Yoo Hoo Darlin’!

On my last blog post I mentioned that I was working on a huge new project!

Well, I’m so excited to announce  SWEET HOME REVIVAL…my new Homemaking Video Series!


Darlin’, this is the biggest project I’ve ever done! I’m so excited to welcome, sweet, adorable you inside my home to share my experiences, my ideas, my heart for hearth and home!


My Sweet Home Revival Homemaking Series will include down-home topics such as cooking, parenting, household chores, homemade projects, decorating, holiday ideas, making memories with your family, taking good care of your sweet self and your sweet family, all with a “farmy” flair! Oh my! I can hardly wait till Fall and Christmas to share all of the cozy and sparkly ideas I have swirling around my head!

Until then, I’ll be working diligently to fill my new “Old Time General Store” with more and more Sweet Home Revival Videos!


My very first video set is all about Farm Fresh Laundry! I share my laundry-time secrets, stories and tips and so much more, right at my kitchen table! Hey! I’m even wearing my vintage farmgirl dress and cowgirl boots just to add some extra fun farmy-ness!


So honey, if you’d like to jump on the bandwagon to put the “sweet” back in your “Home Sweet Home”, click the button above or click here! If you’d like to hear how I, as a mama of 4, learned how to get control my mountains of laundry…how I  made my musty smelling towels smell fresh and sweet…and how I made fun memories with my kids while doing laundry, click the button above,  to get the whole scoop! Come on darlin’! It’s going to be so much fun!!

 I would love to know if there’s a topic you would like for me to do a video on! If so, please let me know in the comment section below!

God Bless Your Darlin’ Heart!

Aunt Ruthie

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