The Farm Chicks Book Review
Blue RibbonIf you look up the word adorable in the dictionary I’m pretty sure you’ll find a picture of The Farm Chicks book!

Every turn of the page is a delight to the eyes! Not only does it have recipes such as Cherry Breakfast Swirl, Butterscotch Pie, and Enchilada Soup, but there are darling storage tips and decorating ideas that will inspire you to doll up your home!

Teri and Serena also share their fascinating life stories. They are just the sweetest farm-gals ever! Included in the book you also receive a free one year subscription to Country Living magazine! (You need to save your receipt and send it in with the subscription card!). LOVE IT!

If you’re interested in ordering The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen: Live Well, Laugh Often, Cook Much I recommend my favorite online store Amazon!

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Chalk Ink Markers Review
The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen Book talks about using chalkboards throughout your home, which reminded me of my secret chalkboard markers! Oh my, I love these liquid chalk markers! I discovered them at Starbucks one day…

Chalk Ink Review
Blue RibbonI asked the gal behind the counter what they used to make their chalkboards so charming, vibrant and colorful….she pulled out one of these markers to show me….I could not wait to get me some! I found them on Amazon and since then I’ve had so much fun creating all kinds of messages to bless my home and family! I have chalkboards all over my house. I love to write fun quotes, scriptures, the menu for an event, love notes, welcome home and Holiday greetings. They wipe clean with water, or Windex. If the color is extra thick, you can sprinkle a little of Barkeepers Friend sink polish, and scrub the chalk off. You can blend the colors while they are wet and write on anything that is non-porous, such as plastic containers, mirrors, windows, and metal.
Chalk Ink Earthy Colors SetThey come in a variety of colors. The Earthy Set of 8 Chalk Ink Markers includes these colors: Grape Jelly, Granny Bird Blue, Popcorn, Cayenne, Parker’s Dreamsicle, Teddy Bear, Green Tea, Spanish Tile.

Chalk Ink Classic Colors SetThe Classic set of 4 Chalk Ink Markers includes these colors: Chalk White, Clown Nose Red, Pacific Blue, and Smiley Face Yellow. Chalk Ink Markers are clear and bright and really make your chalkboard message something special, beautiful and fun. It’s the little things that we can do that make our house a home…a chalkboard with a message of love is one of those things!

If you’re interested in ordering the Earthy Set of 8 Chalk Ink Markers or the Classic set of 4 Chalk Ink Markers I recommend my favorite online store Amazon!

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If you don’t want to order an entire set you can also order the markers individually:
Chalk White
Piggy Bank Pink
Astroturf Green
Clown Nose Red
Jack Black
Candy Corn Orange
Cayenne Pepper
Granny Bird Blue
Grape Jelly
Green Tea
Parkers Dreamsicle
Smiley Face Yellow
Spanish Tile
Teddy Bear Brown

Chalk Board Paint
Gals, this is the chalkboard paint I use! It’s called Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint
Chalkboard Paint
Blue RibbonIt is so easy to apply onto an old cupboard door, or a vintage drawer to create an adorable surface to write loving messages to your family. As shown in the Farm Chicks book, Serena and Teri made farm-style chalkboards out of white enamel-ware pans! How cute is that!! I use a sponge brush to paint it on. You will want to give it two coats. It dries fast and the clean up is a breeze! This is such a darling home project, a fun and easy gift for a friend, and a great craft to sell!

If you’re interested in ordering Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint I recommend my favorite online store Amazon!

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Here’s some more pics, just for you ;)

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