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Warm Pie Happy Home

10 Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Aunt Ruthie on November 17th, 2017


10 tips thanksgiving

Hello dear Sugar Pies! Can you even believe that Thanksgiving day is next week? Well, I wanted to share with y’all some last minute tips to relieve any stress and to help make your Thanksgiving wonderful!  One of the bests tips is to do as much as you can in advance so that the day of Thanksgiving  you’ll be able to truly enjoy the blessings and joys of this special holiday! Here we go!
1. Clean out your freezer and the fridge to make room for storing your turkey, and prepared side dishes and desserts.

Fall decor 2008 008

2. Make all of your side dishes a day in advance so that on Thanksgiving day all you’ll need to do is bake them.

Fall decor 2008 062

3. If you’re like me and love leftovers think about making a little more than you’ll need so you can have more the next day! My mom’s stuffing is my absolute favorite in all the land so I’ll be making a double batch! Be sure to plan ahead for those yummy leftovers! Have plenty of tin foil and containers on hand to store those extra goodies in and to send home with your guests.



Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 11.00.41 AM

4. If you’re intimidated by making the gravy consider making it a day or two ahead of time. Here’s a great video by Chef Tyler Florence showing you step by step how to do just that!

doris lee thanksgiving

5. If you’re making pies make your crusts a few days ahead to freeze. Line your metal pans with the dough then crimp the edges. Place in your freezer until firm (about an hour) then put them in plastic baggies and then back into the freezer until baking day. The day before Thanksgiving fill the frozen pie shell and bake your pies. You’ll be so glad you made your crusts ahead of time! For my pie crust recipe click here!

butter crunch pumpkin bars

No time or energy to make pies? My Butter Crunch Pumpkin Bars are easy-peasy and will give you that pumpkin pie goodness you’ll love! Here’s the link to the recipe!

pie party

6. If you’re serving Thanksgiving dinner buffet style keep your mashed potatoes and even your gravy in warm slow cookers to keep them hot.

kfield_turkey_chart7.  Be sure to have a meat thermometer ready before roasting your turkey. Here’s a handy turkey cooking chart! Print it out and tape it on the inside of your kitchen cupboard door.

Fall 2008 160
8. When it’s time to pass around the pumpkin pie add even more happy to your Thanksgiving by playing the Thankful Game! This is how you play it: start with one person at one end of the table, they share one thing they are thankful for… “I’m thankful for my family” …then the next person repeats what the first person says and adds to it… “I’m thankful for my family and pumpkin pie…”. Then the next person continues to repeat what each person has said before them and adds their own sentiment.  Obviously the last person has it the hardest as they try to remember and repeat what everyone has said…which makes it so fun and funny!

9. Have more games on hand for even more fun. Our family loves Balderdash and Apples to Apples! When we have a large gathering to play Balderdash we don’t use the game-board. We just pass out the included paper along with pencils and follow the instructions. It’s so fun and hilarious!

thanksgiving at grandmas

10. Savor the blessings!- Psalm 94:19 says “In the multitude of my anxious thoughts within me, Your comforts cheer and delight my soul!” Oh dear sister, in the hustle and bustle of all your preparations be sure to step back for a moment and treasure the bountiful blessings that we so often take for granted or don’t even think about. Breathe in the delicious aroma of the Thanksgiving turkey roasting in the oven, cherish the warmth of the crackling fire or the comforting and familiar ticking of the clock at grandma’s house. The children, bright-eyed and so excited to see company coming…voices ringing “It’s so good to see you! Come on in!”.

When you get to see those faces that you love really look at them. Cherish them. Treasure them in your heart.  These are all blessings of God’s comforts that “cheer and delight” our soul.  The words, spoken with excitement, “Time to eat!” Hands held around the table, grace being said and that first bite of mom’s savory stuffing brings such comfort, cheer and delight. Savor this Thanksgiving with gratefulness, joy and love.

“Being thankful is more than just being glad you have something,

it’s giving God the glory and the praise for it.” – Aunt Ruthie

Happy Thanksgiving sweethearts!

Aunt Ruthie

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Warm Pie Happy Home

A Round-Up of Fall Fun!!

