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Hello, sweet Sugar Pie! Lately, I’ve been thinking about all the things that I want to share with you…things that I’m excited about and I think you will be too! You know when you try a new product, read a new book, find a super helpful App for your smartphone, hear an amazing Podcast, or cook a new recipe and it’s changed your life so much that you can’t wait to share it with your friends? That’s how I feel!

Last week I started a new series called Recipe Roundup, where I did the work for you in searching for some yummy new recipes and rounded them all up to share with y’all (click here to read that post)… this week I’m starting another series called Oh My! Have you heard?

This is where I’ll be sharing things that I LOVE (so much I wanna marry’em! Heehee!).

As I mentioned above, sometimes I’ll be sharing a Podcast I love, or a book or a Smartphone App but this week I’m sharing a product that I don’t want to be without! So here we go…Thayers

Oh My! Have You Heard about  Thayers Witch Hazel Toner? Goodness. Gracious. It’s pretty amazing! I use it every night and morning after I wash my face. I actually look forward to using it because first of all it smells like fresh cut roses and it makes my skin so smooth and soft! It reduces the size of pores, helps with breakouts, acne, calms redness, it’s wonderfully soothing and so much more! (It also soothes, small cuts, bug bites and poison ivy!)

It’s all natural and comes from the Hamamelis Virginiana shrub.  It’s blended with Aloe which is nutrient-rich, and also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, giving it excellent skin-brightening and anti-aging qualities (anti-aging?…sign me up!! Heehee!). In addition, the Glycerin in Thayers formula seals water into the skin, helping to keep skin supple and hydrated, while simultaneously promoting healthy skin cell maturation. You can read about all the goodness here!

I first found it at a health food store up in Springfield, 45 minutes away, but now I just get it here because it’s so much more convenient. I squirt a little on a round cotton pad and wipe my already cleansed face and neck. It’s so refreshing! Click here in this affiliate link if you want to check it out.

Now, I’d love to hear about your favorite product that you rave about to all your friends! It could be anything from your favorite kitchen gadget to your favorite moisturizer…whatever it is that you would not want to be without…please share in the comments below and help a girl out! Lol!

Bless your family…keep home sweet!

Aunt Ruthie

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