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Warm Pie Happy Home

New Beginnings!

Written by Aunt Ruthie on August 29th, 2017


Look at the new thing I am going to do. It is already happening. Don’t you see it-I will make a road in the desert and rivers in the dry land. (1)

Hello sweet sisters! I’m thrilled you’ve joined me here today because I need your pat on my back! Lol!  You see, I have turned the page to a new chapter in my life…a chapter that I was not looking forward to. I knew it was coming, but honestly, I thought it would take a lot longer to get here. Some of you sweet gals have already crossed that threshold and some of you have many years yet to go. As with most changes in life, it can be bittersweet. And that’s okay because life is just like that sometimes…and I know, that with Jesus, everything is going to be alright.

So, I’m talking about my new empty nest. Y’all, all my babies have flown the coop and last week my baby girl, Summer Rose, headed off to College! Wait, what?? Yup, it’s true! It’s so weird because it seems like I was taking her for a ride in her stroller a couple weeks ago! Lol! Okay, so I’ve shed some tears, maybe a lot… but I’m not going to park in Sad-town because happy doesn’t live there. Instead, I’ve made the decision to celebrate the goodness of the Lord, His blessings, and His promise of a bright and bountiful future. As the scripture states above, He is going to do a new thing! Now, I still might have moments, here and there, where my eyes might get a little watery (even when I’m not chopping onions) but I won’t let it last long. Nope. Ain’t gonna park there.

summer rose baby

When my hubby and I found out we were expecting our 4th baby we were shocked because our other kids were ages 16, 14 and 11. But what a blessing and joy our sweet Summer Rose has brought into our household!

baby summer rose

I had to wait in line to hold my own baby! Lol!

I couldn’t blame my older kids, look at that adorable baby face

and those delicious cheeks!

summer girl 2

As my older ones went off to College, then got married, it was hard seeing them leave, but fortunately I still had this cute little thing at home. My little buddy!

summer rosey rose

I hope that Summer always remembers the things that I told her so many times…like…

~ you are my dream come true

~ I’m so glad you’re my little girl

~ you’re adorable!

summer cupcake2

~ you belong to us!

~ I’m so proud of you!

~ you are sooooo huggable!

~ I am soooo thankful God gave you to me, dad, Dusty, Ashley and JJ.

summer girl

~ I love how creative you are!

~ You are a blessing.

~ You make me laugh!

~ What a joy you are!

~ I love having fun with you!

~ God has a wonderful plan for your life.

~ I love you my Pookie Lou!
 I think she’ll remember my words because I still tell her those things!


I think the person who wrote the lyrics to the song below probably had stock in Kleenex Tissue! Lol! But I wanted to share a few lines here because our kids grow up so fast and if you’re a mama with babies still at home, I want to encourage you to slow down all the busyness and take a few moments to savor their sweetness! Yes, the days are slow but the years go fast.

~Turn Around~(listen here)

Where are you going my little one, little one
Where are you going my baby my own
Turn around and you’re two
Turn around and you’re four
Turn around and you’re a young girl
Going out of the door
“Turn Around” Words and Music by Alan Green, Harry Belafonte 
And Malvina Reynolds


Take every opportunity to sprinkle

sweet and kind words on your child’s heart.

The result will be a wonderfully happy child.

“A merry heart does good like a medicine”. Proverbs 17:22


Sweet 16


Me and my Pookie Lou!

17596312_1812555812295088_1370614962841452544_nSenior Prom 2017!

summer grad

High School Graduation! Her brothers, sister

and her dad and I cherish that girl!

summer goes to college

Off to College!summer and friends

Moving into the dorm…meeting her roommate

and new friends down the hall!

summer college 3

Lots of activities for students to get to know each other! Dad holding on to his baby girl!

summer college collage

We are so thankful that Summer is able to go to a Christian University. She is surrounded by students and faculty that love the Lord. Summer’s already become good friends with such wonderful girls…two of them are from missionary families, one from China and the other from South Africa. Just after move-in-day the students were put in a Launch Group of around 15 kids to promote bonding friendships. They participated in several events together including packaging meals at Convoy of Hope, a scavenger hunt, dinners together and concert on the lawn. What a great way for nervous kids to feel like they belong. Summer loves it there, and that makes me happy.

