A week ago, the news buzzed around town about the winter storm that was about to roll in, bringing with it record ice-fall followed by several inches of snow. Fluffy-white snow is welcomed, but ice is another story. Thick layers of slippery ice covering the roads, trees and powerlines is a recipe for danger, so being prepared is a good thing. I, along with most of the townsfolk, rushed to the market to stock up on food, water and other necessities, knowing that in just a few hours the roads would be too hazardous to travel. For me, all of this commotion is very exciting! I love making the necessary preparations and hunkering down before a storm hits. All safe and cozy inside with the fire blazing….soup simmering…. the pantry stocked….making sure we have candles and flashlights ready….you never know if the power will go out (which it did!) it all seems a like a scene from Little House On The Prairie (minus the flashlights of course!).

Laura Ingalls Wilder had experienced many wind-howling blizzards right here in the Ozarks. Just one hour from where I live, in the little town of Mansfield Missouri, sits Laura’s homestead, a place that she and her beloved husband Almanzo, named Rocky Ridge Farm.

Laura’s farm kitchen at Rocky Ridge
Her homeplace is now a museum filled with simple furnishings of a rich life. This is also where she penned all of her Little House On The Prairie books. Oh! If only those walls could talk!

The kitchen table in the Wilder’s kitchen.

How sweet is this embroidered apron of Laura’s? These same apron strings, tied in a bow, hugged her waist as she set about the domestic joys of cooking, cleaning, and gardening. She knew that her simple, everyday tasks were more than just chores that had to be done, her deeds were an essential part of blessing her family. Laura’s apron was her all-purpose companion. I can just imagine, in the twilight of an early summer evening, just as the sultry heat of the day began to cool, and the cicadas in the trees would begin to buzz, she would walk softly across the damp grass, thick with slow-dancing fire-flies, and into her garden to pick juicy, sun-warmed tomatoes and gently place them in the skirt of her apron, that she had gathered at the ends to create a make-shift basket. I’m sure it was those simple summer joys that warmed her heart as the bitter north wind frosted the window panes of her dear white farmhouse.

Well, the winter wind certainly swirled through the Ozark hills this past week, ice clinking against the windows, then the snow fell, fast and hard. Enormous, 3″ snowflakes looked more like cotton balls being thrown from heaven. I think the angels were having a good-hearted snowball fight!

In the morning, beauty was everywhere.Crystal trees glowed at dawn.
God’s creation sang of His Glory!

Summer Rose was a happy camper…
sledding down a small hill on the side of our house….

Hooray for Snow Days!

Summer had four happy days off from school. Our power went out for a while and then when it did come back on our heater didn’t work. While we waited for the repair man to come, I kept the kitchen warm by baking an old southern favorite, Buttermilk Pie (I’ll share the recipe in my next post).

Being snowbound gave us a great opportunity to watch a set of DVDs that I recently ordered from Franklin Springs Family Media, called Homestead Blessings. A mother and her three daughters share their skills on making bread, soap and candles. They live in a horse and buggy community in the Appalachian hills of Tennessee. Oh My Goodness!! I love these gals! I so want to go bake with them in their adorable country kitchen!

They are called the West Girls and they live life the old fashioned way, off the land, Little House On The Prairie Style!!! They are full of down-home charm and southern hospitality.Franklin Springs Family Media produces top quality DVDs that celebrate home and family. Their films highlight families who have built homes of honor. What a wonderful resource for those of us who want to bring honor, integrity, faithfulness, honesty, strength, perseverence, adventure, compassion, grace, and joy into the lives of our family.

Take a peek at these wonderful videos ……

Click here to see a preview of these homespun DVDs by Franklin Springs. What an inspiration these gals are! While you are at the Franklin Springs Web site, check out their other inspiring DVDs. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this company…I just had to share it with y’all!

These adorable West Girls also sing Bluegrass. Click here to see their youtube video “Green Beans In The Garden”, which was also a part of a Franklin Springs DVD titled Inherit The Land.

Thanks for stopping by for some “Little House On The Prairie” Pie!
Summer is back in school…the sun is shining….snow is melting….I’m getting back into the swing of things….and…God is good.

Hugs, Y’all!


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