Written by Aunt Ruthie on November 2nd, 2017


fall fun 2017 3

Howdy Sugar Pie! I’m so happy you’re here! How is your fall season going? I hope you’re breathing in the delight and sweetness of this golden time of year…it’s so good for you, ya know! Our lives are so busy, filled with challenges and struggles. That’s why it’s so important to stop and “smell those roses” or watch the leaves fall, or meet a friend for coffee . Well, as with every October, since our kids were babies, our family once again made our traditional trek to the pumpkin patch! This year our destination was Sycamore Creek Family Ranch! It’s owned by my dear friend Lisa and her husband Mike Button, pictured on the middle left above.


We had a rootin’-tootin’ good time! Yee Haw!!

fall fun 2017 4

It’s always such a blessing to spend time with my little cutie-patooties! That sweet butterball-baby is my son Dusty’s and daughter-in-love Kimmy’s baby girl Ember Joy. I think she’s made out of marshmallows! That delicious doll-baby is so sweet and creamy! Darlin’ Polly June sure loves her little cousin!

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 3.47.49 PM


fall fun 2 2017

I do believe that Fun Family Traditions works like glue to hold families together (among a few other things of course!). Spending time together makes life meaningful and so much richer. The thing is, we have to be intentional about this because it’s so easy to say “I’m too tired”, or “I need to clean out the garage this weekend”. Sometimes we procrastinate by saying “maybe next week”. Only, next week may not work out. Someone once said “Opportunities are not postponed, they are lost forever.”  So even though we have an overflowing to-do list, we must make time for some good old fashioned family fun!

“Tradition gives us a sense of solidarity and roots,

a knowing there are some things one can count on.”

~Gloria Gaither


There’s my little boy with his little boy. Awww!!!

fall 2017

Johnny going for a ride on a slide…Sawyer hugging grandpa…two redheaded sisters giggling…a funny donkey and some pumpkins. All adds up to a fun fall day!

the fam in the fall of 2017

My wonderful, funny, imperfect, goofy, lovable family!

(Minus my son JJ and daughter-in-love Tiffany and grandbabies, Olive Rose and Ivy James…they live in Southern California and we live in Missouri)

jj and tiff

But here they are!  J.J., Tiffany and my two adorable grand baby girls dressed up like Beanie Babies on their way to their church harvest party! I’d like to know how Tiffany talked J.J. into wearing leopard print onesies out in public! Lol! I’m glad he went along with it… they sure do look cute!

ash glen

Ashley and Polly were scarecrows, Glen a 90’s guy..Lol… and Johnny’s a Star Wars Character.

dustys fam

Dusty and Kimmy were Black Eyed P’s (pretty clever!)…dustys fam

Baby Ember Joy was a Cuties Tangerine (adorbs!) Kade, a baseball player, Zealand is an Astronaut (umm…can he breathe in that helmet? LOL!) and Sawyer Clark Kent! Lol! So cute!! Good times, fun fall memories!

And now…

fun news


paula hugs

Ummm…yeah, that’s me and Paula Deen!! Wait what?!!!  Y’all I got to meet her!! She came to our little ol’ town of Branson, Missouri! She came to do a book signing here at our local book store. What a doll she is! Truly so sweet, caring and adorable. I told her that the VERY LONG line of people waiting to meet her was proof of how much she is loved and adored…that’s when she gave me this hug and said to me “Aww…and that love comes right back to y’all, darlin”.

me and paula

That was 3 minutes of fabulous fun!! Lol!! She said that there’s a real good possibility that she might open a restaurant here in Branson! How fun would that be!! Yee Haw!!

cozy fall

Another fun thing is my decorating feature on my dear friend Christy Jordan’s Southern Plate website! Check it out here! 

For more down-home goodness and recipes check these links below!

Aunt Ruthie’s Butter Crunch Pumpkin Bars

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Sugar Pie Farmhouse Christmas Home 2016 Tour Video

Well, darlin’s thank you so much for stopping by! I want you to know sisters that you’re in my prayers and that I love you! Keep a song in your heart, count your blessings, be sure to give God the glory and keep the home fires burning!

Sugar and hugs! Aunt Ruthie

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