Howdy Do Sugar Pies! I’m excited to share some more old-fashioned goodness with you today! You know I’m all about making home as farmy-cozy as I can to create an atmosphere of comfort and joy to bless my family.  I get asked all of the time where I get the things I use to decorate with, so, I’ve gathered a few of my farmhouse-style favorites to share with you! Some of these things I already have and LOVE… and some are things I’d LOVE TO HAVE! Lol! ( you can find all these goodies through my affiliate link here!) AND THE CHERRY-ON-TOP IS I’M HAVING A GIVEAWAY! A $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD WILL GO TO ONE BLESSED GAL! I’ll give you all the details at the end of this post!

farmhouse radio

For fun, turn on the kitchen “Farmhouse Radio”  to add a little nostalgia for your browsing pleasure! Click Here, it will take you to Youtube and automatically turn on the sounds of the 1940’s, then come right on back!

granny gathering eggs2

I love this photo of this sweet granny gathering her farm-fresh eggs, probably for breakfast. Along with her scrambled eggs,  I imagine she probably served thick slices of sizzling country ham with gravy, buttermilk biscuits, hot from the oven, with plenty of freshly churned butter to slather on them and a jar of homemade blackberry jam for a touch of sweetness. A simple but hearty meal for her family to enjoy with a steaming pot of good coffee around the sun-warmed kitchen table. That’s love on the farm! That’s the feeling I want to fill my home with! Nourishment. Comfort. Joy.

There’s something about farmhouse decorating that is so comforting.  It’s cozy, cheerful and makes your home a place you love to be! We can’t all live on a farm but we can decorate our homes with old-fashioned farmy goodness…like glass milk bottles, old white enamel dishpans, creamy colored pitchers, vintage linens, well-worn breadboards, old coffee pots and bread boxes, canning jars, and white-washed picnic baskets, just to name a few! Things that remind us of the good-old-days…wholesome days…honest-to-goodness, breath-of-fresh-air days. It’s good for us to surround ourselves with sweet little reminders of farm-fresh goodness because it warms our heart and soul…and that makes us happy…and a happy mama makes a happy home!farmhouse faves2

Let’s take a look at some of my Farmhouse Favorites…how cute and farmy is this Farm Fresh Eggs sign? It would look so cute hanging in the kitchen. I have something similar hanging above my stove. And of course, that white enamel bowl with the red rim is farmhouse-dreamy! I have a couple of those. They are perfect for using as mixing bowls of course but also for filling them with a fresh, chopped salad and storing in the fridge until suppertime.The enameled metal keeps the lettuce cold and crisp. And that cow butter dish! I have that too! On Instagram, I saw that the Pioneer Woman sells them in her Mercantile shop…I love her stuff! And the two-tier galvanized tray with the wooden handle would be perfect in the kitchen or bathroom. You can find all of theses farmy goodies here at my Amazon Farmhouse Store.


granny making pies

Back in the day, a typical farm wife would have her own signature recipes for pies, cookies, and cakes. According to my sweet mama-in-law who grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, there were numerous occasions that a farm wife would need to bring a sweet treat to… like, a church picnic, community cake-walk, barn raising, home-going (funeral),  party, hoedown, feeding farmhands and for when company was comin’.   Those old-fashioned recipes from our Mama’s, Aunt’s, Grandma’s and the sweet neighbor lady down the road are treasures for sure! And now with wonderful cookbooks and yummy recipes online, we have so much to choose from to bless our family and friends. Wouldn’t you love to sit and talk recipes with this sweet grandma?

home cookin2

This darlin’ Southern Cakes Cookbook is a wonderful resource if you are just starting to learn how to make cakes from scratch or even if you’re a pro. I love the old southern charm and warm feelings this cookbook evokes. I want to live in it! Lol! How beautiful would your made-from-scratch cake look on this darling galvanized metal cake stand? And if you’re going to travel to a gathering you can bake-and-take your cake in this adorable retro carrier! One of these darling fruit-themed floursack tea-towels would be darling to line a basket for your muffins or cupcakes too. I use these same ones to line my Prayer Basket that holds my bible, journal and other good stuff…I’ll share more about that in another post! Goodness, I love that cute jadeite green kitchen timer! So old-timey!  Adding beauty to every area of our lives makes life so much more enjoyable! Beauty delights our eyes and hearts! Click here to check out these farmy goodies and more!

fried green tomatoes

Ahh! Fried Green Tomatoes has got to be one of my most favorite movies! I love the time period, the clothing and the old stories that the elderly Mrs. Threadgood told to sweet Evelyn Couch. The clips above were from the “Bee Charmer” scene with Idgy and Ruth. If you love honey or the charm of bees then here are some goodies you just might love that would fit perfectly with your farmhouse decor …

sweet as honey

My grandkids call me Honey so I’m always drawn to honey-themed things. The old-timey Bees and Honey poster would make a quaint wall hanging with this wood poster hanger. The Wild Honey Nectar candle is scented with orange blossoms and honey-sweetened vanilla…sounds like a delightful scent as we move into springtime! Oh, that purse! That spring-is-in-the-air, let’s-stroll-through-the-park-under-the-magnolia trees, charming wicker purse! I think it would look so cute with a cluster of vintage millenary fruit or flowers tied to the bow! (You can find millenary embellishments on Ebay!)

boys washing up for supper2

“Wash up for supper!” That’s something that I’m sure every farm-mama told her youngin’s as she was giving her beef stew a final stir and pulling the golden cornbread out of the hot oven. The photo of the cute boy washing his hands in the enamel basin is charming but I have to say that I’m so thankful for running water! Lol!
wash up for supper

I’m loving that galvanized overhead lamp, it would look so darling in a bathroom especially paired with the old-fashioned Soap & Water sign! I think that black and white is such a classic look. It really pops when you add some fresh greens with it like this boxwood wreath. The black and white MILK HAND-WASH from Archipelago is as good as it looks. How cute is the mason-jar soap dispensers in the old-timey faucet tray? Adorbs! You know me and white enamelware! Love that SOAPS bowl!  I use mine in the kitchen…I put my pump soap right inside. You can find all these goodies at my Farmhouse Country Store here!

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