My home is in transition! I love my pumpkins, but it’s almost time to bid them farewell for another year (they have been out since September 1st !!!) Time for my little pumpkin heads to go nigh, night. Christmas is on the way, so bring out the snowflakes, stars and jingle-bell sleigh! My goal is to have everything ready for Christmas …decorated… gifts wrapped… mugs filled with hot chocolate ‘n’ marshmallows… all by December 1st, so I can enjoy the whole month with joy ….and less stress… with my family. (I’ll let you know if that really happens!)

White sparkly snowflakes…shimmering stars…a warm crackling fire….the twinkle of tiny lights…Bing Crosby dreaming about a white christmas….icicles dripping…Aunt Gen’s Date Nut Bars hot from the oven…sweet baby Jesus laying in the manger…pine branches hugging the mantel…a mug of hot spiced cider…sleigh bells ringing…children singing… a bowl of fragrant oranges polka-dotted with cloves….the wind whirling outside…so cozy inside…. all my children will be home….these are just some the things I love about Christmas!

I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year. ~Charles Dickens

My tablecloth and curtains are actually fleece blankets. I wanted a lumberjack-flannel-shirt look but could not find it anywhere, until I saw these blankets in a mail order catalog for only $20.00. They are warm ‘n’ cozy and wash beautifully. My curtain rods (from Target) have ring clips, so it was so easy to hang them. I’m a “red” girl…can you tell?

Can you guess where I got my inspiration for decorating the way I do? Disneyland. Oh honey, I love it so much I want to marry it. (I say that about things I adore!) I want so bad to live on Main Street USA at Disneyland but they won’t let me. (huh! how rude.) So I try to re-create it at home. I grew up going to Disneyland in Southern California and always loved lingering along Main Street studying the architecture and shop displays. Of course, I had to “linger” in a hurry because everyone I was with had other things in mind, like getting to the Matterhorn or the Pirates of the Caribbean. I just think Heaven is going to be a lot like Disneyland…and I WILL get to live there….forever.

You can be sure I have not forgotten Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving! My table with be set with the Pilgrims in mind, along with plenty of turkey, stuffin’ , cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole and of course Pumpkin Pie! My heart is ever so thankful for all of the Lord’s Blessings! May He be praised!
Happy Thanksgiving BlogGirls!

Thanks for stopping by for pie!
P.S. My sister Sherry (Prairie Home) made me that Cornbread and Buttermilk sign!

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