I know what’s sweeter than Micky D’s Sweet Tea!

It’s YOU my Sugar Pie Sistas! ( If you’ve had Mc Donald’s Sweet Tea you know it is the sweetest tea “evah”! You can find it in most of the Southern states, and may I say, it is delicious!) Anyhoo! Thank y’all so much for your wonderful comments, cheer-leading me on as I endeavor to bring you down home goodness from my heart to yours!

In this post I want to share  with you my down-home love for chalkboards! In fact I have them all over my house proclaiming all kinds of messages of love and joy! Some have scriptures, quotes, and  love notes. I use them to show off the menu for  get-togethers, or a warm “Welcome Home” greeting.  I write instructions like “don’t forget … Violin Recital Sunday…3 pm!”. And I love writing seasonal messages for all of the holidays…it just seems to add a special sparkle in the air! Little reminders of all of the fun to come! They help to set a happy tone in the home!

img_0224Most of all I enjoy telling my family in all sorts of ways that I love them!  Happy messages help create a positive atmosphere and they remind us to stay positive! They help sweep out  negative attitudes. Good or bad, attitudes are contagious! Remember the old phrase “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” ? If we are grumpy, our family will be grumpy! That’s not fun!  So we need to keep sweet by thinking good thoughts. Chalkboards help. When I am having a “bad hair day” or worse, (feeling overwhelmed or blue…you know when those “Ladies Days” arrive!) my chalkboards with scriptures remind me to be thankful and focus on my blessings rather than minor inconveniences (annoying as they may be).

img_0215As a kid I remember when someone said something mean, the come-back would be “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt  me.” Oh my, that is sooooo not true! Words can hurt us…but they can also help us, encourage us, lift, warm and bless our hearts!

I really believe that words are like seeds…spoken words and written words. Whatever seeds (words) we plant, we will end up harvesting. If we want to harvest love, joy, thankfulness, peace,  faith and hope why not plant loving, joyful, thankful,  peaceful, faithful and hopeful words

img_0247Chalkboards are such a simple thing, yet it’s message can be profound and life changing. They can bring comfort, and can remind you and your family to stand strong in what you believe in.  

img_0217This idea came from The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen Book (Click here to see my video review for the Farm Chicks Book!), which is filled with so many darling farm-style ideas for the home as well as yummy recipes! It’s an old drawer that I painted on the inside with Chalkboard Paint! The great thing about chalkboards is that you can change the message for a whole new look and theme!

 Think about using a chalkboard to write words of praise to your child to build up their confidance, significance and sense of belonging.  A little drawer like this would be perfect to personalize for a child, and to place in their room. I was thinking, you could glue a couple clothespins along the bottom or sides to clip on a  family photo,  extra love notes or sticks of gum and candy! What child wouldn’t love that? What a cozy little nook of love that would be!

img_0221You may notice that the artwork and writing on my chalkboards are very clear and bright…..it’s because  I have discovered the wonderful world of Chalk Ink Markers They are the same product that Starbucks Coffee uses on their charming chalkboards!

pumpkin-spice-latte-sign-7854461The great thing is they come in a variety of fun colors and they’re all washable! When you are ready for a new look or message, you wash it off! You can use water, or Windex. Sometimes I sprinkle on a tiny bit of Bar Keepers Friend (sink polish) if I have gotten the color on real thick. Take a look at BEFORE AND AFTER on my pantry door…img_0241

This is the “BEFORE” with regular chalk…..(as you can see the regular chalk was starting to smear).


And AFTER with the Chalk Ink Markers! The colors are also blendable as you can see by the peaches I drew.


Chalkboards can also add a happy touch of what I call “Disney Whimsey!” (y’all know I’m a Disney girl!)


This past Christmas I hung this chalkboard (it used to be a headboard!)  in my kitchen for a little Holiday Sparkle!


You can use Chalk Ink Markers on plastic, metal, mirrors, car windows!img_0255

Gals, it’s the little things we do to make our house a home.


Don’t you just love to get together with a gaggle of gals for a little Girl~Talk? We learn so much great stuff from each other! Well, I am so excited about a new feature that I’ll be adding in a week or two…It’s a forum….Girl-Talk with the Sugar Pie Sisterhood!  This is where everyone can join in and talk about anything from cooking, gardening, beauty, decorating, Holiday ideas, parenting or anything to do with homemaking! You can share your favorite recipes, products, tips and advice. You’ll also be able to ask a question or answer a question! I know all of you have lots of great ideas to share…well, your chance is coming! Woo hoo!

To celebrate, I will be having another give-away!

Be sure to check out my new Blue Ribbon Product Review and see those chalk in markers in action!

I also wanted to remind y’all to change the address you have listed for my site from warmpiehappyhome.blogspot.com to sugarpiefarmhouse.com (thanks sugar!)

Blessings and hugs!

Yee Haw!
Aunt Ruthie

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