Well, I finally made it back home with good news….my Dad is on the mend and is doing well (praise the Lord!), he is gaining strength day by day and will soon be back to his cute old self! I want to send a Big Thank You and Bless You to all of you gals who prayed for him…when I read your comments, tears came to my eyes at the outpouring of love and concern. Even though we don’t know each other personally, somehow there is this amazing connection that happens in blog-land…it’s a kind of sisterhood of caring women, encouraging each other on this journey of life. How fabulous is that! Y’all are my blog-sisters!

Now that I’m home I have a lot of catching up to do…..I need to stoke the home-fires and get busy with a few household chores….fling open the windows and let the fresh fall air in…light my pumpkin spice candle….turn on the twinkly lights over the fireplace mantles and my little accent lamps to brighten up the nooks and crannies…..start a pot of soup….do a little sweeping….a little dusting…

…. a little time snuggling with my hubby (he hates it when I’m gone…vice versa!)…..

…and some girl-time with my sweet little red-headed Summer Rose ….she has the cutest freckles on her nose….I call them “Cinnamon Sprinkles”….hey, speaking of cinnamon, I think a batch of Snickerdoodles are in order!

I also want to thank all of you for the wonderful comments you left me on the Blessing Your Nest For Fall posts. There were 113 comments on Part One and 94 on Part Two. (wow girls, I am humbled ). I wish I had the time to respond to each and every one (Forgive me!) but if I did, I wouldn’t be able to fulfill all of my responsibilities (and my hubby would probably unplug my computer!).
And may I say I am so proud of you gals who are turning your houses into cozy homes! You are doing more for the emotional health of yourself and your family than you will ever know! To bless your family with your nurturing touch in every room is a glorious gift. Good for you!

A few of you gals did have some questions that I would like to answer:

* I store all of my seasonal things in clear plastic bins. I have a large storage closet in the basement, but in prior homes I stored them in the garage on shelves.

  • No honey, I did not sew this jumper, (if I did, it would look like a gunny sack…I wish I could sew my own clothes! I made a quilt in a day once, does that count?) I bought it at Kohls last year. The color is red and black tartan plaid.
  • No cutie-pie, I do not have a static cling issue wearing a longer top with my jeans, but if I did, I would take a dryer sheet and rub it on the under-side of the top. That should work and as a bonus, you’ll smell April Fresh!

“We can change the world inside our own houses. Take the gift of this moment and make something beautiful of it. Few worthwhile experiences just happen; memories are made on purpose.” ~Gloria Gaither

If you have any other questions…..I will try to get back to you personally, if not I will be happy to answer them on my next post!
God Bless!
Lot’s of hugs!

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