Look at the new thing I am going to do. It is already happening. Don’t you see it-I will make a road in the desert and rivers in the dry land. (2)

So this past week I had a talk with myself. I asked myself these questions:

  1. Would you rather Summer had no motivation to go to College and want instead to stay home and do nothing with her life?   (No way!)
  2. Would you rather she commute 1 hour to school which would mean having to drive at night sometimes on icy roads during the winter? (Nope!)
  3. Will you see her on the weekends? (Yes!)
  4. Do you want her to have an incredible experience and education that will enhance her life and future? (Yes!)

That made me feel better!

Then I remembered something. I remembered how God blessed me with four amazing kids (kids I didn’t think I would be able to have back in the day) and each one of them are God-loving, responsible, compassionate, faithful, hard-working, honest, kind, brave, thankful, moral, creative and fun! Hallelujah! By the grace of God, I accomplished what I set out to do and in spite of my big, fat mistakes, they survived and did good! And three of them married amazing spouses and have given me eight beautiful grandchildren!! It’s harvest time for my hubby and I and I give God all the praise and glory!

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”  Galatians 6:9

Feeling even better.

My cousin Linda messaged me and said “Every Chapter has a gift for you from God. You and Gary will find yours and be fine. Hugs.”

Then my sister-in-law Holly texted me and shared what she told herself when she started to miss her daughter who went to College last year: “She is so incredible, the world needs to know who she is. Because of that I have to share.” Wow! That was the cherry on top!

So now it’s onward and upward to my good and hopeful future.

“And suddenly you know, it’s time to start something new and look forward to the joy of new beginnings.” ~unknown 

God bless you! If you are starting a new chapter in your life I encourage you to look for the blessings in it… it may not be easy…but promise me you won’t park in Sad-town because happy doesn’t live there.

Love you sweets!

Aunt Ruthie



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Warm Pie Happy Home

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

Written by Aunt Ruthie on August 15th, 2017


baby 7

I’ve got happy news to share! Here’s a hint;

Sugar and spice and everything nice…

that’s what little girls are made of!


Howdy Sugar Pies! I’d like to introduce you to my newest, fresh from heaven, grand daughter! Ivy James! She was born a few days ago to my daughter-in-love Tiffany Rose and son J.J. (Jason James). Sweet Ivy got her Papa’s middle name. J.J. was given the name James after his great grandfather, James Cannizzaro, from Sicily, Italy. I love that little Ivy has her great, great grandpa’s name. Ivy’s big sister Olive has her Mama’s middle name, Rose.

olive rose age 1

And speaking of Olive Rose, we flew to California last week to take care of our adorable baby doll while her Mama and Papa were in the hospital during labor and delivery. She’s scrumptious I tell ya!! A little dream come true!

tiff jj me gary olive

The photo on the left was just before Tiffany and JJ walked out the door to head to the hospital. Boy did we have fun with little Olive! She has the cutest giggles! And she’s very excited about her new baby sister!

PicMonkey Collage

I’m so proud of my hard working, caring, loveable son. He’s such a wonderful daddy to his baby girls. And Tiffany is such a good mama too! She’s created a nurturing and happy home. It blesses my heart to see how they adore their little family.


FullSizeRender (15)This photo was taken last Christmas 2016…add two more girls to the line-up, Ivy and Ember, (Ember was born in June, Dusty and his wife Kimmy’s baby girl.) and we have a grand total of 4 boys and 4 girls! Thanking the Lord for these precious gifts! God answers prayer!

In case you missed them, here’s some posts about my growing family and a few thoughts, here and there, on parenting:

Chatting Over the Fence

Summer Storms and Sunshine Too

She Said YES!

They Said I DO!



Well, it seems summertime is winding down, kids go back to school this week and my daughter Summer moves into her College dorm on friday (not liking that idea too much…but this mama hen’s got to let her last chickie fly the coop!) I’m trying to distract myself by trying to come up with some new Fall decorating ideas. How about you? Have you started your fall decorating yet? I always love to hear from you sweeties!

Thank you for stopping by! It always feels good to chat about the goings-on here at Sugar Pie Farmhouse! It’s like chatting over the backyard fence to my dear sister-friends! :D

God Bless you’re darlin’ heart!

I’ll be back real soon!

Aunt Ruthie

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