolly Parton


Cute little pumpkins all in a row, old books piled high, autumn leaves in creamy white pitchers. So simple…so farmy!

IMG_6655Isn’t it so adorable that God thought of pumpkins? ~Aunt Ruthie

fall home tour 2

I hope you enjoyed my Fall Home Tour! Be sure to check out my Fall Home Tour Video on YouTube! I always love hearing from y’all! It’s what keeps me inspired and motivated to continue my blog. Be sure to say howdy below! Tell me what your favorite part of fall is! I’d also love to know your state or country that y’all call home too!

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Bless your family…make home sweet!

Aunt Ruthie


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